Posted by: granny1947 | June 24, 2022

Granny is furious

Hello All.

I was going to post earlier.
However, they moved us from stage two load shedding to stage four.
We were off from 12 to two.
Again tonight from 8 to 10.

This is not why I am furious.
Our lovely gardener was mugged on his way to work this morning,
They stole his bicycle.
He wasn’t hurt but very shaken.
Insert any four letter words you like here.
I have said them all.

On the upside.
And there usually IS an upside.
I put a message on our information group for the complex.
Some kind soul is donating an old mountain bike.
It needs new wheels but we will sort that out.
Our gentle gardener is now going to be so nervous riding to work.
And, I don’t blame him.
I remember how I felt when I was smash and grabbed on my way to work.
It is a lousy feeling.
And the impact lasts a long time.


  1. That is so awful! We heard a terrible story of police brutality from our cleaning lady this week.

  2. That’s terrible, I hope karma bites hard

  3. I’m really sorry to hear about what happened to your gardener and also of your own personal experience.

  4. That’s awful! Glad he’s okay physically. People seem to be getting worse and worse these days. Be careful out there and well wishes to your gardener and yourself.

  5. I am sooo very sorry for your gardener. Why do people have to be so ….! But great to hear that someone is giving him a bike. There is kindness in the world and I hope your gardener can work through the trauma that this has caused him. You too! Stay safe! ❤

  6. Oh, Granny, that’s terrible. Your poor gardener must have been frightened out of his wits. How could those thugs do that to the poor man!? That sort of thing makes me furious, too, so no wonder you feel as you do. I’m very glad he wasn’t badly hurt, but bad enough to shake him up and for him to have his bicycle taken. Some people will steep so low. I hope karma comes and bites them on the bum! I’m happy that someone has offered him their bicycle, though. That’s so kind of them. I had no idea you’d been a victim of a smash and grab (but then why would I given that we’ve only met so recently). I bet that’s something that you’ll never forget. I hope you weren’t badly hurt. Being in a state of shock is bad enough. I hope it never happens to either you or your lovely gardener again. Do be careful out there, Granny. Xx 🌞💕

  7. Granny, I am so sorry. I hope that the next thing to surprise this gardener is another unexpected gift or a lottery win.

  8. Ek dink ons werkers kry BAIE swaarder as wat ons kan dink. Ons tuinwerker was al herhaalde male beroof, al het hy net sy kos vir die dag by hom gehad. Ek vierletter-woord hierdie kant ook!

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