Posted by: granny1947 | November 10, 2018

Granny and Saturday sillies.

Hello All.

Just sitting here waiting for my friend to arrive.
She is coming with me to have the air conditioner sorted out.
She is coming for two reasons.
One, she knows where the place is.
Two, it is nice to have company while I wait.

Have already had one message from one of the residents.
Someone is using a sanding machine or a grinder.
Whatever, they are making a noise.
Nothing I can do about it.
Would be different if it was a Sunday morning.
Must be irritating.
Glad I can’t hear it.

Our refuse room has a lock on the door so you cannot open it from the inside.
Last week I got a call from someone just up from us.
Very apologetic.
He had locked himself in.
Please could I come and rescue him.
He was lucky.
He had his cellphone.
Our complex manager locked herself in one day.
Her phone was in the car.
She was there for nearly and hour before someone heard her.
She will never live it down.

We have had some really bad fires down the Garden Route.
Loss of life.
Loss of homes.
My younger son is doing some building work at a resort.
He managed to get his vehicles, staff and tools out but he stayed to help the owner.
Bloody idiot.
At one stage the fire was a 100 meters away.
Fortunately, the wind blew it away from them.
His wife and I had a sleepless night.
I was not impressed.

Posted by: granny1947 | November 9, 2018

Granny and five weeks to go.

Hello All.

And I have found the photos.
Thank you Col.

Yes, in five weeks time I go on a four week holiday.
I cannot wait.
This has been a looooong year.
This year I am not going to visit my kids in the Cape.
I think I just need to rest, read, blog and play scrabble and Candy Crush.
My needs are simple.
I could take five weeks but I think four weeks of vegetating will be sufficient.

Our complex has grown.
We now have about 120 houses.
And, I am STILL on the committee.
This must really be the last year.
I thoroughly enjoy the interaction with most of the folk.
I am a sociable animal.
However, there is a LOT of work.
And we do have some rather strange people living here.
Actually, I think I should dedicate a few blogs to the characters here.
You might find it amusing.
Watch this space.

And, now, I am off to shower and then to sleep.
Tomorrow I must take my car in to have the air conditioner re-gassed.
Sunday my Stepdad wants to go to the sea for lunch.
Am sure I will find time for a couple of naps!

Posted by: granny1947 | November 8, 2018

And Granny is back!

Well, I THINK I am back.
Things have changed.
Have no idea how to add a photo.
Horrors, I ALWAYS add a picture.
Someone please enlighten me.

Life has been hectic.
I am now permanently on full day at work.
On the one hand it is great to earn the extra money.
On the other hand I sort of wonder how long this 71 year old can keep this up.
But, age is just a number.

I was involved in a smash and grab on the 1st of October.
Not an experience I would recommend.
They got my bag.
With most of my life in it.
Had a great time getting a new ID and drivers licence.
Bank cards.
Phone etc.

My boss was incredible.
Gave me time off to sort out my shit.
Gave me a cellphone.
Put Perspex in the broken window.
Was an incredible support.
I am so lucky.

I still go to work the same way.
But, my outlook has changed.
If I should see them again….I think I will run them down.
I do not want to feel that way.
But, I do.
Maybe I will mellow with time.


Posted by: granny1947 | March 11, 2018

Granny goes ho hum.

Hello All.

It would appear I have become a weekly blogger.
Oh dear.

What have I done this week?
It seems, not much.

I worked full day all week.
Visited the old man.
Attended a committee meeting.
They are SUCH fun.
Captured all the water readings for the complex.
Wrote the monthly newsletter.
Took Stepdad to his favourite place for lunch yesterday.
Took him home along a different route.
Hence the photos.

This is quite a stunning beach.
We took Jasmine there a couple of times.
She loved it.
Damn, I miss that dog.
I would only go there over a weekend,
When there are lots of people.
A bit too isolated for my liking, during the week.

Which brings me to something I read in the paper today.
A woman is murdered every FOUR hours in this country.
Mostly by her partner.
I have warned Mex not to even think of it.
I would not be easy to get rid of.
He is in more danger!!!

We will not even talk about rape.
I believe that happens every four MINUTES.
But, I can’t verify it.
Sufficient to say it is horrendous.
I weep for my beloved country.

And, on that charming note I will leave you.


Posted by: granny1947 | March 4, 2018

Granny and patience is a virtue.

Hello All.

So I fetched Stepdad yesterday.
And he watched a bit of cricket with Mex.
Then we set off for his favourite spot for lunch.
He looks good for someone nearly 95!!

On the way we got a call from my brother.
The security company had phoned to say the house alarm was going off.
They could not get around the whole house but they had said everything looked ok.
Of course the old man fretted a bit.
Apparently, they told my brother they could not get passed the electric fence.
Which is strange.
They do not have an electric fence!
The security company is getting a call from me tomorrow.
I suspect they went to the wrong house.

When we were almost there,  there  was a back-up of traffic.
I think a car had rolled.
The old man said let’s turn back.
But, I persisted and after ten minutes we got through.
We got to the restaurant and there were quite a few cars.
So he said maybe we shouldn’t go.
I had just driven nearly 20 kms.
We were going!

To cut a long story short, the weather was perfect.
The food was excellent.
All was good.

I took him home and checked the house to ensure all was safe,
No problem.
Then, I came back later with lovely whole wheat rolls, lettuce and salami for supper.
Gave the rabbit some lettuce.
He looked at me as if I was nuts.
He likes bread.
I wonder if it is good for him?

I was asleep by eight thirty.
The nearly 95 year old stayed up until ten.
I never even heard him come to bed.
Frankly, do not know why I was there.
He is amazing.

Posted by: granny1947 | March 3, 2018

Granny is feeling a bit anxious.

Hello All.

This working full time sucks.
Except for the extra money.
It is interfering with blogging.
And napping.
And reading.

I was a bit annoyed with my cellphone the other night.
It did some or other update.
Then, it was so proud of itself, it send me a sms to tell me about it.
At half past three in the morning!

Why am I anxious?
Oh yes.
I have been very lucky.
Have never dyed my hair.
Now, a few grey hairs are appearing.
On my head AND the odd one in my eyebrows.
I am not concerned about going grey.
Am quite interested to see what it is like.
However, yesterday, there was one grey hair sticking out at an angle.
So, I pulled it out.
It just slid out.
Really, I hardly had to touch it.
What happens when I have a whole head of grey?
I will be scared to brush my hair.
Am I going to go bald?????

My brother has gone away today.
Will be away tonight.
I am going to fetch the old man just now.
He can watch a bit of TV with Mex.
Then I am taking him out to lunch.
Tonight I will sleep at his place.
I love him to bits but I am not looking forward to it.
No computer.
What AM I going to do with myself?

We had some nice rain yesterday.
I felt like stripping and running around in it.
Don’t think the neighbours would have approved.

Posted by: granny1947 | February 24, 2018

Granny and Saturday snippets.

Hello All.

I had to go back to see what I posted last.
What has happened since then?
Apparently, not much.

My co-worker is back at work.
For a few hours a day.
So, I am still working full day.
I have got used to it.
Do not feel so exhausted.
But, it does not leave me much time to do all my other things.
Like, Stepdad and this damn complex.

Talking about Dad.
The master of the supreme court has, apparently, mislaid the file for my Mom’s estate.
Only in South Africa.
If Dad should shuffle off this mortal coil, there is going to be an unholy mess trying to sort out TWO estates!

We are all waiting with bated breath to hear the new president’s cabinet reshuffle.
There are SO many crooked ministers who need to be axed.
He will not be able to do them all at once.
Several of them are facing prosecution in the state capture debacle.
Maybe he will leave those for the courts to deal with.
Interesting times ahead.

Posted by: granny1947 | February 17, 2018

Granny has a fine Friday

Hello All.

So, Stepdad and I went to our favourite place for lunch.
The view is fabulous and the food is good.

No dolphins this time but a lot of fishing boats.
It was a bit windy so we sat indoors.
Dad feels the cold.
However, we had a table right next to the window so it was all good.

The Easter bunny has arrived early.

This cute little guy suddenly appeared in Dad’s garden.
Seems to have settled in.
Much to the dismay of the guinea fowl who come every day for bread.

And now, I am off to cook supper.

Posted by: granny1947 | February 15, 2018

Granny and it’s nearly Friday.

Hello All.

A quick post.
I am bushed.

So, we have a new president.
I am happy.
I think.
At least this one will not dance around in skins.
Showing off his man boobs.
At least this one only has one wife.
And, he does not have 24 odd kids.
That I know of.
We live in hope.

It has been a hectic couple of weeks.
I have never been this interested in politics.
Now we wait to see how he will clean up some of the mess.
It is going to be so interesting when he shuffles his cabinet.
He has such a wide choice.
I can think of at least six cabinet ministers he needs to get rid of.

And, now, I am off to have a shower.
A quick one because of the drought.

Posted by: granny1947 | February 10, 2018

Granny and a few Saturday snippets.

Hello All.

I missed posting yesterday.
Bad Granny.

We finish work at one on a Friday.
I thought “GREAT”.
I can have a nap.
But first I went to see Dad.
He had finished all his library books.
So I phoned the library to find out what time they open on a Saturday.
No reply which I thought was strange.

This morning I went through and they were closed.
They close at one on a Friday and only open again on Monday.
Times have certainly changed.
In my days the library opened to suit their customers.
They don’t seem to feel the same way nowadays.
Surely most working people would go to the library on a Saturday to stock up for the weekend and week?

Back to yesterday.
Got home at about two thirty.
Fired up my computer.
Big mistake.
Several mails to do with the complex.
Which meant I had to go out again.
By the time I had sorted out all the problems it was close to four.
And, I had invited a friend for supper.

Cooked a roast chicken.
With some brilliant roast potatoes.
And vegies and rice etc.
Fell into bed at about ten.

Tonight is the leftover chicken.
But Mex wants more roast potatoes.
Today, however, I finished my book.
And had a looooooooong nap.
I feel rejuvenated.
Long may it last.

I also watched the latest two episodes of Lucifer.
Which I absolutely love.
Wish they would come out with another episode of Lethal Weapon.
My other favourite.
Why does WordPress always think I have spelled favourite incorrectly?
A heads up to you Americans.
The IS a U in favourite!!!

I might go for a walk tomorrow.
Then again, I might not.

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