Posted by: granny1947 | September 25, 2014

Granny has a SMASHING time.

my sick baby

Hello All.
Yes, I have had a smashing time.
And not at the party.

I was on my way to work this morning, and just down the road from our complex, a car sailed out of a side street and into the side of me.
This is NOT how you want to start your day.
I was shaking like a leaf.
And then, like a complete idiot, I couldn’t stop crying!
What the hell?

I have had a great couple of hours.
Talking to the insurance company and arranging for the car to be towed.
They took my baby away just now.
Shame, I felt so sorry for her.

Fortunately, I am covered for car hire for 15 days so I hope they fix the car in that time.
Unfortunately, I have to put down a deposit of R1500.00 for fuel.
But, I will get this back.
Also I have to pay R3250.00 excess but will get that back too.
What I WON’T get back is my bucks back bonus.
Even though the accident was not my fault they say a claim is a claim.
Think I might try to fight that.

The guy who hit me was very sweet.
Took full blame.
Phoned the police.
Was very concerned about me.
As well he should have been.
I told him he was the same age as my daughter and should show more respect for the elderly!

Our complex is the only place above his street.
I guess he was so used to never seeing any cars coming down from the complex that he never even looked to the left.
I bet he does from now on.

Now, my brother is coming to fetch me to pick up the hired car.
So I had better get this published.
I hope you lot have a better day!!!!

Posted by: granny1947 | September 23, 2014

Granny has a senior moment

Picture 044

Hello All.
What have I done?
What the HELL have I done?
I have been dumb, dumb, dumb.

My boss came through to me this morning and asked if I wanted to go out tonight.
Hastening to reassure me he wasn’t asking me out on a date.
Not that I thought he was!

Apparently, our company has been given an award for something or other.
By the bargaining council.
Whoever they are.
No-one here wanted to go.
Which should be a warning to me.

I phoned Mex and he agreed to go.
He hates going anywhere.
It’s amazing what the offer of free food and drink does.

It is a cocktail party.
I assume this means I can’t wear my jeans and a T.shirt.
I don’t own a dress.
Or a skirt.
Seriously, I do not have ONE dress in my wardrobe.
I do have some silky type pants.
They will have to do.
I AM going to wear sandals.
I think it is going to be as hot as Hades tonight.

On the upside….I should have something to tell you tomorrow.

Posted by: granny1947 | September 22, 2014

Granny is windblown

missing my beach

missing my beach

Hello All.
It is a good thing I have Jasmine.
My get up and go left at about eleven this morning.
And I am TIRED.
But, Jasmine gave that look and I just didn’t have the heart to say no.
It is horrible outside.
The wind is blowing and the dust is dreadful
Still , we went for our walk.
And I feel marginally better.

When we lived in Cape Town I had a really ugly white, sleeveless jacket I wore to the beach.
It had nice pockets for car keys and phone and smokes.
When I put it on Jasmine would start getting excited.
The moment I picked up the camera she would go ballistic.

Now she associates my winter boots with walking.
She can hear me zip them up from the next room.
Since I haven’t got around to buying gumboots my, once good, boots have become my walking amongst snakes boots.
They only go about four or five inches above my ankles so the rest of my legs will just have to look after themselves.
I am dreading the hot summer days.
I am going to look ridiculous.
Especially when I pass a little girl, with her dogs, and she is wearing flip flops.

I think there is rain coming up this evening.
It is forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mex leaves on Wednesday for Johannesburg.
I don’t like flying in the rain.
Rather him than me.
Actually, the older I get the less I like flying.

I am looking forward to six days on my own.
I like my own company.
I like to eat when I am hungry.
Jasmine will have to cross her legs until I get home from work.
She would be distraught if I left her outside.
Hope I hear my alarm in the mornings!

Posted by: granny1947 | September 21, 2014

Granny gets curious

future green area

future green area

Hello All.
What a peaceful Sunday.
Barring a couple of chores I have done very little.

I read the Sunday papers.
And wished I hadn’t.

I won R200 on the lottery.
Well, it is a start.

I sat on a chair in the sun.
Soaking is up like a Dassie.
And getting some natural vitamin D.

The sun made me sleepy so I had a nap.
More like a full on sleep.
Oh and I read a little of my book.

While I was sitting at my computer a family walked past my window.
But I think they were looking for the show house, three houses up from us.
I didn’t see any other cars so there must be an agent who is bored stiff.
And, we continue to live in a bit of a ghost town.
Which worries Mex but not me.

Actually, if we hear a car or voices we peer through the window.
This is not cool because we don’t have net curtains.
We will get the reputation of being that nosey old couple.

I took Jasmine for a walk just now.
And took a snap of this flower.
There are loads of them in the veld.
I wonder if I should dig up a couple of plants and put them in front of our house?
They, obviously, like the area.
And, being succulents, they won’t need too much care.
I think.

I had just taken the shot when Jasmine peered into a clump of them and froze.
So I froze too.
She froze from curiosity.
Me from fear.
I could picture two beady eyes watching me.
Two beady eyes and a darting tongue.
We headed home.
Quite briskly.

On the downside Mary-Lou has yet ANOTHER infection.
And is in isolation.
Back on a ventilator and being fed on a drip.
and sedated.
I am worried sick about her.

Ah…some folk have just walked into the house next door.
I DO have net curtains in this room.
I can peer.

Posted by: granny1947 | September 20, 2014

Granny is in awe.


Hello All.
Yes, things are on the go in our quiet neck of the woods today.
We have this massive pile of rubble out the back of our house.
Actually, on the lounge side.
So to me it is the front.
But I guess it IS the back.

This area is destined to be a green area.
And, this morning a huge front end loader arrived.
And five massive trucks.
They are carting it all away.
The dust is unbelievable but that is OK.
It will be great when it is all gone.

I have been watching the driver of the loader in awe.
Boy can he handle that machine.
He reverses at a hell of a rate.
And I have had visions of him taking out our garden wall.
So far so good.

I went onto Hellopeter and complained about my poor internet coverage, this morning.
Within twenty minutes a very helpful gentleman, called Frank, phoned me.
We went through my settings and did a couple of changes.
Things have improved somewhat.
He could not find our place on their coverage map or on Google.
So I went onto Google Earth, found our house and pinned it.
Then I sent him the map with longitude and latitude.
Be impressed people.
Be very impressed!

Posted by: granny1947 | September 19, 2014

Granny’s Friday Freak out


Hello All.
Yes, I am more than a little annoyed.
I am VERY annoyed.
And it is a waste of time annoyance.
I am getting such a weak internet signal that everything is taking forever to download.
Or not at all.
I am just typing this to get it out of my system.
Very much doubt I will able to get WP up.
Much less post a photo.
Telkom you sold me this damn dongle under false impressions.
You should have told me it would only work sometimes.

If it doesn’t work later this afternoon or in the morning I am going to go in there and demand my money back.
As if that will work.
That is really wishful thinking.
And, what do I replace it with?
Maybe all 3G is this bad.
All I DO know is it SUCKS.

THEN…just to aggravate me even more…Norton decided, yesterday, my Bounceout game was a security risk.
And they magicked it away.
Just like that.
Have been playing the game for years with no problem.
I am telling you.
It is a conspiracy.
Paranoia reigns supreme.

I could go and read a book.
But then I shall fall asleep.
And, I have already had a nap.
Or, I could go and watch TV.
Mex has the comedy channel on.
But they will repeat all these shows tomorrow.
F$%#& *&^%# $%*&$@
And, if you can translate that we are soul mates.

Posted by: granny1947 | September 18, 2014

Granny talks dirty!


Hello All.
The promised cold front has hit.
Jasmine and I had a brisk walk.
Dodging the raindrops.
On the upside, the house is nice and cosy.

Lately, I have been waking up at, about eleven, very hot.
Temperature wise.
Not mood.
Which got me thinking about soapies and movies.
Can’t see the connection?
There isn’t one.

Have you noticed how people wake up, in the mornings, on soapies, and get amorous?
This just does not happen in real life.
What about morning breath?
Come on, let’s get real.
Who, on earth, wants to get up close and personal with someone who has not brushed their teeth?

Also, they do the dirty and lie there and say Wow.
Or words to that effect.
And they still have most of their clothes on.
Is this some sort of birth control I know nothing about?
Maybe I am old fashioned but I thought being stark naked was part of the fun.
Old skin and all.

We do the dirty by the light of the TV.
Mex puts it on the music channel.
Which is just as well.
Otherwise I might be tempted to look over his shoulder to see what I am missing.
And, YES, to my younger followers.
Seventy year olds still DO it!

Posted by: granny1947 | September 17, 2014

Granny’s Wednesday Waffles.


Hello all.

What makes you think I have my Mojo back?
Well, not really, but it is getting better.

The storm that is threatening in the above photo is now on the go.
Thunder and lightning.
And Jasmine is sitting as close as she can get to me.
Panting like crazy.
And drooling.
Big baby!

Yay for pressure cookers.
I made a big pot of soup in 30 minutes flat.
Don’t know what it is going to taste like but it LOOKS good.

My mate at work gave me a nasal spray for allergies.
I haven’t used it yet.
Have the nozzle soaking in VERY hot water.
Feel a bit squeamish about sticking something into my nose that has been in someone else’s nose.
Does that make me strange?
I don’t care.

I think I had something more interesting to share with you.
If I did, it has gone into the ether with all the other stuff I forget.
Which is becoming more and more, lately.

Posted by: granny1947 | September 16, 2014

Granny cries and cries


Hello All.
No, I am not crying from sadness.
Or joy.
I have decided there is some plant growing in the complex that I am allergic to.
And this is allergy season.
I am sure all the builders think I am the saddest old lady around.
I walk around, clutching a wad of toilet paper, and wiping the tears off my cheeks.
They probably think Mex is beating me up.
As if he would dare.

I received a lovely letter from my granddaughter today.
Telling me I am the best Granny.
The fact that I am her ONLY Granny probably helps.

I seem to be surrounded by sick people lately.
Our quality manager at work had to have some skin cancer on his face removed.
Then they found out he has a thyroid problem,
My mate at work is also not doing too well.
Fortunately, nothing contagious.

My cousin went into hospital for heart bypass and ended up in ICU with other complications.
I was supposed to go and visit him on Sunday but I lay down for a nap.
A nap that ended in a three hour sleep.
And I missed visiting hour.
And felt very guilty.

AND Mary-Lou is back in ICU with a lung infection.
My poor friend has been through hell and back.
I am so worried about her.
I guess, putting things into perspective, an allergy is a walk in the park.

Posted by: granny1947 | September 15, 2014

Granny and the start of a new week.


Hello All.
A short post today because I really don’t have much to tell you.
No more talk of snakes.
Well, one little talk.
The foreman has just told me they killed a big Puffadder today.
Sorry Monica.
It wasn’t in the road but in some bushes they were cutting down.

I could talk about Oscar Pistorious but that just makes me mad.
I was with the judge when she said there was no evidence of premeditated murder.
But she lost me when she said he could not have foreseen he would kill someone.
What balderdash.
You shoot a gun FOUR times into a small toilet and don’t think you will kill someone?
There are too many things that don’t add up in his version.
Personally, I think he is as guilty as sin.
And Karma WILL get him.
And I HAVE just talked about him!

I went around to the old folk on the way home from work.
My brother wanted me to cook some porridge for him.
Jeez he is more than capable of cooking a pot of porridge.
Anyway, he now has enough for a couple of days.
Then I took the old man out for lunch.
Or rather, he took me.
I have decided to make this a regular outing.
He loves to get out and enjoys our time together.
Me too.
I feel so desperately sorry for him.

I had such a strange dream last night.
I dreamt that I was sitting at a table somewhere and my Stepmom walked in and sat down with me.
We chatted for a while when I suddenly realised she was dead.
I asked her if I was dead and she said no.
She said she hadn’t actually died.
And I wondered whose funeral I had attended.
Then I wanted to phone my half brother and sister to tell them she was alive but I had wiped their numbers off my phone.
And then I woke up.
What on earth could that mean????

And, once again, I have lied.
This is no longer such a short post.

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