Granny thinks and thinks

Hello All.

I intended posting quite early today.
As you can see, it never happened.
What can I say?
The usual stuff.

Watered the garden.
With water I saved from my shower last night.
Polishes halo.
Made soup.
Took said soup to my Dad.
Watched him putting new batteries in his hearing aid.
This is time consuming.
They are SMALL.
And, his vision is not good.
I could have done it for him.
But, the man needs his pride.

Just as I was thinking of leaving, he remembered he needed his toe nails cut.
He was good today.
Not too much flinching and jerking.

I also read a lot of blogs.
The reason for my thinking.
A lot of those folk put so much into their posts.
Some of them are so deep, I don’t think I really understand them.
Then there are the great short stories.
The poems.

All I do is waffle.
I mean really?
Toe nails.
Soup again.

Maybe I am shallow.
Happiness was getting THREE amounts of money, yesterday.
My UIF came in early.
And, I won twice on the Lotto.
Not enough to enjoy retirement.
But, enough to make me happy.

Oh yes.
Got a visit from a new resident, yesterday.
He is volunteering to do patrols in the complex.
Told us he is an introvert.
Then told me his whole life history.
He is lucky I like people.
M’s eyes glazed over.
M IS an introvert.


9 responses to “Granny thinks and thinks”

  1. I enjoy your daily routine. Most of your time is going into serving people. Listening to people with patience, is also serving them. You look after their needs… to talk.

  2. I love hearing about what is happening in your life, it brightens my day to interact with others. I’m off to work now, so yea, now that is truly exciting… not

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