Posted by: granny1947 | February 17, 2018

Granny has a fine Friday

Hello All.

So, Stepdad and I went to our favourite place for lunch.
The view is fabulous and the food is good.

No dolphins this time but a lot of fishing boats.
It was a bit windy so we sat indoors.
Dad feels the cold.
However, we had a table right next to the window so it was all good.

The Easter bunny has arrived early.

This cute little guy suddenly appeared in Dad’s garden.
Seems to have settled in.
Much to the dismay of the guinea fowl who come every day for bread.

And now, I am off to cook supper.

Posted by: granny1947 | February 15, 2018

Granny and it’s nearly Friday.

Hello All.

A quick post.
I am bushed.

So, we have a new president.
I am happy.
I think.
At least this one will not dance around in skins.
Showing off his man boobs.
At least this one only has one wife.
And, he does not have 24 odd kids.
That I know of.
We live in hope.

It has been a hectic couple of weeks.
I have never been this interested in politics.
Now we wait to see how he will clean up some of the mess.
It is going to be so interesting when he shuffles his cabinet.
He has such a wide choice.
I can think of at least six cabinet ministers he needs to get rid of.

And, now, I am off to have a shower.
A quick one because of the drought.

Posted by: granny1947 | February 10, 2018

Granny and a few Saturday snippets.

Hello All.

I missed posting yesterday.
Bad Granny.

We finish work at one on a Friday.
I thought “GREAT”.
I can have a nap.
But first I went to see Dad.
He had finished all his library books.
So I phoned the library to find out what time they open on a Saturday.
No reply which I thought was strange.

This morning I went through and they were closed.
They close at one on a Friday and only open again on Monday.
Times have certainly changed.
In my days the library opened to suit their customers.
They don’t seem to feel the same way nowadays.
Surely most working people would go to the library on a Saturday to stock up for the weekend and week?

Back to yesterday.
Got home at about two thirty.
Fired up my computer.
Big mistake.
Several mails to do with the complex.
Which meant I had to go out again.
By the time I had sorted out all the problems it was close to four.
And, I had invited a friend for supper.

Cooked a roast chicken.
With some brilliant roast potatoes.
And vegies and rice etc.
Fell into bed at about ten.

Tonight is the leftover chicken.
But Mex wants more roast potatoes.
Today, however, I finished my book.
And had a looooooooong nap.
I feel rejuvenated.
Long may it last.

I also watched the latest two episodes of Lucifer.
Which I absolutely love.
Wish they would come out with another episode of Lethal Weapon.
My other favourite.
Why does WordPress always think I have spelled favourite incorrectly?
A heads up to you Americans.
The IS a U in favourite!!!

I might go for a walk tomorrow.
Then again, I might not.

Posted by: granny1947 | February 8, 2018

Granny is soundless.

Hello All.

I see I missed a couple of days.
You will have to forgive me.
I have never been this exhausted.
I am really angry with my body.
I keep telling it to get over it already.
Not really working.

I am not soundless.
But my phone gave up the ghost.
Well, not really but it did lose it’s voice.
Which meant my alarm did not go off.
This led to some interesting panic moments.

I took it up to my service provider.
It is not even three months old.
So, it is their problem.
But, it meant me standing around for an hour while they copied all my numbers onto my spare phone.
In the process I seem to have lost all my recent numbers.
You know what….I don’t give a damn.

I am beyond caring.
About anything.

I think I need to go for a vitamin B shot.
The darn things sting like hell.
But I need to do something.

I went to visit my co-pilot.
She looks wonderful.
So rested.
She said I look so tired.
I bloody wonder why!
Maybe I need to have a collapsed lung.
Or….maybe not.

Now it is a quarter past seven.
I am going to have a shower.
And I am going to bed.

Posted by: granny1947 | February 5, 2018

Granny is hot, tired and grumpy.

Hello All.

I got home, this evening, at five o’clock.
After leaving for work at ten past six.
On the upside it was wine time.
And, Mex had cooked supper.
And, as we speak, he is washing the dishes.
Just as well.
If it had been left up to me, I would just have thrown them away!

I sent out the monthly complex newsletter.
And, as I predicted, letters are flowing in.
It appears it is all MY fault the levies are increasing.
They ignore the fact that we have the lowest levies in town.
By far.

If our illustrious president does not step down, that will probably be my fault too.
I wonder how many of them realize we don’t get paid for this thankless job.

And, now, because I am hot, sticky and tired, I shall have a shower and fall into bed.

Love you all.

Posted by: granny1947 | February 4, 2018

Granny get disturbed

Hello All.

Have been trying to get a nap for the last hour.
First, Mex disturbed me.
This was revenge.
I always make the first cup of coffee in the  morning.
I woke up at six and put the coffee in the cups.
Then, from pure habit, I poured water into his cup too.
Not wanting to waste it, I took it through to him.
He was not impressed.
It being Sunday and all.

Then I got a couple of messages from the committee chairman.
One of the owners has a house at the very top of the complex.
Fortunately, a long way from me.
Her burglar alarm has been going off constantly for weeks now.
She works and lives in a town quite a distance from here.
Her neighbor has finally complained.
He must be the most patient man in the world.
I would have been throwing my toys out my cot.
Apparently, he has spoken to her and she did not show much interest.
The alarm company are waiting for her to give some sort of approval to see to the alarm.
I have been babysitting a very expensive tree for her.
I have written to her saying I am the world’s  worst plant mother.
She has not replied.
I hope she is OK.

Finally, my co-pilot phoned me.
With a list of instructions for things to do tomorrow.
So, I gave up and decided to disturb all of you.

And now, my job is done!


Posted by: granny1947 | February 3, 2018

Granny and Saturday snippets.




Hello All.

No more local photos.
I have resorted to going back in time.
To MY beach.

I should not be writing this post right now.
I am supposed to be writing the monthly newsletter for the complex.
But, I have to tell everyone there is going to be an increase in the monthly levies.
Some people will consider it is the fault of Excom.
And not the economy.
We will take a lot of flak.
They will ignore the fact that we have worked so hard to save them money.
They will also ignore the fact that we are considerably lower than any other complex in town.
This is going to be a difficult month.
Keep cool Granny.

I also have to start doing the spreadsheet with all the water readings.
This always makes me angry.
When I see how some people are making NO effort to cut down on water.
We are in the midst of a dreadful drought.
Have they no conscience?
Mind you, they are the ones who are going to suffer should we run out of water.
We have got used to saving every drop.
They will suffer.

Now, where are the upsides?
There are always upsides.
I have no back problems today.
I caught up on some reading.
I had a lovely nap.

Posted by: granny1947 | February 2, 2018

Granny and a quick post.

Hello All.

It has to be a quick post.
I am really bushed.
And I only worked until one.
But it was a really hectic day.

I was trying to do a month end.
Something I don’t normally do.
Had files all over my desk.
Looking at previous months to see what the co-pilot does.
Asked my boss to answer the phone so I could concentrate.
Twenty minutes later he yelled he was going out.
Then the front door bell went.
And the phone rang.
I waited for the quality manager to answer the door.
His office is the closest.
It didn’t happen.
Answered the door and the phone.
Then discovered the QM had gone out with the boss.
I was on my own.
When the boss got back I told him he owed me.
Five minutes later he shouted he was going out again.
Ten minutes later he came back with donuts.
I had to forgive him!

Got home and one of the residents came to complain.
One of the other residents is leaving cigarette butts in his front garden.
Understandably, he is annoyed.
He does not even smoke!
Will sort that out tomorrow.
Then another tenant came to say the grass service had not finished cutting their grass.
Had to sort that out with the grass service.
It never bloody stops in this place.

AND, it has turned into a long and boring post.


Posted by: granny1947 | February 1, 2018

Granny’s Thrilling Thursday….not

Hello All.

The pic was taken on my trip.
There was a howling gale.
Amazing I was able to keep the camera still.

I have had second thoughts about talking about the folk in the complex.
Just raises my blood pressure.
I could tell you about the lady who has serious circulation problems.
Drives around in a motorized wheel chair.
Puffing on cheap cigarettes.

Or the renter who wakes people up at four in the morning.
Because she has forgotten her remote.

Or the one who knocks on my door at half past nine at night to tell me her toilet is blocked.

But I won’t.

So, what shall we talk about?

My co-pilot came out of hospital today.
But, will probably only come back to work next Wednesday.
For a few hours.

I like the extra money.
However, by two in the afternoon my back is breaking.
I keep telling myself I will adjust.
My back seems to think otherwise.
I wonder how many anti-inflammatory tablets one can safely take.

The bird has gone.
No feathers in the garden so I assume it is safe.

Nope, that is all I have for today.


Posted by: granny1947 | January 31, 2018

Granny and the complex.

Hello All.

Before I start on the complex let us get to the above bird.
He suddenly appeared in our garden.
Have never seen one before.
Can’t find it in the bird book.
He seems to have taken a liking to our garden.
Which is not a clever decision.
The cats next door are sure to find him/her if it is still there tomorrow.
Anyone have any ideas?
It has a very fancy headdress.

So, where to start in the complex.
We have over a hundred houses here.
And it is still growing.
When it is fully developed there will be about a hundred and seventy!
I have to get off the committee before then.
Of the 107 residents, 102 are lovely people.
But, those five others can make your life hell.

Character number one.
She refused to send in her water readings.
Said she was not a qualified meter reader.
I had no idea there was a course available to teach you how to note the numbers on your meter.
Most people just send in a photo of their reading.
Which I love.
Unless they send it upside down.
And I get a stiff neck trying to read the damn thing.

She complained, bitterly, because she can’t make it to our AGM.
We should change the time to suit her.
To hell with all the other residents.
Some people should not be allowed to vote.

Now, I got interrupted by a lovely phone call from my son.
Time to shower and hit the sack.
Month end tomorrow and wages.

Have a super evening.



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