Posted by: granny1947 | May 16, 2022

Granny and the proxy poem.

Hello All.
Here is the promised poem.

Please remember it is NOT my poem.
My 17 year old granddaughter wrote it.
It came all in one photo.
I have no idea if I am writing it out correctly.


A white daffodil sat content
on top of a hill
Where the wind blew hardest.
It was spotted by man
Who was in need of that flower
On the hill furthest
So he trekked up the country
And praised the Almighty
When he plucked the chased flower
It took him all of two hours
In the cold pouring showers
To return to his greenery
But, when he retrieved his Daffy
It was no longer happy
And had perished in his pocket.

Posted by: granny1947 | May 14, 2022

Granny and Saturday sillies.

Hello All.

I wasn’t going to post today.
It has been so uneventful.
But, that has never stopped me before.
Prepare to be bored.

I have a poem my 17 year old granddaughter wrote.
Will post it tomorrow.
I know so little about poetry.
But I am biased.

I fetched the old man for lunch.
It confused him no end.
He knew he and my brother are coming for lunch tomorrow.
Despite the fact I stressed I was coming today as well.
Shame, he is so amazing.
If I should ever reach the age of 99 I would like to be that lucid.
God Forbid, I ever DO reach that age.
Can’t afford it.
Also, imagine the drivel I would post.

When all else fails, talk about M.
He went to have a shower just now.
Asked me how many more showers will we be able to have before the city runs dry.
He takes prestressing to a new level.
I see I have invented another new word.

And, on that note I will leave you.

Posted by: granny1947 | May 13, 2022

Granny and Friday the 13th Things

Hello All.

First of all, I am smiling.
And gob smacked.
Unemployment said 7 working days.
And, they got it right.

Secondly, the power of positive thinking.
I had a figure in my mind.
Last night I thought, you are being too optimistic.
Today, I got the exact amount.
Now to do the same thing with lottery.

Thirdly, stress.
I handle stress very differently to M.
I wait for the worst to happen.
Then I deal with it.
M is stressing about our anticipated water water shortage.
How are we going to wash clothes.
We will have to eat microwave potatoes.
So we don’t have an extra dish to wash.
It goes on and on.
I am going to need your support if they DO switch off our water.
I might have to put him out of his misery!

Posted by: granny1947 | May 11, 2022

Granny has a trying time.

Hello All.

Just had to share this photo with you.
My Grandson’s dog.
I don’t think this dog is playing with a full deck.
What do YOU think?

So, this morning M and I went to the doctor.
Turns out I am doing very well.
He said my aura has changed since I retired.
I am no longer going around like the Durecell Bunny.
I didn’t know he saw auras.
Didn’t ask him what my aura looked like before.
Don’t think I want to know.

Then we went to meet M’s son.
I got us lost.
We walked miles.
I must improve my navigation skills.
It was lovely seeing him.
I am very fond of him.

Finally, after many fruitless calls and e-mails, I managed to get hold of someone senior.
Now I am house bound until they phone me back.
Oh good grief.
You have no idea what I am talking about.
Still trying to get my car papers.

Back to the meeting with M’s son.
Sitting, two tables from us, was one of the suppliers I used to deal with.
I couldn’t remember his name.
Phoned my boss.
Thank heavens I did.
He came over and I was hugged and kissed.
And, I could introduce him.
While I worried gently about Covid.

Posted by: granny1947 | May 10, 2022

Granny and Tuesday titbits

Hello All.

M has just come back from the mall.
Said he had a pain in his knee.
I wanted to say that is better than a pain in the neck.
I didn’t.
Apparently, yesterday still rankles.
Let it go Granny.
Let it go.

It is amazing how social media can keep you going.
I have an old blogger friend.
One I have actually met.
She has been in and out of hospital.
She posted something on FB.
Four days later she slipped away.
I doubt that I could be that dedicated.

Nothing much else to tell you.
I saw this on FB this morning.
I loved it.

Have a great day.
Or night.

Posted by: granny1947 | May 9, 2022

Granny shows restraint

Hello All.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
I DID intend to post early.
It never happened.
I ended up making a big pot of soup.
And taking it down to my Stepdad and brother.
My Dad said there was far too much.
He would keep some for tonight.
He ate it all.
Makes this Granny very happy.

Why did I show restraint?
The question is WHY DON’T MEN EVER LISTEN?
It was a comedy of errors today.
M’s son was arriving at the airport at three o’clock today.
I asked him, several times, if M had spoken to him.
It turned out he hadn’t.
Assumed we would see him there.
Well, we did.
We saw someone who looked like him.
I followed said guy.
He had someone meeting him.
Turn out it WAS him.
I yelled.
In a very ungranny manner.
No such word as ungranny?
Now there is.

I, eventually, got him on the phone.
He was already on his way to his hotel.
Maybe we will get to see him.
Maybe we won’t
Watch this space.

Felt a bit sorry for M.
But, I had driven for 45 minutes to get to the airport.
And, another 35 mins to get back.
Sympathy only goes so far.

And, that is me for today.

Posted by: granny1947 | May 8, 2022

Granny dithers.

Hello All.

Yes, it has been a morning of decisions.
No water last night.
No shower.
Water back this morning.
I like to shower before bed.
What to do.

I, eventually, opted to shower just now.
In case they switch us off again.
It was a nerve wracking shower.
The water spluttered and farted.
But, I am clean.
And a bit cold.

So, Mothers day.
Happy day to all mothers out there.
And those who aren’t mothers.

I got to thinking.
Sometimes I do.
At one stage I had a plethora of mothers.
My mother.
My beloved Stepmother.
My first MIL.
My second MIL.
Less said soonest mended.

Now, they have all gone.
I can just wait to see how many, of my numerous offspring, contact me.
Eldest daughter was first.
She always is.
Bless her.
She is spending the weekend with other daughter.
Other daughter came on the phone but asked me something.
No mention of Mothers day.
Think it was too early.
Eldest son video called me yesterday.
He does not believe in Mothers day.
Truth be told, neither do I.
Younger son still not talking to me.
But, my lovely DIL video called me.
Adopted daughter sent me a message.
A nice message from Stepdaughter.
All in all, quite good.

So, what are my plans for today?
Where DOES it all come from?

Posted by: granny1947 | May 7, 2022

Granny and weekend wobblies.

Hello All.

Today, I made a dish I haven’t tried for years.
It is a South African dish called Bobotie.
M makes it sometimes from one of my recipe books.
I got a recipe off the internet.
I combined the two.
Daring hey?

The nearly 99 year old said I had dished up too much.
He always says that.
He then proceeded to eat it all.
It was very good.
M hovered.
Telling me what to do.
I ignored him.
The man will never learn.

My daughter put this on her FB page.
They are called Dead man’s Fingers.
Would hate those in my garden.

It is raining!
Unfortunately, gentle rain.
Great for the garden.
Not much good for the dams.
Ironically, our water went OFF again just now.
With all the power outages we have a lot of pump stations blowing.
Will probably only get water back tomorrow.

On the upside we managed to do a load of washing yesterday.
I have plenty of clean undies.

See you tomorrow.

Posted by: granny1947 | May 6, 2022

Granny says what happened

Hello All.

Yes, I was going to post early this morning.
Then, we had to go out.
We had to buy wine.
Very important.
I had to get my chronic medication.
Quite important.

Later, I had to go back to the bank.
I had to use the phone in the bank to cancel a debit order.
After three attempts to get through to the correct department, I think the woman on the other end realized I was about to explode.
Apparently my Granny looks works on the phone too.
I am one step closer to closing the account.

Our water came back on.
Be still my beating heart.
Then I received a notification that the municipality are planning to do all sorts of increases.
Sewerage….again really?
They have the gall to charge us for availability of all these.
Which are hardly ever available.

They are supposed to fetch our refuse twice a week.
They have not been this week.
Think about this.
160+ Units.
Probably nearly 400 bags of refuse.
I have been on the phone.
Throwing my toys out the cot.
Dire warnings of health hazards.
Hopefully, they will come over the weekend.

Finally, several people, in the complex, have Covid.
Time to batten down the hatches.
Wait, we have been doing that since 2020.
Oh well, practice makes perfect.

On a lighter note, they say it is going to rain tomorrow.
I hope that is true.
Have not watered any of my hopeful seedlings.

Posted by: granny1947 | May 5, 2022

Granny forgets and other stuff

Hello All.

Further to yesterdays post.
I should have taken pictures of the horrific traffic.
It never crossed my mind.
At one stage the two lane highway had four rows of traffic.
It was bedlam.
I was kept busy hanging on to the side of the car.
And praying.
And, tramping imaginary brakes.
I am sure there is an indentation on my side of the car.

I belong to a FB page called accidents and traffic.
They show photos, every day, of accidents in our city.
And, one gets an idea of how many people BUY their licenses.
I think I need to leave the group.
Makes you scared to get into the car.

I also belong to a group for our local snake catcher.
Turns out I have a nasty streak.
I have mentioned, in old posts, that M is scared of ALL creepy crawlies.
I mean ALL creepy crawlies.
And, the list includes frogs and geckoes.
He would be catatonic if we found a snake.
And, I keep calling him to show him pics of snakes found in houses.
Bad Granny.

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