Posted by: granny1947 | July 19, 2014

Granny has a couple of interesting nights.


Hello All.
I got to thinking the other day.
Sometimes I do that.
When we lived in Cape Town I blogged every day.
Even when I had nothing to say.
Must have bored you all to tears.
Now I am finding it so hard to put any words down.
Has my life become THAT empty?

First the news of the house.
For nearly four weeks nothing much happened.
Then they seemed to get their act into gear.
We now have a roof.
And a solar panel.
The inside walls have been plastered.
And, yesterday, the ceilings were completed.
The still have to put plaster on the ceilings(screed?)
They have to paint.
Do the cornices.
The tiles and the carpets.
The built-in cupboards.
Sigh…when I put it in writing it sounds like such a lot.
Still, I am optimistic.
I reckon another four weeks.
Weather permitting.
We have become obsessed with long term weather forecasts.
It is raining, cold and miserable today.
But it IS Saturday so that is ok.
No rain forecast for next week.

Now to my interesting couple of nights.
Get your minds out of the gutter.

I woke up at two o’clock the other morning and thought “why is my nose running?”
Sat up and, in the light from the security outside light, looked at my hands.
It was like something out of a horror movie.
Blood everywhere.
I have never had a nosebleed.
Didn’t know you could lose so much blood from the nose.
Mex was wonderful.
Stood next to me passing me toilet paper to mop up the constant stream.
And wiping my face with a wet cloth.
Actually, that was irritating, as he kept putting the cloth over my eyes and I could see a damn thing.

It eventually stopped and I went back to bed.
At two o’clock the next morning it happened again.
And I was a bit annoyed.
I don’t like leaking.
I went back to bed but I couldn’t sleep.
Which was just as well.
At four o’clock I spouted blood all over the place.
Eventually, even coughing out huge clots.
At which point I thought “oh dear”
No I didn’t but I am trying to be a lady.

At this point I thought a visit to the doctor was in order.
I went to work for a couple of hours and then went.
My friend at work is a cheerful soul…suggested it could be blood from the brain!!!
Who needs enemies when you have friends like that.

The doctor said it was just a nose bleed and suggested I see an ENT guy to have my nose cauterised.
I said no.
I know my body.
And my brain.
Suggest to me that someone is going to stick things up my nose AND charge me for the pleasure is a no no.
No more nose bleeds.
Anyway I believe nosebleeds that big are your body’s safety valve.
That is my theory and I am sticking to it.

Also, on the upside, my eyes are almost back to normal.

Posted by: granny1947 | June 21, 2014

Granny has bugs.


Hello All.
Yes, it has been quite a time.
Nothing too serious but a bit alarming.

Let me start with the house and then I will get back to the bugs.
The house has gone SO slowly.
Fortunately, now they seem to be going great guns.
They fired all the previous builders and, at last, we are seeing some progress.
The walls you can see in the picture went up in three days.
At this rate, if they keep it up, we might just get in by the end of July.
But I suspect it will be the middle of August.

Now to my bugs.
I, suddenly, started seeing a lot of floaters in my left eye.
Not just a lot….hundreds.
Felt like I had a swarm of bees constantly in my vision.
And flashing lights…my own private firework display.
Without the bangs.
I spoke to an Optometrist and they said straight to a specialist.
Said one of my retinas could be pulling loose.
I don’t know what happens if that occurs but I rather like all my parts to stay attached.
Anyway, I saw a specialist( I haven’t seen his bill yet) and he said it is an age thing.
When you get to my advanced age it is always an age thing.
Apparently the membrane that holds something or other in has broken.
And the floaters and the blurriness is the membrane moving around.
He says it should repair itself.
And, in time, I will probably get it in the other eye.
Something to look forward to.

He also said if I suddenly see black things dropping down in my eye that will be blood.
And if it looks like someone has poured a cup of coffee into my eye I must get to him asap.
This will mean the membrane HAS pulled the retina loose.
He has no idea just how fast I will get to him.
My son says he does not know why I was worried…I have another eye.
News flash…I LIKE having two eyes.

On the upside my vision is great.
My eye pressure is great.
The artificial lenses look great.

Hell, I am just great.
I hope you lot are also great

Posted by: granny1947 | April 27, 2014

Granny sort of does the Granny thing.


Hello All.
Yes, I did my best.
My DIL and my granddaughter are here for the nationals of the Nipper life saving competition.
I had an appointment with someone(more about that later) and then I went down to the beach.
I parked miles away from the beach.
Well, it felt like miles.
I then phoned DIL and discovered they were at the very far end of the beach.
I battled through hundreds of people on soft sand.
By the time I reached the end I felt as if I had taken part in a marathon.

I still couldn’t see them but I suddenly heard GRANNY and I was hugged and kissed by the little one.
Found my DIL and plonked myself down on the sand next to her.
There were rows of kids waiting to do the heats in the beach run.
The coached signalled to my DIL that HL was cold and needed her jacket.
DIL went off to fetch it and I gave HL my top to warm her up while she waited.
An hour later she would have had to fight me for the jacket.

I watched all the heats and HL made it through to the semi finals.
There was going to be quite a long break before the semi’s so I sent DIL off to get us a hamburger.
I was starving.
It was the nicest burger I have ever eaten.
It probably wasn’t but by that time I would have eaten anything that looked vaguely edible.
I sat in the team tent to eat while DIL went to give HL something to eat.
And the wind came up.
And it started to rain.
And it was freezing.
And I had sand in every crack.
So I did what any sensible Granny would do.
I phoned my DIL and said I was out of there!

My granddaughter came 8th in the finals and we are very proud of her.
Having said that….I am not going down to the beach today.
Yesterday was the beach run.
Today I think it will be swimming.
I’ll look at the photos.

Posted by: granny1947 | April 19, 2014

Granny takes strain


Hello All.
Day two of the long weekend and what did we do?
Well, Mex went to the bank and transferred the money for the new house.
Then we went and looked at showers.
For the second time.
I suspect we will be doing this on a regular basis.
Mex goes into everything with a fine toothcomb.
It drives me nuts.

I am beginning to wonder if our relationship of 27 years is going to survive the next three months.
He is very bitter about the money I put into this place.
He won’t go into eat.
It is very uncomfortable.
It has become clear that my dear mother got me here under false pretences.
If my Dad goes first (which is likely) she will change the will in the blink of an eye.
She has made that clear in a non obvious way.
But I suspected that all along.
I am taking strain as I find it very distasteful to fight over money.
It is just not in my nature.

We went to look at the plot today.
Lord, I can foresee months of dust and dirt while they are building more houses.
The huge pile of rubble at the far edge of our plot is the start of the “greenbelt”
I have no idea when they will start on that.
On the upside I can take Jasmine for walks as it is and I won’t have to pick up poop.

As we were leaving I told Mex we had to go to the far left gate.
He approached it at an angle and it did not open.
So he tried another gate.
That didn’t open either.
I told him we had to go to the far left so he reversed in a huff.
And hit a street light, knocking it flat.
He hardly touched it so I suspect someone had already hit it.
We returned to the gate I had indicated and it opened.
I swear I didn’t say “I told you so”.
But if you could have read my thoughts…….

Tomorrow we go to friends for a BBQ.
I would like to take Jasmine but last time she pooped all over their lawn.
Hmmmmmmm…decisions, decisions.

Posted by: granny1947 | April 18, 2014

Granny’s Good Friday


So, I missed a day.
Sue me.
I had a great time yesterday.
I arranged to meet an old blogger friend at one o’clock.
She is in PE to be with her Dad who is having surgery.
We agreed to meet at the hospital restaurant.
One problem.

I finished work at eleven and got there at 11:30.
Lots of time to kill so I got out my camera and took a few shots.
Then I bought a magazine and sat in my car and read it from cover to cover.
In no time at all.
I now remember why I stopped buying the “YOU” magazine.
It costs more than twenty rand and there is really very little to read in it.

Anyway, Puppycat arrived and we spent a lovely time talking the hind leg off a donkey.
I wonder where that saying comes from?
I am sure someone will tell me.
Cindy are you there?
I also met Pupppycat’s Dad’s partner who I took to right away.
All in all a good time.

Today, being a holiday, has been a lazy day.
I cleaned a bit.
Brushed Jasmine.
Played a game with her with a piece of rope.
Played a few games of scrabble.
Had a good nap.
Went out and bought pizzas for supper.
Read my book.
Only thing missing was some exercise.
MUST go for a walk tomorrow.
Damn, damn, damn…have no idea what is going on.
Have now tried four times to insert a photo and all I get is that writing.
Now I have published the photo is there.
They are messing with my mind.
Will retry the view from the back of the hospital


Posted by: granny1947 | April 16, 2014

Granny keeps it up!!!


Hello All.

I shouldn’t be posting tonight. It might bring rain. Three posts in three days. Rain could hold up our house. We read somewhere that Port Elizabeth has the fourth best weather in the WORLD. Who knew. The first winter we were here it rained for three ruddy months and this has been a dreadful hot summer. I think “they” need to review their stats. Having said that…today was marvellous. Maybe my mood has just improved.

What other news do I have? Oh yes…my younger daughter got married on Monday. I wasn’t invited but I didn’t expect an invitation. We haven’t spoken for four years. Why start now. Anyway I wish her happiness.

After tomorrow there is going to be no Oscar trial until the 7th of May. We are going to have major withdrawal symptoms.

We have a four day weekend this weekend and a four day week the following week. Then there is another long weekend at the end of the month. Life is hell.

Have a great evening you lot. Or a great day. Depending where you are.

Nite nite.


I have No idea why the photo is so small.
Too tired to find out.

Posted by: granny1947 | April 15, 2014

Granny and the return continues!!!


Hello All.

A quick post tonight. For some reason I am tired. Wait, I hardly slept last night so THAT is the reason.

I warned you about all the pics you will be getting and here is the start. I had to take my Stepdad to the optician this afternoon and, on the way, I thought I would take a couple of shots. I had forgotten my camera but used my phone. I think I must use the phone more often. I couldn’t get into the complex because we don’t have a remote yet but I took these from the gate.




We are going to have to buy a little bit of furniture but not too much. A couch and an armchair. A couple of mats and not much else. Maybe a few kitchen utensils…why oh why did I give away so much when we left Cape Town? Oh yes, curtains for the bedroom. And the kitchen. And a garden hose. Come to think of it…maybe we DO have to buy a fair bit.

I don’t know what I am looking forward to the most. Cooking a meal and then eating the leftovers for the next couple of nights. Starting a veggie garden. Being able to walk out of the lounge into another room. Just about everything.

Having friends around for a meal. That is going to be fun. My cousin and his wife life just around the corner from the new house. It will be so nice to see more of them. I love them to bits.

Oh yes, before I go….my clever little 9 year old granddaughter has made it to the Nationals of the life saving competition. She is in the Nippers section. The Nationals are being held here in Port Elizabeth from the 25th of April so I will be seeing her and her Mom. Something else to look forward to. The 25th is my birthday so that will be a great present for me.



Posted by: granny1947 | April 14, 2014

Granny is conflicted.


Hello All.

Yes, it really is me.
I haven’t checked to see when last I posted but I think it must be a good three months.
Or a bad three months.
Depending on how you feel.

Yes, I am feeling very conflicted.
Life here has become close to impossible.
No, that is not right…not impossible.
Just very unpleasant.

To cut a long story short Mex has bought a house.
Well, he has bought a piece of ground and they are starting to build the house.
Weather permitting we hope to move in at the end of July.
It is in a huge walled complex about a km from a massive shopping mall that is due for completion in 2015.
Mex will be in his element.
He loves shopping malls.
I don’t.

It will be a small two bedroom house with an enclosed garden.
However, it is more than twice the size of what we are in right now.
And it sounds like heaven.
You will be getting lots of pics.
From the empty plot to the finished product.
Brace yourselves.

As the crow flies the new place is about one kilometre from here.
Which means, in the case of emergency, I am nearby.
I am feeling conflicted because I know the old people need me.
But, I have no security here.
Mex is seeing a lawyer in the next few days and will be signing a userfruct giving me the use of the house until I kick the bucket.
Also, it means if I should die before Mex HE has somewhere to live.
I have also come to the conclusion that, if I stay here, I am going to get ill.
Probably mentally before physically!

In other news we are totally hooked on the Oscar Pistorious trial.
I am sure that by televising this trial the crime rate is going to drop.
Facing the prosecutor, Gerrie Nel, would be an absolute nightmare.

Well, my friends, I hope I have broken my blogging block.
Chat again soon.

Posted by: granny1947 | February 2, 2014

Granny’s Sunday sillies.




Hello All.

What do I have to talk about today?
Hmmmm…not much it seems.
I could talk about the weather but I think I have exhausted that subject.
It even bores me now.
No…I will say something…it is MUCH cooler today.
I am a happy Granny.
Except for the odd hot flush.
But I can’t blame that on the weather.

The above photo.
Mex and I went to a new restaurant on Friday evening.
This does not happen often.
Mex shies away from change.
However, I got quite a nice voucher off on a meal in a washing powder promotion.
So we went and I loved it.
The food was not bad but the view was fabulous.
You know me and the sea.
I could have sat there for hours.



The downside was it is quite a way from home.
So I was the designated driver.
I don’t drink and drive when we are in MY car.
If I am driving Mex’s car I might have a glass or two.

Mex is helping my brother put a cover on my Dad’s car.
I don’t know why they bother.
The car is almost as old as the old man.
But it makes him happy.

I have notched up another bad mark with my mother.
Every night Mex goes into the house and pours my mother a glass of wine and my Dad a whisky.
The other night the old man said he wouldn’t have anything.
When he refused the next night I asked why.
He said my mother did not think he should have a drink.
I said “rubbish”.
I told him one tot of whisky is medicinal.
So he is back to having one again.
And she is not happy about it.
For crying in a bloody bucket.
He is ninety years old….why don’t we just take away the few little pleasures he has.

Before I go into a rant about her let me end.
Some things are better left unsaid.


Posted by: granny1947 | January 29, 2014

Granny and fertility


Hello All.

I am writing this at work again.
This time I shall remember to mail the post home before I leave.
My mate left the air conditioner on all night so it is blissfully cool.
If we are still here next summer I think we shall have to invest in a small air conditioner.
I might have a job persuading Mex.
Last night was so hot I lay on the bed in my birthday suit (which needs ironing).
I think he enjoyed the spectacle.

I went for a bone density test yesterday.
The place was at the hospital where I took my Stepdad.
It is a huge place.
And my appointment letter didn’t say where in the complex it was situated.
I arrived five minutes early and asked a security person where to go.
She pointed at a nearby lift and said “second floor”.
I got out on the second floor and found myself in the maternity section!!!

I went back down and asked the same person again(I should have known better)
This time she told me to go to the other side of the hospital and take the lift to the second floor.
This time I found myself on a floor that seemed to be all Orthopedic guys.
So I went into the nearest office and asked if the receptionist if she knew where I had to go.
By now I was ten minutes late.
I hate being late.
While she was trying to phone them my cell went and the bone density people wanted to know where I was.
I said if you tell me where YOU are I’ll tell you where I am.
She said take the lift back down to the ground floor and turn left.
I did and the first sign I saw was Fertility clinic.
And I thought WTF?
The bone density place was in the same place.

I had to fill in a whole heap of forms and I felt like such an idiot.
There were so many  questions I couldn’t answer.
How tall are you…in cms…feet and inches I know…centimeters I haven’t a clue.
When did you have your last bone density test?
Three years ago, four year ago….maybe it was five…time flies when you are having fun.
Where did you have it done…Cape Town…can’t remember where…it is a big place.
When did you come off hormone replacement pills.
You have to be kidding me..haven’t got a cooking clue.
And so it went on.
I think all I could answer was my name and birthday.

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