Posted by: granny1947 | September 24, 2022

Granny says goodbye

Hello All.

No, I am not leaving Blogland.
You won’t get rid of me that easily.

Last night I handed over the keys to my little car.
Also, received the money for her.

I have had her for fourteen years.
We went through a lot together.
When we first got to Cape Town we got lost together.

We went on road trips.
Just her and me.
The above picture was one.
A beautiful pass.
Supposedly haunted by a young girl.
We didn’t stick around for long.

She carted numerous kids.
Many grandkids.
And Jasmine.
And, she never complained.

We moved to Port Elizabeth.
Someone drove into the side of her.
She was smash and grabbed.
And, still she recovered.

Age finally caught up.
She was rusting.
Big mileage.
Much like me.

I am going to miss her.
Her replacement is silver.
But she does have airbags.
And, all sorts of things I don’t know how to use.
And, she bloody talks to me.
Tells me if I don’t have my seatbelt on.
If my keys are still in the ignition.
We, frequently, have words.
Mostly me yelling “I know”.



  1. You need to name the new car, you’ll like it better then. Mine’s call a**hole 😊

    • Hmmm. Still thinking about it.
      Loudmouth comes to mind.

      • I like it 😊. What about Shutuppayourface. πŸ˜‚

  2. Oh, phew! When I saw the title of this post, ‘Granny Says Goodbye’, my heart was in my mouth for a minute, thinking you were leaving your blog. Then, I read the first line and was hugely relieved. Losing a car must be like me losing a wheelchair every three years (mine are on a lease for three years at a time). You’d had your car a long time so must have become quite good ‘friends’ in that time. She certainly seems to have done you a good turn. You didn’t have much luck at Port Elizabeth, though, did you, what with two nasty incidents.

    I’m very glad your new car has airbags. You never know when you might need them (hopefully, you won’t). I think most modern cars these days talk to their owners. They call it progress, but I’m not sure that it wouldn’t annoy me, too. Probably a silly question, but are you going to give her a name? Love you lots, Granny Xxx πŸ’›πŸŒ·πŸ’™

    • Hi Ellie.
      Still thinking about the name.

  3. We Americans have our priorities. Today, my family is making a 50 mile round trip because Chik-fil-a has ‘Autumn Spice Milkshakes’. Back in the day, I’d be far more impressed with the pub-count but since I quit, sweets are my vice.

    • In our country gas is so expensive.
      Would not even consider it!

      • I should be thinking the same way, but my wife needed some work clothes too, and that’s where the shopping is.

  4. Chevy here in weathersome New England = early and persistent rust, but I HATED parting with my sporty little Cayenne, Pepper. It could do ANYTHING. Now I have a dependable economy car (=convent car😩). It’s red, too, but it doesn’t even KNOW it. Sorry, Granny. πŸ₯€

    • I feel your pain.
      Am sure I will get attached to this one.

      • I’ll be hoping so. 🌷

  5. Life happens… also with our precious cars. Ek het ook ‘n groen micra gehad, my paddakar. Toe jaag ‘n jafel in hom vas en hy word as onherstelbaar ashoop toe gestuur. Lang trane. Ek hou vd laaste 3 pics. 😎

  6. You scared me at first with your title! Glad you are staying! 😊 We do get attached to our cars! I hope this one serves you well and yes, I want to hear a .name for it. πŸ™‚

  7. Your new car sounds like a “Cathy” . . . as in “Chatty Cathy.” πŸ˜€

    • Hmmm. A bit too close to home.

  8. Cars take us on many adventures and through the years we bond. You just need to take your new car on some adventures

  9. What a relief! You gave me a fright! So glad you’ll still be blogging!
    Sad to say goodbye to a legend though (your dear car who served you well!) but I am glad your new one talks to you πŸ˜› Ha ha ha!
    Safe travels, dear friend ❀

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