Posted by: granny1947 | July 21, 2015

Granny is in the dog box…again


Hello All.

I have picked a photo taken on a nice warm day.
Hoping it would make me feel warmer.
It hasn’t.

Jasmine started bouncing around at her normal walking time.
I had to take her to the door and show her it was raining.
Now she is sulking on her bed.
I can’t wait to get into MY bed.

I am not enjoying my trip to work in the mornings.
Pitch dark and raining.
And, we have rain forecast right through to Sunday.
The trip down the highway is bad enough but the road to my office is the pits.
Most of the street lights are not working.
There are buses and trucks and taxies.
Whoever designed the traffic lanes was either drunk or squint.
The lanes wander all over the place.
There are a couple of nasty potholes.
They have not painted the white lines since Pa fell off the bus.
You often have to drive by memory.
On the upside I am wide awake by the time I have navigated the three or so kilometres.

I am taking my Mom to the doctor on Thursday.
She is starting to lose the plot.
She repeats herself all the time.
She has always been an intelligent person but now she is getting things all wrong.
I fear that she has the onset of dementia.
My poor Stepdad.
He is also very worried about her.
Today I discovered that she has been buying sleeping tablets every week.
I have had to phone the chemist and ask him not to supply her anymore for the next three months.

Mex and I went up the new shopping mall this afternoon.
We bought two packets of candied dry fruit.
I have eaten almost a whole packet.
What can I say, it is cold.
I like them.
A good thing I have stocked up on toilet paper.
I have a feeling I am going to need it.

Posted by: granny1947 | July 20, 2015

Granny at her best


Hello All.

Damn that photo looked much better when I opened it.

Let’s try another one.


Ah that is better.
His name is Storm and he used to live next door to us.
Now he has moved around the corner.
He is beautiful.
He is also the cat who bit a big chunk out of my arm.
But, I don’t hold a grudge.

Yesterday, I did what I do best.
And that is pretty much nothing.
I didn’t put on any make-up and my hair was standing straight up.
Mental note…change my hairdresser.
Storm’s Mom had said she would pop around for a visit.
As we are friends I didn’t really care too much what I looked like.

There was a knock on the door and it was our young neighbour from two doors up.
He came to warn us that we are going to be without water for 24 hours from eight on Wednesday morning to eight on Thursday morning.
As if power outages aren’t enough!
He came in to chat and there was a knock on the door.
My mate from work and her grandson.
If I had been having a good hair day and had put on some make-up, nobody would have called.

When my friend arrived Storm followed her.
And bellowed outside the window for her whole visit.
I am pretty sure he was doing a bit of swearing.
Jasmine was dying for him to come in.
She likes cats.
We are a strange family.
But, Mex would not hear of it.


He can be such a spoilsport.

Posted by: granny1947 | July 19, 2015

Granny and so it goes on.


Hello All.

Bloody Eskom.
Our power provider.
We are on stage two load shedding today.
We go off from one until three.
AND, again from seven to nine.
Guess who will be having a very early night tonight?
All because they are incompetent.
At least they are not awarding themselves huge performance bonuses this year.
Unlike last year when their performance was equally dismal.
The only thing they know how to do is to ask for more money.
End of rant.

On the upside the sun is shining.
It is not very warm but  the sun gives the illusion of warmth.
Mex and I have just come back from taking Jasmine for a nice long walk.
To make up for the one she didn’t have yesterday.
I had my eyes peeled for snakes basking in the sun.
Fortunately, there weren’t any.
But, I am sure loads of beady eyes were watching us.
It would have been nice to get a photo of one.
Using the zoom!

We made two huge pizzas last night so we will be having it again for supper.
I will happily eat the same thing two nights running if I don’t have to cook.
Come to think of it, I could probably eat the same thing all week.

Posted by: granny1947 | July 18, 2015

Granny and water, water everywhere.


Hello All.

The picture says it all.
Cold, wet and miserable.
Let’s not talk about the wet dog poop on the lawn.
Yes, let’s NOT talk about it.

Somewhere I read that our city has the second best climate in the world.
I think the universe shifted when we made the (wrong) decision to move here.
Our first winter it rained for three solid months.
Well, it FELT like three solid months.
Roads were washed away.
Traffic was horrendous because of all the closed routes.

I think the second winter was ok but last summer we had the ceiling fan going all night.
For a temperate climate we had some real weather extremes.
We are not geared up for cold like this.
We have tiled floors in the lounge and kitchen.
Mex will not invest in rugs until Jasmine is no more.
He cannot bear the thought of all her hair.
And, she DOES shed.
But, she can’t help it.

She wanted to go out this morning.
I opened the door and it was pouring.
She stuck her nose out and nearly got whiplash pulling it back in.
She has not agitated to go for a walk.
She is an intelligent dog.

Mex has prepared pizzas for supper.
I just have to pop them in the oven.
I am starving.
Cold weather does that to me.

Hopefully, the sun is going to shine tomorrow.
And it will dry up the poop we are not going to talk about.

Posted by: granny1947 | July 17, 2015

Granny is shivering


Hello All.

Damn, I miss my beach.

A short post tonight.
My tummy is full.
I am freezing.
I want a nice hot shower.
I want my bed.

I shall get up before dawn tomorrow.
Feed Jasmine.
And, then, I am going back to bed.
For once I want a lie in.
There is rain and cold forecast.
I don’t need a better excuse to sleep in.

To get back to my dentist visit.
I am, obviously, a bit obsessed.
He commented that I had a lot of saliva.
Before I could get offended he informed me this is a very good thing.
He told me if your saliva dries up your teeth stick to your cheeks and tongue.
And you get ulcers.
So, the next time you drool on your pillow, and you know who you are, be glad.
It is a good sign.

My younger daughter messaged me today with a pic of her new dog.
They now have seven cats and five dogs.
And a whole lot of other pets.
I replied and asked her if there was room for me when I move in with them.
There was a deathly silence for a while.
Until I told her I was just kidding.
Then she replied and said minus two was not a good temperature for old people.
Personally, I don’t think minus two is a good temp for ANYBODY.
Certainly not for me.
She is safe.

Posted by: granny1947 | July 15, 2015

Granny was brave(or stupid)

2014_1003housenew0006Hello All.

Yes, I went to the dentist again.
Thank God that is over for another year.
He informed me I had three holes to be filled.
Then offered to do them without an injection.
I agreed.
What can I say.
It was a senior moment.
He hit a nerve a couple of times but it was not the end of the world.
I have has ten pound babies.
Pain I can handle.
Having said that, I might have been lying flat on my back but I was also on the edge of my seat.
Waiting for him to hit a nerve.

Cleaning my teeth was another story altogether.
I will never wait so long to go and see him again.
It was hell.
And I thought it would never end.
He really had to work for his money.
So, I am set to go.
I can give big beaming smiles.
This is the time for me to win the lottery.
The Cheshire cat will have nothing on me.

Darn, just as I was getting into the swing of having a chat with you, Mex wants supper.
Guess I will have to go and cook.

Catch you all tomorrow.


Posted by: granny1947 | July 9, 2015

Granny still has all her chompers.


Hello All.

No interesting new photos so we will have a blast from the blast.
Maybe it will inspire me.

So I went to the dentist.
And he was great.
He assured me he wasn’t there to hurt me.
And, if he did, he wouldn’t mean to.
I wasn’t quite sure what to make of that.
Was he apologizing for the pain he was about to cause?

As it turned out he was great.
He didn’t give me a lecture about the state of my teeth.
He didn’t muck about with x’rays.
Probably because I don’t have many teeth.
He did not suggest pulling out my remaining teeth and getting false teeth.
Something I was stressing about.
He offered to file away my one crown(my only crown) as it is slightly out of line with the tooth next to it.
As I had not even noticed that little fact I declined.

He did not hurt when he gave me an injection.
Filled my tooth in no time at all.
I have two more cavities but he is going to do them on Monday.
Along with a much needed clean.
I shall go back with a lighter heart.

When I arrived he said “welcome to the family”.
I am not sure about that.
Family give you hassles.
And I have a very large family.
Don’t think I need to add the dentist to my clan.

Posted by: granny1947 | July 8, 2015

Granny goes Ho-Hum


Hello All.

Two posts in two days.
That should bring the rain.
Not that I have anything much to say.
Though, that has never stopped me.

Taking a picture of a couple of birds in the long grass does not excite me.
I REALLY miss my beach photos.
They seemed to inspire me.
And I posted every day.

I plucked up some courage and made an appointment to see the dentist tomorrow.
Think of me at two thirty.
I have not been to a dentist for about sixteen years.
I know….bad, bad Granny.
What can I say.
I only go when there is a problem.
And, now I have two.
I have a big hole in one tooth which does not worry me.
Think the nerve was removed at some time or other.
I just get food stuck in it which is annoying.
I have another hole which DOES appear to have a nerve.
It woke me up last night.

I hate going to the dentist for a couple of reasons.
They are damn expensive.
They often hurt you.
And, I can’t open my mouth very wide.
I know, I know….I might be a loud mouth…but I CANNOT open my mouth wide.
They put an x’ray plate in my mouth once and I thought I was going to have to live with it forever.
By the time they have filled a couple of teeth my jaw is killing me from keeping it open.
One dentist offered to unhook my jaw.
I declined.

I cross questioned the receptionist today.
She assured me the dentist is gentle.
Yeah, right.

Anyway, I shall let you know all about.
Bet you can’t wait. :)


Posted by: granny1947 | July 7, 2015

Granny says bugger.



Hello All.

An old picture of Jasmine.
On MY beach.
Those were the days.

Today was an interesting day.
I had just got home from work when I got a call from my Stepdad.
To say my Mom had fallen in the kitchen and he couldn’t get her up.
I rushed round and between the two of us we couldn’t get her up either.
My back is going to complain tomorrow.
Wait…it is already telling me I was an idiot to try.
I managed to get my brother on the phone and he rushed home about twenty minutes later.
He is a pretty strong dude.
He got behind her and got her up in one lift.
She really needs to lose weight.
Or move into a place with frail care.

Then I rushed home to go to the heart specialist with Mex.
Apparently he has an irregular heart beat.
He goes in in about three weeks for shock treatment.
I didn’t think they did that nowadays.
Oh wait, that could be mental patients.
He also said Mex shouldn’t drink.
Not that he drinks very much.
So we are looking for a second opinion.
From a Scottish doctor who will say a glass of Whiskey is fine!

Seriously, I was a bit concerned.
I have lost one husband from heart problems.
Not going through that again.

The specialist also asked me if Mex ever stops breathing at night.
How would I know?
I put my head on my pillow and go out like a light.
Now I shall have to listen.
He DID wake me last night because he was having a bad dream.
And whimpering.
But he stopped so I left him.
Normally, I wake him before the monsters catch up with him.

Posted by: granny1947 | June 26, 2015

Granny is cold and lazy


Hello All.

Yes, I am cold and lazy.
The cold is unusual.
The lazy not so much.

They switched off our power from eight until ten last night.
So we had an early night.
I am sure there is going to be a population explosion because of these power cuts.
Not from me!!!!
Like we really NEED more people here…..

At seven o’clock our scaly pres addressed the nation about the Marikana massacre.
I don’t know if you guys overseas saw much about it.
34 striking miners were gunned down by the police.
It was dreadful.
However, there was blame on several fronts.
The unions egged their members on.
The miners had killed a few people prior to the shooting.
The miners were armed with all sorts of weapons.
The police attacked and many people were shot in the back.
A horrendous mess all round.

There was a commission of enquiry which determined all of the above.
They have recommended that the police commissioner be axed.
I have to agree.
She is hopeless and devious.
I stand to be corrected but I think she was appointed by Zuma.
If she was it was ANOTHER bad decision he has made.
One of many.
How do you appoint someone to that position with NO prior police experience.
She was doomed to fail.
It will be interesting to see if she gets a golden handshake.
Wait….she has messed up.
She is now eligible to be our next deputy president.

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