Posted by: granny1947 | December 31, 2018

Granny and the end of 2018

Hello All.

Yes, can’t say I am going to miss 2018.
Though, I guess there were more ups than downs.
Always a good thing.

The downs?
Two muggings.
Working full day.
Stressing about various family members.
Younger son nearly being caught in a huge fire.
One grandson cracking a bone in his neck while lifting weights.
Eldest daughter struggling financially.

The ups?
Extra money came in very handy.
Was able to help daughter.
Grandson has recovered.
Son did NOT get caught in said fire.
Son in law finally has a job.
I did not pick up any weight over the Xmas season.

Christmas in Africa is ridiculous.
If you are me.
Made a big Christmas lunch.
In sweltering heat.
And, I was exhausted.
I put a gammon in the slow cooker.
To do it’s thing overnight.
Then kept waking up to check on it.
Which was unnecessary.
It was doing well all on its own.
We still have about three meals of Gammon and Turkey in the freezer.

Finally, something silly that crossed my mind.
I have a tin of deodorant that, apparently, lasts for 48 hours.
Who on God’s earth would want their underarm to last that long?
Who tested it?
What is in that tin that makes it last that long?

Posted by: granny1947 | December 22, 2018

Granny has LOTS to say…be warned.

Hello All.

Yes, quite a lot has happened since I last wrote.

The first week has been a bit hectic.
Taking the old man to the optometrist.
Taking him to the sea.
Ensuring he has plenty of reading matter to last him until mid January.
Finally getting my will sorted out.
Hopefully, once Xmas dinner is out of the way, I can really relax.

So, what has happened?
Two days before shutdown I was driving home on the freeway.
I was in the slow lane going at about 90kph.
A huge truck passed me going at a hell of a speed.
He got a little way ahead of me when there was a loud bang.
And one of his tyres burst.
And a massive piece of rubber came hurtling towards me.
Who knew I still had good reactions.
I pulled to the left and it missed me by a couple of inches.
If that had hit me I do not think I would be chatting to you today!
I don’t know if it caught anyone behind me.
I was too busy saying FUCK!!!

For the last couple of months my feet have been swelling.
I had to go to the doctor to get a script and he looked at them.
Said, posture, posture, posture.
Said I must walk.
A couple of nights ago I looked down at them.
I thought they belonged to someone else.
They were HUGE.
I said to Mex, “something is not kosher”
So, we went along to the emergency room.
I felt like a fraud.
There were SICK people there.
A toddler to my left vomited.
Then a teenager, in a wheel chair, to my right ,vomited.

After a long wait I was eventually seen by a lovely young doctor.
Who said it was good I had come in.
He has put me on some tablets for the next two weeks.
If they do not work I have to go and have the old ticker checked out.
He said keep your feet up.
Which I much prefer to my GP’s instruction.
On the upside they are much better.

And, now, I have waffled on for long enough.
Chat again soon.

Posted by: granny1947 | November 29, 2018

Granny is slipping again.

Hello All.

It appears I am not vey good with time management.
At work I am very organized.
At home, it all falls apart.

So what happened this week?

Well, on Friday we had our company Xmas lunch.
It was also Black Friday.
Black Friday is something the Americans could have kept to themselves.
The traffic was horrendous.

I, eventually, made it to the venue for the lunch.
Where the service was sooooooo slow.
There is method in their madness.
The longer you wait the more you drink.
Not me.
I am one of those boring people who never drink and drive.

They brought the food well after three.
It was scrumptious.
I ate it all.
But, I had invited a friend for supper.
So, I had to eat and run.
And battle through the rush hour traffic.
Got home at about five.
And then set about cooking a big meal.
Which I couldn’t eat.
Mental note…do not double book.

Two more weeks of work.
And, they are going to be hectic.
My boss leaves for Australia on Tuesday.
I am going to be very, very busy.
Holiday pay and bonuses.
Creditors have to be finished before we shut down.
I will be doing quotes.
And all the buying.
Oh well, time is going to fly by.

Posted by: granny1947 | November 21, 2018

Granny and it is nearly the weekend.

Hello All.

I know.
I am wishing my life away.
But, I am very tired.
I need this holiday.

So, what has happened since my last post.
Not very riveting.

I did get the air conditioner sorted.
It now works so well the steering wheel is freezing on the first setting.
I am not complaining.

On Monday I had two new tyres put on.
Then had to come home in rush hour traffic.
Something I will not be repeating in a hurry.
I am way past that sort of thing.

This morning we had wet stuff falling out of the sky.
I think it is called rain.
We need days of the same.

Today I heard from both my sons.
Warmed the cockles of my heart.
What ARE cockles?
It does not take much to make a Mommy happy.

And, now, that I have waffled on about very little, I am off to shower.

To dream about what I am going to do with my lottery winnings.


Posted by: granny1947 | November 17, 2018

Granny is covered.

Hello All.

Yes, my little car now has a protective film on all the windows.
Except the windscreen.
A lovely young man came to the house to do it.
Kept calling me Aunty or Mommy.
He came with his young son who acted as his apprentice.

He gave me a list of instructions.

  1. Do not use the windows for at least 48 hours.
    I have to go to the mall, later, to buy some stuff for work.
    Am going to look like an idiot when I get out of the car to retrieve the ticket that opens the boom.
  2. Do not wash the inside of the windows for 30 days.
    That one will be easy.
  3. Park the car in the sun, as often as possible, for the next fortnight.
    Also easy as we do not have a garage.

I also phoned the place that services and gasses the car air conditioner.
They do not open on a Saturday but they DO open on a Sunday to do armoured cars.
They might be able to fit me in tomorrow.
I do hope so.
Driving with closed windows might be uncomfortable.

Problem solved.
We are going up to the mall in Mex’s car.
So, I had better get ready.
Catch you on the flip side.

Posted by: granny1947 | November 15, 2018

Granny has just a few words.

Hello All.
Yes, for a change, just a short post.
This Granny is tired.
And has back ache.

Tomorrow I am having my car done for smash and grab.
The guy is coming to my house to do it.
A huge thank you to my younger son for paying for it.
Apparently, if they try to smash the window it will shatter but they can’t get in.
Hopefully, I do not have to test it.

My son found a baby goose on the side of the road, the other day.
He took it home.
My DIL has had a great time looking after it.
The dogs and cats are very interested.

I told my son it would be too small for Xmas lunch this year.
But, maybe next year.
That did not go down too well!

Posted by: granny1947 | November 14, 2018

Granny gets to thinking.

Hello All.

Yes, I got thinking tonight.
What am I going to talk about?
What did I accomplish today?
Was it worth it?

Apparently, I did very little.
I went to work.
I worked a bit.
I got bored a LOT.

I visited my Stepdad.
Came home and sat and chatted to Mex.
Made supper.
Ate supper.
Sat down in front of my computer.

Thinking can be dangerous.

I am saving money like crazy.
What the hell for?
Time is flying by.
My second husband died 32 years ago.
It does not feel like it.
First husband died about 16 years ago.
But we won’t talk about him.
I could go tomorrow.
Why am I saving?
Why aren’t I using my money to gallivant around the world.

Hmmmm….more thought is needed.
Watch this space.

Posted by: granny1947 | November 13, 2018

Granny has a terrific Tuesday.

Hello All.

Yes, it has been a good day.

Started off with a R20 win on the lottery.
Not enough to retire but it is a start.

Then someone gave me 2kg of crumbed chicken.
Lots of easy meals on the horizon.

Oh wow…the day has just got a whole lot better.
Our minister of Home Affairs has resigned.
He has been so compromised.
Not a good egg.
Good riddance.
Slowly but surely the rotters are being sorted out.

Back to my day.
My next door neighbor bakes the most amazing cakes.
She is a school teacher and does the cakes as a sideline.
A lovely lady.
Am very fond of her.
She brought a Xmas cake around.
She says it is a new recipe and we must give her our opinion.
Am sure it will be super.
Might not be so fond of her when my waistline expands.

Despite a thick mist, I got to work in one piece.
I never killed anyone.
It was a good day.

Posted by: granny1947 | November 12, 2018

Granny does a silly thing.

Hello All.

A short post.
Because I am tired.

Yes, yesterday, I did something really silly.
Even by my standards!

I got swollen feet.
I don’t like fat feet.
They look gross.
And, they are uncomfortable.
So, I took a water pill.
Not a half pill.
A whole pill.

Oy Vey.
For an hour I peed like an elephant.
Then, because I had flushed all the salt out of my system, spent a large portion of the night, walking the floor with cramp.
The pills are probably about ten years old.
They still work.

The reason I got swollen feet?

I spent a large portion of the day glued to my computer.
Smoking far too much.
Hardly moving.
Moral of the story?
When you hit the seventies you have to keep MOVING!
And stop doing damn silly things.

On the upside, have posted for several days in a row.
Think I might be back.
It feels good.


Posted by: granny1947 | November 11, 2018

Granny and tomorrow is Monday.

Hello All.

Damn, I miss that beach.
And my dog.

Not an eventful Sunday.
So far.
Who knows what can happen.
Hopefully, nothing much.
The fact that tomorrow is Monday is about as much as I can handle.

I have decided that, when I win the lottery I shall travel.
Please note I said when and not if.
My first stop would be Souldipper in Canada.
Would love to meet that lovely lady.
We have connected even though we have never met.

Then there is Patrecia in Bulgaria.
I think we would hit it off.
However, she would probably send me back with half a dozen stray dogs.

And Barb in Aussie.
Though I have reservations.
They seem to have more poisonous critters than we have here.

There are a lot of others.
Would love to go around and meet all my blog buddies.

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