Granny is knackered.

Hello All.

Everything finally caught up with me yesterday.
I fell into bed.
My phone rang twice.
I didn’t answer.
It was from a friend, in the complex, who has asked me to sell raffle tickets.
She has an animal outreach place.
They do marvellous work.
I will have to see if I can fit it in this week.

My day started with a knock on the door at seven AM.
I had the front door open to let in fresh air.
I was in my nightie.
Sans make-up.
So, I peered gingerly round the corner.
A guy standing there, telling me our gardener had had a bad fall at the front gate.
Phoned another committee member and asked him to meet me.
Threw on some clothes and rushed down to the gate.
Still sans make-up.
Hair not brushed.
Found the said gardener lying on his back.
A bit of blood on his one leg.
Checked him over.
No broken bones.
What is it with men?
So dramatic.
Took him home.
Cleaned his leg.
Gave him some painkillers.
And, he walked off happily!

Men are unbelievable.
Have been telling M and the old man that you HAVE to eat to help your body fight this darn Covid.
After almost force feeding the old man, I came home and managed to get M to eat a mug of soup.
He said that was all he wanted for the day.
I then realized I had not eaten all day.
Thought, bugger this, and went down to the shop.
Bought myself a piece of chicken and some vegetable bake.
And spotted some curry.
M likes curry.
Asked the lady for a portion.
She said “it is very hot”
I said, good, it is not for me!
M ate a good portion of it for supper.
Said it was good.
Will probably have the rest for breakfast.
Never underestimate a woman.

Oh did I tell you?
Amidst all this Covid crap our electric fence took a direct lightning strike.
Fried all our cameras and the intercom box.
Life is NEVER boring here.

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