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Granny and Friday Foughts.

018Hello All.

No the title is not a misprint.
It is how you say thoughts when you lisp.
Not that I lisp.
But I am practicing for when I lose a few more teeth.
Which could be quite soon considering I haven’t been to a dentist since the ark was under construction.

If you are looking for a stimulating post I suggest you leave now.
This is going to be a lot of waffle.
Just feel like chatting to you guys.

The complex is starting to take off.
Houses going up like mushrooms.
And, today, they offloaded a stack of grass to plant in the green area adjoining our place.
Wait, I took a picture for you.


The house on the left is the policeman and his family.
Then it is our place.
The houses are attached.
The two on the right are still empty.
The first one was sold and then, immediately, put back on the market.
No-one moved in.
It is a strange house.
They did their own tiling and cupboards.
The cupboards are so high they will need a ladder to reach them.
Or a pogo stick.
Instead of a third bedroom they have put in a scullery which looks onto my room/study.
I don’t like it…it is dark and dreary.

I took Jasmine for an early walk and I see someone is moving into a place across the way.
They are the only house in a quiet circle.
Hope they don’t mind that Jasmine and I often walk there.
If the mood takes me.

So, although houses are going up we haven’t seen people rushing to move in.
I must say I like it here.
It is almost like living on a farm.
Says this town girl.

In other news, parliament found our dancing idiot of a president not guilty in the minor matter of 246MILLION rand spent on upgrading his private residence.
Apparently, he didn’t know what it was costing.
He didn’t know he was improving his own home.
He didn’t know WE built his wife a new shop.
He didn’t know WE paid for a very expensive cattle kraal.
He didn’t notice the swimming pool.
Oh sorry, not a swimming pool, a fire pool.
Which just goes to prove what I have always thought.
Our president knows nothing.
Let me stop talking about him….I am getting mad.

And now let me go and cut up the huge pot of beetroot I boiled just now.
We will be peeing red for weeks to come.
Too much information?

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Granny is not really surprised.

012Hello All.

Well, I was a LITTLE bit surprised.
Mary-Lou continues to amaze me, even in death.
I wondered why I had not heard any funeral details.
I couldn’t even find any notices in the Cape Town newspapers.
Then, I spoke to her son yesterday.

She did not want a funeral.
No funeral at all.
The family did not even attend the cremation.
Sometime in the not too distance future, they will scatter her ashes in False Bay.
And have a party of note.
And they will be flying me down to participate.
It should be interesting.
I have loads I could relate at a wake.
But I will restrain myself.
Well, I will try my best.

I have mixed feelings about it all.
Funerals bring a sense of closure.
Well, they do for me.
Though, I hate them.
One would have to be even more weird than I am, to enjoy funerals.
But then I don’t much like weddings either.

I keep thinking I have come to terms with her death.
And then it comes over me again in waves.
She used to phone me EVERY day.
Sometimes for an hour at a time.
It drove Mex insane.
I am missing my mate.


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Granny looks like an idiot

009Hello All.

A quick post as I have a stew going in the pressure cooker.
OK…I know I often say a quick post and it turns into the complete opposite.

Why do I look like an idiot?
It is easy.
The temperature is supposed to be 29 degrees today.
Which is five degrees more than I enjoy.
The wind was supposed to be 60kms.
Which is forty more than I enjoy.
However, THEY got it all wrong.
It felt more like 24 degrees and there wasn’t a breath of wind.
Having said that, I have just received an sms to say big storms and hail in our area.
Don’t know what I am supposed to do about that.
Except panic.
Oh yes, why I looked like an idiot?
Concentrate woman.
I walked Jasmine in boots and jacket.
Dressed for the middle of winter.
If a snake goes for my ankles it is going to be disappointed.
If it goes for my calf it could be in luck.

I took my stepdad out after work today.
We went to a local nursery down the road.
A nursery of plants….not small kids.
God forbid.

He looks good for 91 and he SO enjoys our outings.
So do I.

2014_1027housenew0019And now I AM going to end.
The pressure cooker is yelling at me.
I have to answer.
Before the contents hit the ceiling.

Have a lovely evening.
Or day.
Depending on where you are.

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Granny and laundry day.

008Hello All.

Souldipper posted a video on her recent post about the cleaning of the body.
I don’t know how to post a link to her post so you will have to google her.

Apparently, all the cells in our body produce waste.
I did not know this.
I feel slightly dirty.
From the neck down the waste is disposed of through the lymph glands.
The brain does not have lymph glands and has devised it’s own method of disposing of the waste.
It does this while you are sleeping.
When it does not have too much other stuff to do.
Like ensuring you continue to breathe etc.

I must have a squeaky clean brain.
Though, my thoughts are not always that clean.
I sleep a LOT.
Napping is one of my favourite pastimes.
And I am, frequently, asleep by eight thirty in the evening.
Sometimes this means I am awake at one in the morning but I generally, eventually, drop off again.

Right now it is eleven in the morning and I can feel a nap attack coming on.
This could be a self defence mechanism.
After the last week I don’t want to think too much.
The other alternative is to do some housework.
Or bake some cookies.
Nope, a nap sounds good.

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Granny says goodbye

2013_0418sylvia0032Hello All.

Yes, Mary-Lou passed away, peacefully, at a quarter past six this morning.

I am so sad but also relieved.
No more suffering for my dear friend.

I shall remember her for being full of shit.
Throwing wobblies over things that weren’t to her liking.
Lecturing me on starting a business.

But, more than that I shall remember her for her incredible generosity.
Not just with material stuff.
But she had such a generous spirit.
She loved me and worried about me.
I loved her.
I am going to miss her SO much.

Rest in peace my darling.

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Granny has an early start

Picture 070Hello All.

I am on my third cup of coffee.
Hopefully, this one will kick start my old brain.
My eldest daughter is on her way to East London by bus.
I haven’t seen her since December.
So, being a Mom and all that I went to the bus terminal at 6:15am.
Just had time for a couple of hugs and kisses and she had to get back on the bus.
I doubt I will going to Cape Town this December so it might be a really long time until I see her again.

I didn’t want to take Jasmine for a walk yesterday.
The wind was howling and there was so much dust from all the building sites.
However, that dog can make me feel SO darn guilty.
She is better than any Jewish mother.
I swear that dog can read my mind.
I just have to THINK a walk and she starts bouncing around.

Nope, the coffee is not helping the grey matter.
I have absolutely nothing interesting to talk about.
The only thing that IS working is my bladder.
Maybe I will talk to you again later.

Posted by: granny1947 | October 23, 2014

Granny is mentally disturbed.


Hello All.

I got a call from ML’s son just now.
Her organs are failing and they are going to put her on a dialysis machine.
There is only a 5% chance that this will help.
If it was up to me I would ask her if she wanted to stay on life support.
I am quite sure she would say no.
Then I would ask she be given a massive dose of morphine and switch everything off.
I care too  much for her to let her suffer like this.
But I am not her son or her husband and I guess I have to respect their wishes.

I mentioned this to another friend this morning.
She said she had better see a lawyer to ban me from visiting her if (God forbid) she was ever terminally ill.
So, she would like to battle it out.
I know ML.
She has had enough.
All I know is I would hate to go through week after week going through living hell.

I don’t think I am afraid of dying.
I don’t THINK so.
If there is no afterlife then there is no problem because you are gone.
If there is an afterlife(and I like to think there is) then there are a lot of people, I love very dearly, to meet me.

Let’s get off the morbid subject of death and dying.
My car came back from the panel beaters while I was in Cape Town.
When I went to get into it yesterday I noticed a big dent near the back light.
The assessor mentioned the dent when he phoned me but I thought he was talking about a tiny dent caused by an erratic trolley driver.
This one definitely happened in the accident.
Anyway, I phoned the assessor and he has arranged for the car to go back to the panel beaters on Monday.
Once again, big kudos to Dial Direct.
They have been more than fantastic.
I don’t know how I never noticed this second dent but I think all my attention was on the BIG dent in the front.
Maybe shock causes selective viewing.

My son phoned me this morning to find out if my back is better.
I told him it was still twinging but was much better and I am no longer crying from the pain.
His reply?
Mom, you are such a girl!
He has only just noticed?????

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Granny thinks about wills.


Hello All.

Yes, I have been thinking very hard.
So hard it is almost hurting.
I don’t have a will.
Well, I do but I haven’t completed it yet.
I shall do it tomorrow.
I am glad I never got around to completing it.
Because I now want to add something.

I wonder how they decide when to switch off all the plugs?
It must be difficult.
If you are unconscious and completely dependant on machines it is quite simple.
But I look at ML’s situation.
She is horribly aware of what is going on.
So I guess that makes it more difficult to switch everything off.

Can the doctor ask her if she wants to stay on the ventilator?
I am quite convinced if they asked ML  she would signal for them to switch it off.

Now I need to pick one of my kids to pull the plug.
Not my elder daughter.
She is as soft as butter and would never agree.
Elder son would probably be a likely candidate.
He PRETENDS to be hard.
I am not sure about younger son.
Maybe my younger daughter.
She doesn’t talk to me anyway.
She might do it.
The granddaughter I adopted would never do it.
Maybe I must train Jasmine.
One bark for yes and two barks for no.

Talking about dogs,  I met the new puppy next door just now.
A Pitbull.
Not my favourite dogs.
But, right now, it is so cute.

Walking on my beach was wonderful.
Happy dogs.
Happy people.
Happy me.
I was just sorry I only managed to get down there once.
But I took quite a few photos.
You will see them ALL

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Granny is breathtaking.


Hello All.

So, where did I get to?
Not very far it seems.

The days have blurred into each other but I will do my best to unravel them.

There were moments of humour.
Not many, but one I shall never forget. I think it was on Saturday. ML was looking so much better and she signalled to me to lift her bed. And, no, I didn’t shoot her into the air. I did it slowly and carefully but she kept wanting to go further until she was almost sitting upright.

And I heard something fall on the floor. I looked down and there  was a thick tube which I picked up. I glanced out the window just in time to see a look of horror on the faces of the nurses. Who then came rushing in, throwing on protective clothing as they ran. I asked if the tube was important. It was. It was her ventilator!!! I felt better when I learned that this has happened a couple of times. So, it wasn’t something I had done.

On Sunday her breathing had improved to such an extent that they were planning to take the ventilator out so she could talk. They took it out but,  during the night,  things went horribly wrong. Her blood pressure plummeted and her blood count did not look good. When I came in on Monday for the morning hour she looked dreadful . She cried a little and my heart broke for her.

When I went in the afternoon they had sedated her. I sat and held her hand. And felt guilty because, for the first time, I was thinking “Thy will be done”. I care too much for her to want her to suffer like this. She is fully aware of everything going on around her. This must be like the worst kind of torture for her. A couple of weeks would have been bearable. But, to lie like that week after week, staring at the ceiling, is just too much. This must be like a constant nightmare for her. She does not deserve it.

Just to finish off my visit in style I put my back out last night. I might have just turned awkwardly or it was the culmination of all the driving in rush hour traffic in ML’s tank of a car. Or, simply stress. Whatever. This morning I could barely get dressed. I got home, took a couple of pain killers and went to bed with a hot water bottle. My wonderful boss was very understanding. Hopefully, by tomorrow I will be back to abnormal.


Why do WP keep messing my paragraphs around?

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Granny flies South


Hello All.

Yes, believe it or not, I am in my beloved Cape Town.
But, it is a bitter sweet trip.

My friend Ml, who has now been in ICU for an incredible 7 weeks, signed to her son that  she wanted to see me.
She refused to see anyone else.
So I flew down on Friday morning.

It has been SO hard to see her lying there.
Unable to talk.
Or eat.
Or breathe on her own.
My heart goes out to her.

Fortunately, I am able to babble on and on and her son says she has bucked up.
I have even managed to get a few smiles out of her.
But, it is taking it out on me.
She is in isolation so I have to go in in gowns and masks etc.
This is not my best look.

Damn, supper is ready.
Don’t want to spoil some VERY expensive steak.
I am with my elder son and DIL.
I will write more tomorrow.
Or just now.

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