Posted by: granny1947 | February 24, 2015

Granny gets bitten.


Hello All.

Yep, I have been bitten.
Not by a dog, or a cat, or, God Forbid, a snake.
But by a very vicious nasty tummy bug.
I am not ill enough to take to my bed.
Well, I did for a nap.
And not ill enough to solicit much sympathy from Mex.
His only reaction has been “don’t kiss me, you might be catching!”
And, “do you want green peppers for the meat balls tonight?”
Mind you…he had better not catch it.
We only have one loo.


I have been trying to copy an Aunty Acid cartoon onto my post.
I copied it into word.
But it just won’t copy onto the post.
I love her.
I can SO relate.

And now, I have to go and pick up dog poop.
Be still my beating heart.

Posted by: granny1947 | February 23, 2015

Granny and the celebration


Hello All.

A quick post.
I have to go and dish up supper.
Left over BBQ from Saturday.
Easy peasey.

I went out the other day, for lunch with my parents.
It was their 59th wedding anniversary.
He is 91 and she is 87.
59 years!!!
Not bad for a second marriage.
Hers not his.
Love him to bits.

It’s Monday.
What can I say?
It seems nothing much.

In fact, nothing interesting at all.
But I AM posting.
A step in the right direction.

I am going to eat and then I am off to bed.
It is the Big Bang Theory.
One of my favourites.
Hope I can stay awake for it,

Posted by: granny1947 | February 22, 2015

Granny has a day out.


Hello All.

Yes, we actually went out for lunch.
This might not seem like a big deal to you.
But to me, it is huge.

Mex does not mix easily with other people.
We are so different.
I will talk to anyone and everyone.
Mex does not like to eat a big lunch.
Mex does not like to have a drink in the middle of the day.

The yacht club is great.
I posted pics the day I took my Stepdad there.
Those are probably the same yachts.
The food was excellent.
I always MEAN to take a picture of the food.
But, when it arrives, greed takes over.
I had calamari with chips and green beans and butternut.
All cooked to perfection.
There was a Chinese guy singing.
He was brilliant but the music was very loud.
Which made conversation almost impossible.


That is Mex on the left.
The white haired wrinkly guy.
My friend Bill on the right.
Bill was my second husband’s best friend.
His wife introduced us.
Bill was shattered when he died.(my husband)
So, we go back a long time.

All in all it was a lovely break.
And Mex actually enjoyed himself.

I took Jasmine for a nice long walk before we went to lunch.
She forgot.
So I had to take her for another one when we got back.
Dumb dog.



Posted by: granny1947 | February 21, 2015

Granny is STILL in the wars.

001Hello All.

I just can’t believe one arm can get into so much trouble.
This morning my internet explorer died on me.
After trying everything I could think of, including re-starting the computer umpteen times, I went down to the Border Collie’s Mom and Dad.
He is quite clued up computer wise.(the owner, not the dog)
When I walked into the garden Blade(that is the dog’s name) was so happy to see me he jumped up and took two pieces of flesh out my arm.
Then, just for luck, he took out another piece as I was leaving.

All is forgiven because the owner came and downloaded Google Chrome and I was able to re-connect.
Now Explorer is also working again.
Which is just as well because, for the life of me, I could not find my dashboard on Chrome.

They have said I am welcome to take him out to play.
But I am dubious.
That is one boisterous dog.
Not sure I can handle him.
I want to take him to one of the green areas in the complex so he can chase his ball.
Burn off some of that energy.
But, Mex says what if he takes off.
And he is right.
I am beyond chasing a dog.
And what if he gets bitten by a puffadder?
I would never forgive myself.
I have to give this some thought.

When we got back from our walk the Pitbull pup from next door came hurtling over and threw herself at Jasmine.
Jasmine promptly took exception.
Pinned the pup to the ground and growled.
Much to the consternation of the neighbours.
However, Jasmine was just telling her to behave.

The weather forecast for today was rain all day.
We haven’t had a drop.
But now I have to grill the meat we were going to BBQ.

Oh well, I had better get cooking.
Or I won’t be popular.
Anyway, I am quite hungry.
A nice T.bone sounds quite good right now.
Mex will keep half of his for tomorrow.
Not me.
Think I could eat a KG of meat right now.
Sorry vegetarians.

Posted by: granny1947 | February 20, 2015

Granny finds it!!!

002Hello All.

The photo I couldn’t find yesterday.
Why couldn’t I find it?
Wait for it…..
I hadn’t downloaded it yet.
Another senior moment.
They are becoming more frequent!

004Isn’t he lovely.
He has grown so much.
I have decided that, over the weekend, I shall go around and ask if he can come out to play.
I will let you know how that goes.
Hold thumbs.

While I am on the subject of dogs here is a recent one of Jasmine.

006My poor darling is finally getting old.
The side of her face is starting to sink in.
Just in front of her right ear.
She also battles to get up, sometimes, when she is lying on the tiled floor.
Having said that, when I take out her lead she bounces around like a puppy.
Hopefully, she will be around for a while still.

I, also, found this shot on my camera.

007This complex is full of locusts.
They have given me many a fright.
Out the corner of my eye I will see movement and my first thought is SNAKE!
I wonder why they all gather together like that?
I suppose I could google it.
But I probably won’t.

See you all over the weekend!

Posted by: granny1947 | February 19, 2015

Granny is in the wars.


Hello All.

It is going to rain.
Two posts in two days.

Maybe I AM back.

Yes, I have been in the wars.
Well, my right arm has been in the wars. The other day I banged my arm against something in the supermarket and took out a piece of flesh.
And bled all over the counter at the till. Then, yesterday, I went over to the next door neighbour for a chat. She is a lovely lady. With a beautiful cat. A gorgeous pale ginger cat with blue eyes. Definitely a lot of Siamese there. I was stroking him when he turned around and bit me!!! Right next to the other wound. And, once again, I dripped blood. It’s amazing how thin ones skin gets when you get older. I am not that crazy about him anymore.

Oh, I forgot to explain the photo  above. Remember the shot I took of that Border Collie pup? Well, he went beserk on his bed. It looked as if it had been snowing on their lawn. I don’t blame the boy. I have never seen them take him for a walk. He whines when he sees us. He, so badly, wants to come with us. Today, he chewed up another bed. He is going to be in the dog box tonight.

Ok…back to the drawing board.
I can’t find the photo of the destroyed bed.
The one above is my DIL(younger son’s wife).
Other son’s wife.
Oh hell, you know the rest.

I also don’t know why the formatting has gone wrong today.
It worked perfectly yesterday.

I am hoping to have a phone line by the middle of March.
It will work out a lot cheaper and I will be able to visit everyone’s blogs.
Right now I am scared to visit too many sites.
I go through data at a rate of knots.

Posted by: granny1947 | February 18, 2015

Granny has fun


Hello There.

Yes, it is really me.
I don’t know why I haven’t blogged.
I have had stuff to say.
Most of which has drifted out of my brain.
I wondered if I had had given up blogging.
I have been doing it for years.
But, I don’t think so.
I have just had a very LONG break.

My son flew me down to Cape Town the weekend of the 1st of February.
It was my granddaughter’s 21st
She is the one I adopted and we are close.
We didn’t tell her I was coming.
He kept her talking and I walked up behind her.
When she saw me she threw herself into my arms and burst into tears.
I do hope they were tears of joy!

It was wonderful.
My elder daughter and my son in law and my youngest grandson were there.
Both my sons and their wives.
My younger daughter couldn’t make it but her elder son was there.
We hadn’t seen each other for years and we had a lovely bonding session.
I was in my element.
Damn, I miss my offspring.

On the morning of the party my younger son treated me to a treatment at a physiotherapist.
He was blind.
So I didn’t wear any lipstick.
He was very good.
By the next day.
However, when he finished the treatment I came out with a couple of pains I hadn’t had before we arrived.

I arrived in Cape Town late afternoon on the Friday and left again early hours of Sunday morning.
A real flying visit but worth every minute.

I have more to tell you but I don’t want to overwhelm you.
Or bore you to tears.
Now let me see if I can remember how to get into WordPress.
I am doing this in Word in case the gremlins take revenge on me.

Oh yes, the photo.
From left to right.
My grandson.
My elder daughter….she is 47 and I think she looks fantastic.
The birthday girl.
Younger son.
Elder son in front.


Posted by: granny1947 | January 13, 2015

Granny slips back in.


Hello All.

Long time no see.
I have no good excuse.

I have had four weeks holiday.
Most of which I spent playing on my computer.
Or lying on my bed reading.
And sleeping.

I went back to work yesterday.
Maybe that is why I have climbed out of my rut.
I need more stimulation!

I have had a couple of little dramas.
Like my computer packing up on the last day of the year.
I was beside myself.
Fortunately, I found the number of a great computer guy.
He came around to the house and said he thought it might be my bios.
Whatever the hell that is.
Anyway, he took it away and brought it back a couple of hours later.
Only charged me R456.00.
Which I paid fairly happily.
Just could not imagine myself without my link to the outside world.

Then, yesterday, the panel beaters phoned me.
Said I could bring my car in to have the last dent fixed(about bloody time too).
They gave me a courtesy car.
As I got into the traffic I noticed the petrol light was on.
By the time I got to the next service station I was a wreck.
Had no idea when I was going to come to a shuddering halt.
And, I was drenched in sweat.
It was the hottest day we have had in ages.
And, I couldn’t get the air conditioner to work.
Who gives you a car with NO petrol?
Actually, that is going to be me.
They are getting this car back with the petrol light on.

I took my Stepdad to the yacht club for lunch the other day.
I met some friends there.
He really enjoyed himself.
It did him so much good to get out and meet other people.

I ended my holiday feeling really ill.
Nauseous for days on end.
Eventually went to the doctor.
Who said I was stressed.
I don’t do stress.
I had pins and needles in my finger tips(pinched nerve in my neck,apparently).
Night and day sweats.
Have gone right back into change of life.
Don’t laugh…this is not fun when the temp is over thirty anyway.
Anyhoo…I feel a bit better today.

Now I need to go and cook liver and onions for supper.
Sorry, vegetarians.
But liver is supposed to be very good for one.
I know I need mine!


Posted by: granny1947 | December 17, 2014

Granny uses some choice language.


My first the right of the brick and slightly up.

Hello All.

Yes, I said some words not to be repeated on this blog.
It had to happen.
It was hot today.
And Jasmine and I set off for our walk quite late.
Apparently, this is not a good idea.

We were walking along, minding our own business when Jasmine suddenly. stopped and stared to the right of me.
I glanced over and froze.
A frigging huge Puffader.
Fortunately moving away from me.

I was interested to note that I did not run.
I, actually, didn’t move.
And then I took a picture.
How brave was that?

Nope, it wasn’t really brave.
More likely shocked rigid.
And I cut our walk short.
Much to Jasmine’s disgust.
But, she got an extra biscuit.
Just for the warning.
She is in my good books.

In other news I took my Dad to the hospital and they removed the stitches.
He was quite brave.
I asked if they were going to reward him with a lollipop.
But they weren’t forthcoming.
I still have to go and do his dressings for the next few days but we are almost there.

And now I am off for a shower.
Shock tires me out.
Most things tire me out.
But fright does a really good job.
Hope I don’t have nightmares tonight.

Can you lot see the snake in the picture?

Posted by: granny1947 | December 16, 2014

Granny reports in…at last.

004A little bit of beauty amongst all the rubble of the new houses going up.

Hello All.

I haven’t been around for a while and that was a mistake. Every time I take a break WP changes and it takes me ages to figure out how to get into my blog.

Quite a lot has happened in the last few weeks so I will try to catch you up quickly.

First, my Stepdad had a couple of dizzy spells. And I got a call at four o’clock in the morning. He had gashed his arm and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. Thank God I live nearby. Threw on some clothes and grabbed my make-up bag. One has to get one’s priorities right in an emergency.

To cut a long story short we got an ambulance and I followed it to the hospital. Where he was stitched up by a really lovely doctor. I am getting to know that hospital really well. He wanted to know why he was getting the giddy spells. She told him that when you get older(try 91) your brain takes a bit longer to get the message that you have moved. Horrors, I think that is happening to me right now. Nope…it is just the wine.

Anyway, it has been a hectic couple of weeks. Work has been very busy preparing for our annual shutdown. And I have been going around every day to change his dressings and take him to the hospital for follow up visits. And, yesterday, I spent the morning cooking a whole heap of meals for them. I came home completely knackered. I forget I am no longer a spring chicken!!! Tomorrow we go back to the hospital, and, hopefully they will take out the stitches.

On the upside I am now on holiday. But Jasmine doesn’t know that. And she still wakes me at five for her breakfast. Silly damn dog.

My neighbour is a professional baker. Two days ago she dropped these off for me for Xmas. There were six but one is in my tummy. Correction…it is probably sitting on my hips.




Also on the upside, I am now talking to my younger daughter again. I am a happy Mommy.

On the downside I won’t be seeing any of my kids for Xmas. Oh well, it saves on presents. Unless I win the lottery tonight.

If I do I will be flying some bloggers in to visit. I love my blogger friends. You keep me sane.


Mommy and Daddy plover and three babies are alive and well.

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