Posted by: granny1947 | June 26, 2022

Granny is sneaky

Hello All.

Don’t know where I took the above picture.
Must have been in the Cape somewhere.

I have missed a day of blogging.
Nearly missed this one too.
I have been busy.
David Baldacci.
Not bad but reminded me of a Jack Reacher book.

This load shedding sucks.
My Dad and brother came over for lunch.
I had to cook in shifts.
Started early with the venison stew.
Pre did the veggies.
Lights were off from ten until twelve this morning.
Then I had to finish everything after twelve.

Last night I was in the middle of writing letters for the complex.
No lights.
Thank heavens Outlook saves a draft.
So, all was not lost.
Tonight they go off from eight until ten.
Guess it will be an early night.

My brother has been clearing out a lot of his stuff.
He keeps bringing me packets of seeds and bulbs.
And pots full of soil.
M is not keen on plants in our garden.
Yes, I don’t understand it either.
I now have enough stuff to start my own nursery.
M thinks I am planting for the nursery.
I wonder how long it will take for him to see OUR garden growing.
Never underestimate a woman.

The above one is SO our house.


  1. I just love the Japanese way of decluttering. Wonderful! I should have tried that when I was tackling the garage. I’ve got to deal with sorting through my wardrobe soon. Perhaps, I’ll try that technique then. It’ll be brutal, but I shall feel so much better after having a clearout.

    I’m trying to get hold of an old plastic garden table on which to have a few pots so I can grow something. I’d like to grow some vegetables so I’d have to get some large pots. I fancy growing potatoes, but I think I’ve left it too late in the year. I’m searching on a website called Freecycle, but no luck yet. I’ll keep looking. My Mum loved her gardening – she really had green fingers. I don’t take after her in that aspect. It’s a shame. Hope you’re not without both water and electricity this evening. Xx 🥰

  2. Dankie vir die wenk… of the Japanese decluttering-method. My new week resolution 101.

  3. Reading is a fine way to be busy

  4. Love those quotes, my electricity bill can go in the bin too 😂

  5. Thanks for the smiles again! 😄 i think I will “declutter” the Japanese way.

  6. Are the power cuts a regular way of life? time to pull out candles/lamps.

    • Yes Chris. We have candles and lamps. Can’t run my computer with a candle. Well, I haven’t tried.

  7. So nice to catch up with you again. Had become very lazy about posting here on WordPress. Will read your previous blogs by and by. I am afraid I am not clued in to where you are residing now.

    • Hi. I wondered where you had got to. So good to see you again. We moved to Port Elizabeth ten years ago. Still miss my daily walks on the beach. And, of course, my beloved Jasmine.

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