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Granny’s road trip….day three

Hello All.

Day three continued to be great and “interesting”

We all went down to the fishing village for breakfast.
Not a fancy place but you sit outside and the above is the view.
Must confess I did not look at the view much.
Just soaked up the feeling of being surrounded by so many people I love.

Then we went back to the house and I made everyone pose for photos.
Even the boys co-operated.
Just for me.

This one is my kids and their partners.
Left top and bottom is Karen and Teresa.
Karen is the one I had not seen for seven LONG years.
My younger daughter.

Next to her is Michelle, elder daughter, and her husband next to her.

In front of them is my younger son with his wife on his lap.
Bart and Sharon.
Have been together for close on ten years and still act like they are on their honeymoon!

Right back and front is my elder son, Karl, and Sylvia.
Sadly, they recently divorced after 27 years but still in close contact.

Later in the day Karl, Karen, the dogs and I went for a walk to the beach.
There was a steep hill going down to the beach.
Halfway down I decided I could make it TO the beach but would probably have to live down there.
We turned to go back and the two overgrown pups came racing up behind me and knocked my legs from under me.

Apparently, I come down very gracefully.
The same can NOT be said about the way I got back up.
Karen laughed so hard she wet her pants.
I think it was nerves.
I HOPE it was nerves.
If not….what a little cow.

Before the tumble I took this.

Such a pretty place.


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Granny’s road trip…day 2

Hello All.

So, on the Saturday, I went through to Swellendam and picked up my elder daughter, my son-in-law and the youngest grandchild.
We drove down to the lovely fishing village of Arniston.
Stopping, on the way, in Bredasdorp.
I had pictured Bredasdorp as a little village but it is a pretty place with all the major shops etc.
I didn’t take any pictures.
Bad Granny.

And it was reunion time.
And it was magic.
I was SO happy.

My daughter and her wife had rented a lovely house.
And all my kids and grandkids(bar one) were there.
Both the girls are chefs and they were cooking up a storm.

They had bought a whole sirloin, which they sliced and cooked, to perfection, on the fire.
There were incredible salads.
Corn on the cob.
Garlic bead.
Potatoes in their jackets, oozing butter.
Followed by pecan nut pie for desert.
All so yummy.

Eldest grandson and his Mom.
He turned 25 on the 10th of April.
Has turned into a delightful young man.

Let me show you all the grandkids.
Grannies can be such braggarts.

I am so sorry my other grandson was not there.
Who knows when, if ever, I can get the whole family together like that again.
My elder daughter turns 50 in January and has already asked if I am coming for her birthday!
One never knows.
Think I should start saving now.

My younger daughter also brought three of her dogs.
More about them tomorrow.

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Granny’s road trip…day one

Hello All.

So, I went to work for a couple of hours and then hit the road.
I left at nine on a lovely day.
However, I did not take into account that I had had three cups of coffee.
After only 170kms I had to stop at Storms River bridge.
Where I discovered they now have a Steers so I treated myself to a burger and chips for breakfast.
Had two bites of the burger and had mustard all over the place.
So I gave up on the burger and ate the chips while driving.
Only to get thirsty.
And I couldn’t open the damn juice bottle.
Are they child proof?
Have I gone into my second childhood?

I contemplated stopping in Knysna, which is a pretty little place,  but the traffic was hectic.
And I couldn’t see a parking place.
Encountered thick mist in the Wilderness and soldiered on to Mossel Bay.
Filled up with gas and got the petrol attendant to open my bottle.
Which he did with one turn!

I went onto Heidelberg where my son said I must take a right turn to the village where he has a plot.
I did this and found I was on a gravel road.
It went on for bloody miles.
And I had NO idea where I was.
Several farm pick-ups passed me and the dust was so thick I had to almost stop until it cleared.
Drove on until suddenly there was a tar road and I was in the village.
Found out that, if I had gone another 15kms or so on the highway I could have been on tar and in the village quite easily.
Some people’s children!

Finally arrived at the plot.
Which is a little bit of heaven.

They can’t wait to retire there in about a year’s time.
And I don’t blame them.

They have baboons and deer.
I didn’t see either of them.
I DID see loads of beautiful birds.

They don’t have electricity but they have battery operated lights.
A gas stove and fridge.
And a generator for the washing machine and charging cell phones.
They also have a lot of snakes.
Fortunately, I didn’t see them either.

They brought their remaining old dog, Molly.
Who smells like rock bait.
And their kitten Jasper, who had a whale of a time stalking birds and getting stuck in trees.
A strange kitten.
Sits on the back of the couch and licks my son’s head for ten minutes at a time.

They gave me a double blow up mattress to sleep on.
It was very comfortable.
However, getting off the thing was another story.
I will leave that to your imagination.



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Granny has something to say….at last

Hello All.

Are you still out there?
What have I missed?

Took the above pic the other evening.
Nothing like an African sunset.

So, where to begin.
First, let’s get the bad stuff out the way.
My Mom took ill in February and we had to get her to hospital by ambulance.
Turns out she has dementia and a heart problem.
Then the fun and games began.

She had put herself to bed so much her muscles had weakened.
My Dad and brother could not get her to move.
The old man was taking so much strain trying to look after her.
I got her out of bed but as soon as I left she put herself back.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I found a home in Uitenhage that had a vacancy.
And, was affordable.
Then it was all the red tape to go through with medical aid.
Fortunately, my Dad’s medical aid pays half the fees.
But they needed SO much information first.
Doctors reports, quotes, affadavits signed at the police station etc.
Every time I sent stuff to them they wanted more.
I was tearing my hair out.
Finally got it all sorted out.

Unfortunately, Uitenhage is 40kms from here.
On a nasty twisting road.
So, between working and going there two or three times a week and checking in on the old man I am a bit bushed.

Enough of that though I have some amusing things to say about the other patients in the frail care.

On a happier note I have just got back from a six day road trip.
I went down to the Cape to spend my 70th birthday with all my kids and six of my seven grandchildren.
Saw my younger daughter for the first time in seven years.
It was magic.

Time for the first of many photos.

Me with the four kids.

I will be going through the whole trip in the coming days.
So much easier to blog when you have stuff to share.

The trip down was seven hours.
My various body parts argued all the way.
My brain said “we can do this”
My back said “what…are you crazy”?
My bladder won the day.

Catch you all tomorrow with day one of the trip.
I do hope you are all still out there.
Or I will be talking to myself.


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Granny gets a wake-up call.

dscf6480Hello All.

Meet Sky.
One of the new next door neighbours.
He is very curious and not at all shy.


dscf6482This is Shadow.
Very pretty but quite timid still.

Now, the wake-up call.
My next door neighbor phoned me at three this morning.
He has five young ladies visiting him from Johannesburg.
His sister and other family members.
Lovely girls.
They went out at midnight and, when they came home at three, found they had been burgled.
Ironic really.
They come down from the crime capital and get robbed here!
I think Mex might have disturbed them.
He went to the loo just before three and turned on the bathroom light.

The police came very quickly and took a statement.
They will be back at nine to look for finger prints.

But, the story does not end there.
These are burglars with an attitude.
At four o’clock the complex manager phoned me.
Her neighbours, two doors along from her, heard a noise and came outside.
Came outside and found two guys sitting in their car!
He chased them and they jumped on a dividing wall and jumped right over the electric fencing.
Hope the bastards broke their ankles.

They weren’t carrying anything so we will be scouring the complex today.
They stole a laptop from my friend next door.
Maybe we will still find it.

The complex manager phoned the police again.
However, they could not come.
They were attending to a shoot out.
Down the road from our complex.
It appears we are living in the Wild West!

I used this opportunity to tell Mex we REALLY need to get a dog.
He still won’t budge.

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Granny has a little gossip.

dscf6478 Hello All.

The above picture is another new visitor to our feeder.
Not sure what he is but I don’t know how he manages to fly with that tail.
I am finding it hard to WALK with mine.

So the bit of gossip.
When our next door neighbours moved in they had a small child.
Then they got the lovely pitbull.
Then they got a Jack Russell.
He is a little shit.
Has so much attitude I think he imagines he is a Great Dane.

The lady of the house is a school teacher.
Lovely person.
The other day I walked out and she was holding two beautiful kittens.
One of the kids in her class found them.
No sign of the Mom.

She had already been to the pet shop and bought them a litter box.
And tablets to de-flea them.
And special food.

Her husband is a policeman.
A great big softie.
I asked her what he thought about the new additions.
She said he would find out when he got home from work!

Yesterday, Mex heard her yelling.
Out, out, out.
And the kid came out into the garden.
She has her priorities right!

Maybe I should try her tactics.
Just come home with a dog.
Have a feeling we might both end up on the front lawn!

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Granny is gobsmacked.

2010_07070015Hello All.

I just do not know what to say about our president anymore.
Now, he has brought an interdict against the release of the public protectors report.
For my overseas friends, this was about the Gupta’s influence on the president.
The Gupta’s are a very wealthy Indian family.
Well, they have become very wealthy since moving here.
Zuma’s son works for them.
Apparently, there is proof that they knew about cabinet reshuffles before they happened.

I have to say that Zuma has a marvelous sense of timing.
The interdict came the day before the Public Protector’s term came to an end.
But, I still have confidence in our courts.
I have NO confidence in National Prosecuting authority.
The new head of the NPA is, obviously, a Zuma man.
I am surprised we ever see his face.
It is so far up certain arses.

He has brought a ridiculous charge against our Minister of finance.
He can’t possibly win.
But, certain people desperately want to get their hands on our National Treasury.
And, the ruling party do NOTHING.
Surely, there are a few honourable people there?

Anyway, enough of politics.
I must say they are never dull here.

What else is going on in my life?
Apparently, nothing much.

My next door neighbours acquired two tiny kittens, yesterday.
They already have the pitbull and the Jackie.
Life is going to be interesting for them.
I brought one of the kittens in to show Mex.
He said “pretty, now take it away”

After I have gone to Cape Town in April I shall work on him.
I really need another dog to love.
Walking with Mex is not the same.
He does not stop to smell every plant.

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Granny sits and sits and then sits some more.

2010_07070009Hello All.

Yes, today was a case of waiting and waiting.
I took my Stepdad to have the cancer cut out of his back.
We got to the hospital at seven thirty.
In the morning.
We were still sitting in admissions at nine thirty.
He eventually went into theatre at about one.
We got home at three this afternoon.
This Granny is a bit exhausted.

I put a couple of episodes of “Allo, Allo, onto my something.
For the life of me I can’t remember what you call the damn thing.
I MUST be tired.
Or it is my second glass of wine.
Anyway, it is his favourite show and helped to pass the time.
When you get to 93 patience is NOT one of your virtues.

Oh yes, it is official.
I am old.
When I drove out of the hospital the attendant at the gate said “Thank you Granny, have a nice day Granny”.
What can I say.

Breaking news.
Our minister of finance has been summonsed to court on corruption charges.
There goes our rand.
And our credit rating.
Our esteemed president thinks we are all fools.
He wants to get his hands on our treasury.
So he can make lots of money on Nuclear deals.
He thinks we are all fools.
We do not believe you Zuma.
You are going to have egg on your face.


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Granny takes a deep breath.



Hello All.

I have chosen a cloudy picture.
Because that is how I feel today.

When I first started blogging I talked a lot about politics.
Then I went the humorous route.

It made me happier.
But, today, I have to vent.

My overseas friends probably don’t know what is happening in this country.
Or maybe you do?

A few hundred students are protesting that they want free university education.
They want the universities closed until their demands are met.
To show their displeasure they have burnt down libraries, laboratories and residences.
They have caused MILLIONS of rands damage.

These few hundred “students” are holding thousands of genuine students to ransom.
They won’t let them attend lectures.
They won’t even let them protest peacefully.

I have no problem with free university.
Based on MERIT.
Not free education for people who have scraped through with 30%
Of course, if you are white, then you battle to get into varsity with five distinctions.
NOW you can all shout the racist card.
But, that is what is happening.

I know I shall get a lot of negative comments.
But, I no longer care.
This country is going to hell in a hand cart.
And, it starts from the top.
Our government is saying it is the mysterious third force, trying to unseat them.
This is always their cry when they don’t know what to do.

Get rid of our corrupt president.
Maybe, just maybe, we might have some confidence in you.
His silence, in the present circumstances, speaks volumes.

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Granny has a birds eye view.


Hello All.

Yes, you are quite right.
I have no idea what I am doing.
Did not mean to download all three pictures at once.
I know next to nothing about birds.
Think the ones in the first pic are egrets.
I could be wrong.
Feel free to correct me.




The next ones are the common sparrow.
And now I don’t know why everything is in blue and underlined!dscf6471

The last ones are new visitors.
They are Red Bishops.
I know because I looked them up.
They are all males and are only red during the mating season.
Which explains all the aggression going on.
Put a whole lot of randy males together and there WILL be trouble.

The bird feeder is a constant source of amusement for me.
Not because we have funny birds.
Mex fills the feeder with seed and then rushes in and out chasing away the doves.
I have pointed out that doves are also birds but he still insists on chasing them.
He is fighting a losing battle.
They simply sit on the wall next door until he goes in.
Then, back they come.
Still, it gives him some exercise.

Now I am off to watch the cricket.
Australia are 24 for three after eight overs.
Sorry Anthony!

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