Posted by: granny1947 | September 16, 2014

Granny cries and cries


Hello All.
No, I am not crying from sadness.
Or joy.
I have decided there is some plant growing in the complex that I am allergic to.
And this is allergy season.
I am sure all the builders think I am the saddest old lady around.
I walk around, clutching a wad of toilet paper, and wiping the tears off my cheeks.
They probably think Mex is beating me up.
As if he would dare.

I received a lovely letter from my granddaughter today.
Telling me I am the best Granny.
The fact that I am her ONLY Granny probably helps.

I seem to be surrounded by sick people lately.
Our quality manager at work had to have some skin cancer on his face removed.
Then they found out he has a thyroid problem,
My mate at work is also not doing too well.
Fortunately, nothing contagious.

My cousin went into hospital for heart bypass and ended up in ICU with other complications.
I was supposed to go and visit him on Sunday but I lay down for a nap.
A nap that ended in a three hour sleep.
And I missed visiting hour.
And felt very guilty.

AND Mary-Lou is back in ICU with a lung infection.
My poor friend has been through hell and back.
I am so worried about her.
I guess, putting things into perspective, an allergy is a walk in the park.

Posted by: granny1947 | September 15, 2014

Granny and the start of a new week.


Hello All.
A short post today because I really don’t have much to tell you.
No more talk of snakes.
Well, one little talk.
The foreman has just told me they killed a big Puffadder today.
Sorry Monica.
It wasn’t in the road but in some bushes they were cutting down.

I could talk about Oscar Pistorious but that just makes me mad.
I was with the judge when she said there was no evidence of premeditated murder.
But she lost me when she said he could not have foreseen he would kill someone.
What balderdash.
You shoot a gun FOUR times into a small toilet and don’t think you will kill someone?
There are too many things that don’t add up in his version.
Personally, I think he is as guilty as sin.
And Karma WILL get him.
And I HAVE just talked about him!

I went around to the old folk on the way home from work.
My brother wanted me to cook some porridge for him.
Jeez he is more than capable of cooking a pot of porridge.
Anyway, he now has enough for a couple of days.
Then I took the old man out for lunch.
Or rather, he took me.
I have decided to make this a regular outing.
He loves to get out and enjoys our time together.
Me too.
I feel so desperately sorry for him.

I had such a strange dream last night.
I dreamt that I was sitting at a table somewhere and my Stepmom walked in and sat down with me.
We chatted for a while when I suddenly realised she was dead.
I asked her if I was dead and she said no.
She said she hadn’t actually died.
And I wondered whose funeral I had attended.
Then I wanted to phone my half brother and sister to tell them she was alive but I had wiped their numbers off my phone.
And then I woke up.
What on earth could that mean????

And, once again, I have lied.
This is no longer such a short post.

Posted by: granny1947 | September 14, 2014

Granny’s Sunday Safari

Hello All.

I have just come back from taking Jasmine for a walk.
These walks are becoming quite stressful.
Nothing like my beach walks.
The roads are strewn with dead sticks and dry grass.
All of which look like snakes in disguise.
And, I have another problem.
As soon as we start walking my eyes begin streaming.
Which makes snake spotting just that little bit more difficult.

I have started taking my camera with me.
Thinking I might see a snake and take a picture for you lot.
But, who am I kidding.
If I saw a snake I would be hot footing it down the road.
Screaming like a girl.
With my camera banging on my boobs.

Today, however, I saw this guy.
Quite impressive.
Sorry it is a bit blurred but it is not easy taking a shot with Jasmine tugging at the lead.

I also came across these flowers nestling amongst the long grass.
I think I shall see quite bit flora and fauna.
Just not too much wild life please.
I really don’t want to put my elderly heart and smokers lungs to the test.

Then there is this guy.
I am not a Rottweiler fan but I feel sorry for this lad.
I think they have removed his bark.
Something I find very cruel.


Posted by: granny1947 | September 13, 2014

Granny’s Saturday somethings.


Hello All.
I love Saturdays.
Because it is Sunday tomorrow.
Sundays don’t have the same appeal because of Monday looming.
And I didn’t win the lottery last night so work is still on the cards for me.

We are waiting, with bated breath, for the above chairs to arrive.
Apparently they will be here today.
They must be more comfortable than the dining room chairs we have been sitting on.
I am not crazy about the chairs.
The design or the colour.
But I was so sick to death of walking around various shops , I would have agreed to anything.

OK…things have changed.
While I was writing this the chairs arrived.
So, the chairs above are THE chairs.
Must say they are quite comfortable.

I have just come back from a long walk with Jasmine.
She is now lying behind me.
I am sitting talking to you.

I met a couple of the other tenants.
All seem very nice.
The one has a gorgeous Border Collie pup.
Who drew blood on a couple of places on my arm whilst giving me an enthusiastic love.
The other was the lady who is the caretaker.
She filled me in on the latest complex gossip.
She is going to be our proxy for the Homeowners annual meeting.
Which we are going to miss as it is the same time as Mex comes back from Johannesburg.
And we don’t much want to go!

Now I might just go and have a nap.
Have a great weekend.

Posted by: granny1947 | September 11, 2014

Granny gets reflective


Hello All.
Yes, I got to thinking about old age today.
I saw my upper arms while I was brushing my few remaining teeth.
They are hideous.
All wrinkly and OLD.
I also have a whole new lot of face wrinkles.
But I call them character lines.
The arms, on the other hand, have a map of the whole frigging world on them.
It seems to have happened overnight.
Very sneaky.

I guess I could put on a bit of weight and fill out the lines.
And people could tell me how WELL I am looking!
But I gave away my fat clothes.
And I can’t afford a new wardrobe.
And I LIKE being thinner.

It’s not just the arms.
My hair seems to be migrating from my legs to my chin and neck.
I have never been hairy.
Hardly ever have to shave.
So neck hair is freaking me out.
OK…it is only a couple of them.
But they shouldn’t be there.

I know I am shuffling up to the big 70.
I don’t race anywhere these days.
But, hell, body of mine.
Give me a break.

Posted by: granny1947 | September 10, 2014

Granny says “oh crap”

Hello All.
A quick post as I am doing this in my tea break at work.
I had just walked in from work, yesterday, when there was a knock on the door.
It was my friend the plumber.
He said he had just come to warn me to be careful while walking Jasmine.
He then produced a stick with one of the above dangling from it.
It was dead.
But I still gave a little shriek.
And said FLUCK.

I still took Jasmine for a walk.
Because I am brave.
Yeah right!
But we stuck to areas where there were people within shouting range.
And me pulling her away from any long grass.
And it was quite a short walk.
Much to her disgust.

I am going to have to invest in some gumboots.
Or better still, those fishermen boots that go way up.
I wonder if I can find some to fit Jasmine?

Posted by: granny1947 | September 8, 2014

Granny and Monday meanderings


Hello All.
It is Murphy’s law.
My speed is finally up on the dongle and I wanted to visit some of your blogs but Mex is going to want supper just now.
He doesn’t have the same priorities as I do.
Come on Telkom…give me a landline.

I have been sleeping really badly for the last week.
Wake up at around midnight and then seem to watch the clock until four thirty when I fall into a deep sleep.
Which isn’t good as I get up at five thirty.
When I DID sleep I dreamt of creditors and journal entries.

On the way home from work I stopped at Telkom and they put me through to someone who said I must clear my internet history.
It seems to have worked somewhat.
Then I went to change a plastic tablecloth I bought the other day.
I hate plastic tablecloths.
It was a senile moment.
I wonder what I am going to do next?
Then I bought five litres of water.
I don’t enjoy Port Elizabeth’s water.
Then I did some shopping.
And then I came home.
And hit the bed.
Slept for three hours.
It will not be surprising if I don’t sleep tonight.
Then I took Jasmine for a walk.
Then I picked up her poop.
All good fun stuff.

I also picked up my lottery tickets for the week.
Just because I am happy in my little home it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like to give up work.
Oh Lord, have just remembered my boss sometime reads my blog.
Oh well, I know he would understand.
Anyway, I think he only reads the first few lines!
He has enough of me jabbering away at work.

ML is back in hospital.
I am very concerned about her.
Did I tell you she was in ICU for over a week?
Had to have part of her colon removed.
She is really having a rough time.
Wish I could be down there to raise her spirits.
Now she has an abdominal infection.

Enough of my rambling.
Let me go and cook.
Grilled pork chops.
Carrots and rice.
And some leftover salad from last night.
It shouldn’t take long.
Love you all.

Wait…the photo above is just a small part of the complex.
Never thought I would be able to take Jasmine for a long walk and not even leave the complex.
It is really massive.
I saw some interesting looking birds.
The feathered variety.
Think we need to put a bird bath in the garden.

Posted by: granny1947 | September 6, 2014

Granny and a sunny Saturday

crate before

crate before

crate after

crate after

Hello All.
And we are making progress.
It is only half past eight in the morning and Mex has been busy.
He has hung my paintings.
One is a bit too low but I am keeping quiet.
I only LOOK stupid.
It feels more like home now.
He is busy putting up the bathroom cabinet.
He has put a final coat of varnish on the chest/crate.


We were reading the guarantee for the TV.
You have to keep the original box.
It is huge.
Where am I supposed to keep it with no garage.
If it ever has to go back I will have a huge fight with them.
Keeping a box for five years is just ridiculous.

I am not enjoying this dongle thingie for the internet.
It is slow.
And every now and again it loses it’s signal.
Guess I will have to go and fight with Telkom.
Sigh…that is usually a losing battle.

Talking about being stupid.
When I was trying to pay for the furniture the lady said she would help me with an EFT.
Said I must give her my bank account number and my password.
She got quite shirty when I said nooooooooo.
I must really sound like a senile old woman.
Not even Mex knows my banking password.
And I am quite capable of doing my own damn electronic transfer.

Now, Mex has gone for a walk to the shops to get some rolls.
Hamburgers for supper.
I need to do some fun stuff.
Like cleaning the toilet.
Jasmine has made two huge poops in the back garden.
But I am not picking that up until they have dried out a bit.
Let me see if I can connect to the internet and publish this post.
Hold thumbs.

Posted by: granny1947 | September 4, 2014

Granyy and three day in a row!!!!!


Hello All.
Gosh it is good to be back.
Not that I have the faintest idea what I am going to talk about.
But that has never stopped me before.
This afternoon we went shopping for a lamp.
And didn’t buy one.
Mex will probably take another week to decide which one he likes the best.
And he wonders why I don’t look very enthusiastic.

He did, however, decide on two wing back chairs.
He picked out the ones he liked and then we came home and I ordered them online.
Because there was a ten percent discount that way.
Hopefully, we will get them next week sometime.

We have a large pine crate that I got from work about eight years ago.
I got it, initially, to store the kid’s toys in.
And I have carted the thing through all out moves.
He was going to get rid of it now but I convinced him to varnish it and make a sort of unusual feature out of it.
He liked the idea and started on it this afternoon.
I think it is going to look nice.
Strange but nice.
We don’t have a garage or a shed yet so we really need a place to store his tool box and extension cords etc.
And I think it will look nice with a lamp or something on it.
I have taken a picture of it and will take another when he has finished and you can tell me what you think.

He still has to hang my paintings and his mirrors and clocks.
I would have done it right away but he likes to think things through.
Sometimes he thinks too much.
It drives me insane.
He assembled the TV stand this morning and it looks very nice.
We are getting there.

Going to work in the mornings is becoming more pleasant.
It is getting a lot lighter and I drive into some glorious sun rises.
In the evening we see some incredible sunsets from the kitchen window.
Hmmmm…must take a picture this evening.
When they build more houses we might not see so much so I will enjoy it while I can.
At present we are the only people in a row of eight houses.
We feel quite isolated.
There are a lot of occupied houses lower down but not where we are.
A policeman and his wife and child are moving in next door at the end of the month.
I hope they are nice.
A Chinese family are moving in two houses up from us soon.
I must make friends with them.
I like Chinese food.

Mex is flying up to visit his kids on the 24th of September.
They are flying him up to celebrate his 70th birthday which is on the 30th.
He is coming back the day before his birthday so we will celebrate that together.
So, Jasmine and I will be alone for five days.
Except for the snakes.

Posted by: granny1947 | September 3, 2014

Granny says darn it…or words to that effect


Hello All.
I am never moving again.
My back is killing me.
First the move and carrying heavy stuff in and out of the car.
Then the unpacking.
And repacking.
And repacking.
And cleaning the flat.
Oh yes, the maid who let me down, phoned me yesterday and said she would come this Saturday!!!!
I wasn’t rude.
But if she could have read my thoughts…..

Then there has been all the standing around.
Waiting for the cable TV to be sorted.
Waiting for my internet to be sorted.
Shopping for a TV cabinet.
And a bathroom cupboard.
And lounge furniture.
And a second TV.
Yes, Mex bought a second TV.
After four days he decided he wanted a bigger one for the lounge.
So there was the schlep of taking the smaller one back.
Waiting around while they tested it to see we hadn’t broken the damn thing.
Then loading the big one.
Which wouldn’t fit on anything, hence the TV cabinet.
We picked that up today.
Mex will have to assemble it tonight.

We still don’t have any lounge furniture but I think we are getting that tomorrow.
I hope so.
Sitting on dining room chairs is not too comfortable after a while.
Despite the way it sounds I am not really complaining.
OK I am but not in a bad way.
I am very happy, just very exhausted.

We are both sleeping much better.
I think it is the tension starting to release.
I hadn’t realised just how much the old folks and my brother had stressed me out.
I went to see them on the way from home from work yesterday and could feel my shoulders tensing up.
I didn’t go today but will pop in again tomorrow.
My brother wants me to type up a lease for his tenant in Johannesburg.
They have my old computer and he is quite capable of doing it himself but says he will wait for me!

Now I am off to take Jasmine for a walk.
She has got used to her daily walk and is agitating for me to go.
Hopefully, we won’t meet any snakes.
I need to find a heavy stick.
Someone said I should bang the stick on the ground while I walk to warn snakes of my approach.
I am not so sure I WANT to give them time to prepare to bite me.

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