Posted by: granny1947 | February 3, 2018

Granny and Saturday snippets.




Hello All.

No more local photos.
I have resorted to going back in time.
To MY beach.

I should not be writing this post right now.
I am supposed to be writing the monthly newsletter for the complex.
But, I have to tell everyone there is going to be an increase in the monthly levies.
Some people will consider it is the fault of Excom.
And not the economy.
We will take a lot of flak.
They will ignore the fact that we have worked so hard to save them money.
They will also ignore the fact that we are considerably lower than any other complex in town.
This is going to be a difficult month.
Keep cool Granny.

I also have to start doing the spreadsheet with all the water readings.
This always makes me angry.
When I see how some people are making NO effort to cut down on water.
We are in the midst of a dreadful drought.
Have they no conscience?
Mind you, they are the ones who are going to suffer should we run out of water.
We have got used to saving every drop.
They will suffer.

Now, where are the upsides?
There are always upsides.
I have no back problems today.
I caught up on some reading.
I had a lovely nap.

Posted by: granny1947 | February 2, 2018

Granny and a quick post.

Hello All.

It has to be a quick post.
I am really bushed.
And I only worked until one.
But it was a really hectic day.

I was trying to do a month end.
Something I don’t normally do.
Had files all over my desk.
Looking at previous months to see what the co-pilot does.
Asked my boss to answer the phone so I could concentrate.
Twenty minutes later he yelled he was going out.
Then the front door bell went.
And the phone rang.
I waited for the quality manager to answer the door.
His office is the closest.
It didn’t happen.
Answered the door and the phone.
Then discovered the QM had gone out with the boss.
I was on my own.
When the boss got back I told him he owed me.
Five minutes later he shouted he was going out again.
Ten minutes later he came back with donuts.
I had to forgive him!

Got home and one of the residents came to complain.
One of the other residents is leaving cigarette butts in his front garden.
Understandably, he is annoyed.
He does not even smoke!
Will sort that out tomorrow.
Then another tenant came to say the grass service had not finished cutting their grass.
Had to sort that out with the grass service.
It never bloody stops in this place.

AND, it has turned into a long and boring post.


Posted by: granny1947 | February 1, 2018

Granny’s Thrilling Thursday….not

Hello All.

The pic was taken on my trip.
There was a howling gale.
Amazing I was able to keep the camera still.

I have had second thoughts about talking about the folk in the complex.
Just raises my blood pressure.
I could tell you about the lady who has serious circulation problems.
Drives around in a motorized wheel chair.
Puffing on cheap cigarettes.

Or the renter who wakes people up at four in the morning.
Because she has forgotten her remote.

Or the one who knocks on my door at half past nine at night to tell me her toilet is blocked.

But I won’t.

So, what shall we talk about?

My co-pilot came out of hospital today.
But, will probably only come back to work next Wednesday.
For a few hours.

I like the extra money.
However, by two in the afternoon my back is breaking.
I keep telling myself I will adjust.
My back seems to think otherwise.
I wonder how many anti-inflammatory tablets one can safely take.

The bird has gone.
No feathers in the garden so I assume it is safe.

Nope, that is all I have for today.


Posted by: granny1947 | January 31, 2018

Granny and the complex.

Hello All.

Before I start on the complex let us get to the above bird.
He suddenly appeared in our garden.
Have never seen one before.
Can’t find it in the bird book.
He seems to have taken a liking to our garden.
Which is not a clever decision.
The cats next door are sure to find him/her if it is still there tomorrow.
Anyone have any ideas?
It has a very fancy headdress.

So, where to start in the complex.
We have over a hundred houses here.
And it is still growing.
When it is fully developed there will be about a hundred and seventy!
I have to get off the committee before then.
Of the 107 residents, 102 are lovely people.
But, those five others can make your life hell.

Character number one.
She refused to send in her water readings.
Said she was not a qualified meter reader.
I had no idea there was a course available to teach you how to note the numbers on your meter.
Most people just send in a photo of their reading.
Which I love.
Unless they send it upside down.
And I get a stiff neck trying to read the damn thing.

She complained, bitterly, because she can’t make it to our AGM.
We should change the time to suit her.
To hell with all the other residents.
Some people should not be allowed to vote.

Now, I got interrupted by a lovely phone call from my son.
Time to shower and hit the sack.
Month end tomorrow and wages.

Have a super evening.



Posted by: granny1947 | January 30, 2018

Granny is feeling her age.

Hello All.

Why am I feeling my age?
My co-pilot has been in hospital for more than a week.
I am working a full day instead of four hours.
I am not used to it.
I get up at five.
I leave for work at ten past six.
I work through to 3:30.
Visit Dad.
Get home at about five.

Why don’t our bodies age at the same rate as our minds?
I don’t feel 70 in my mind.
My body yells otherwise.

My friend and co-worker had a collapsed lung the other day.
She passed out in her car in the shopping mall.
Woke up in ICU.
They are now trying to get her lungs stronger.
Trying to get her off the oxygen.
I feel for her.
Says she, lighting another cigarette!

And then, there is this damned complex.
I cannot get over how much work there is when you are on the committee.
And the abuse you have to put up with.
Even when you are doing it for nothing!

Think my next blog will be about some of the characters(a…holes) in this complex.
Now I am off to cook supper.
Good luck Mex….zero inclination coming from this old girl.

Posted by: granny1947 | January 29, 2018

Granny and the birthday.

Hello All.

So, the fourth of January was elder daughter’s big 50th birthday.
I see I did not take one photo.
I will tell you why.
You will have to make do with a picture of younger daughter’s garden.

The plan was we would all meet at younger son’s place for a birthday lunch.
Older son went to Napier to pick up K and then to Bredasdorp to buy food for the said lunch.
I set off to Swellendam to fetch Michelle and her little son.
Duly fetched them and headed for younger son’s place.

The temperature there was in the forties!!!!!!
I do not do 40 degrees.
I do not do 35 degrees.
Hell, I do not like 30 degrees.
I melted.
No energy whatsoever.
Copious amounts of perspiration.
No interest in anything.

When everyone had gone on their way, I was still prostrate on the couch.
Younger son, now called B. does not have electricity.
They have a gas stove and fridge.
They have a generator when they want to use the washing machine.
So….no fans.
At a quarter to seven that evening it was still 28 degrees.
Pure madness.

I was sleeping on a couch in the lounge.
Let me rephrase.
I was lying on a couch sweating.
They live up against a mountain.
Lots of trees etc.
Also, baboons and snakes.
So….they close up everything at night.

I got up at midnight and sat, in the dark, on the deck.
I got up at two and did the same.
I got up at four and sat listening to roosters in the village.
At four thirty I thought “to hell with baboons and snakes”.
Opened the sliding door and went back to bed.
Where I had about two hours of sleep.

With no sleep the trip back was a bit of a nightmare.
Seven hours of hell.
Told B he is quite safe.
Will never come to live with him in the summer.



Posted by: granny1947 | January 28, 2018

Granny and the miracle

Hello All.

I had to post again today.
Patrecia, from Bulgaria, said she would eat her hat if I did.
We want photos please Patrecia!

The little man in the above pic is Jericho.
He belongs to my younger daughter.
He went missing in October last year.
K. hunted everywhere for him.
Then, a neighbor admitted he had taken the cat and dumped him in the middle of nowhere.
Said he thought the cat was a well fed stray and it was irritating him.
Yesterday, my grandson was jogging in a town 15kms from them and he found him.
K. is over the moon.

Now, where did I get to yesterday?
Oh yes, I was spending two nights with K.
Four of K’s dogs are part Husky.
They have taught the other three dogs a few things.
K and my granddaughter went to the shop the next morning.
All SEVEN dogs immediately put their snouts in the air and howled.
And howled and howled.
Thank heavens they do not have close neighbours.
I tried telling the dogs I was still there.
Apparently, I don’t count.

Wherever my daughter is you WILL find dogs.
If you do manage to find a spot to sit down, a dog will drape itself on the couch behind you.
And grumble gently when you move too much.
I mentioned it to K.
She said “you are sitting in his spot Mom”

Day three I went to spend the night with elder son and grandson on the farm near Caledon.
A complete contrast.
Very quiet and no animals.
Son does not believe in pets.

On day four all the wheels fell off.

More of that tomorrow.

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Granny goes on a short trip.

Hello All.
Remember me?
I had to go back to my last post to see when last I blogged.
Cannot believe it was in June last year!

I talked about the terrible fires.
Now we are all obsessed with water.
Cape Town is on the brink of having NO water.
We are in the same boat.
Both cities are due to dry up by April.
My blogs should be interesting in May!!!

So, I went on a little trip.
It was my elder daughter’s birthday on the fourth of January.
I set off on the 1st.Popped into Swellendam and saw elder daughter and her family for a little while and then headed to younger daughter in Napier.
Napier in south Africa.
Not New Zealand.
In case you were wondering.
I was on the road for about eight and a half hours.
I must be crazy.

I spent two nights with younger daughter.
Interesting nights.
They have SEVEN dogs and five cats.
The seven dogs gave me a great welcome.
The five cats looked me up and down.

I woke up the first night and tried to pull the duvet up.
Couldn’t budge it.
Sat up and discovered I had FOUR dogs in bed with me.
Big dogs.
And my granddaughter.

And now I think I will stop.
Tomorrow I will tell you a bit more about my trip.
Do not want to bore you to tears.

I have missed you all.


Posted by: granny1947 | June 11, 2017

Granny goes Atishoo

Hello All.

I never get colds.
Ok, that is no longer strictly true.
For the last few days I have had head cold from hell.
Very hard to be upbeat and to blog when disgusting stuff is blocking your brain waves.
Mex was not very sympathetic.
Kept saying it is only a cold.
Today he thinks he is getting it.
Of course, being a man, it will be flu!

It has been an eventful week.
Starting with a massive storm in Cape Town.
They also got rain.
All they sent us was the wind.
Selfish buggers.

Then the fires started.
Fanned by the hectic gales.
Have shot up several hundred kilometres.
At frightening speed.
Whole towns have had to be evacuated.
Hundreds of homes razed to the ground.
Lots of people have died.
All so very tragic.

The fire is now close to Port Elizabeth.
Where I now live.
A big private school burned to the ground yesterday.
Hopefully, the wind has died down and they will be able to contain it.

Then there are the leaked e-mails.
Implicating our president and his family.
And a great number of his cabinet.
State capture by the slimy Gupta family appears to have been proved.
Politics promise to be very interesting in the weeks ahead.

Posted by: granny1947 | May 31, 2017

Granny and now the “fun” begins.

Hello All.

Yes, and now for the nasty stuff.
I am going over to Dad just now to start clearing out Mom’s cupboards.
Tomorrow is the funeral.
It is going to be very small.
The minister is coming over to Dad at three o’clock.
Apparently, he wants me there too.
I have no idea why!

The undertaker(lovely man) says he will give me the death certificate tomorrow.
Then, on Friday, it will be off to the police station to have a whole heap of certified copies made.
Also, copies of both parents identity documents.
Then I need to get Dad to the executors.
And I need to go to the bank to freeze her account.
Etc, etc, etc.
I will try to do as much as I can but, unfortunately, he will have to come with me for some of the stuff.
I just hope he is going to be able to handle it all.
The poor darling is shattered.
His partner of 61 years has gone.
I have a horrible feeling he will follow her in the not too distant future.
I will have to mother him for the next few months.
A good thing I have loads of experience at mothering.
Or, maybe, I am just bossy.

Before I go.
I discovered, yesterday, I can bend and move quite fast.
Even at my advanced age.
Came out of the shop and spotted a R20-00 note on the ground.
In two twos I had it in my hot little hand.
There is always an upside.

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