Granny and paint

Hello All.

Yesterday, the follow up team, from the plumbers, came to repair the trap door in my den.
They, also, put a coat of paint on the ceiling.
I got a scratchy throat.
Thought I was getting a cold.
By the evening I had a headache from hell.
Took a pill.
I don’t do headaches.
Today, they came and put on a second coat of paint.
Headache back.
Turns out I am allergic to the paint.
Who knew.
Have had a fan blowing all day.
It seems a little better.
Just to be on the safe side I will take an anti-allergy pill.
Wish me luck.

In other news, Gaby did not like all the strangers in the house.
Stuck to me like glue.
Even following me to the loo.
My brother is going to his daughter in Johannesburg on the 2nd of February.
Lindy will be staying with my Dad in the evenings.
I will be the mutt’s surrogate mom.
Will put her bed next to my bed at night.
The trick will be to remember she is there if I go for a pee break!


3 responses to “Granny and paint”

  1. I’m glad the team from the plumbers is repairing your den’s trap door. How annoying about the paint that you’re allergic to. I wonder if it’s an oil-based paint. Sometimes, that’s far more irritant than water-based paint. I hope the allergy pill helped.

    I’m not surprised Gaby didn’t like strangers in the house. Peanut is the same on the occasions I have anyone here. Even when the children are here, she makes herself scarce upstairs, somewhere hidden away in peace.

    I’m glad that Lindy is going to stay with your Dad while your brother is away. I’m guessing she’s feeling better now, then? I’m sure Gaby will enjoy your company. Try not to trip over her at night, though – it could be nasty. Much love to you, Granny. Xxx πŸ’—πŸŒ·πŸ’ž

  2. Well, be careful/airful — the lady in the hospital bed next to mine (decades ago) was there for the 2nd time with paint-fume-started pneumonia. I’m surprised at the Lindy news, but not at your dog-bed plans. πŸ™‚

  3. Good news about the door, bad news about the allergy but at least it should be short term. Don’t forget mutt might need a toilet break too 😊

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