Posted by: granny1947 | June 16, 2022

Granny cleans up…sort of.

Hello All.

I forgot to tell you something yesterday.
We got rain.
Quite a lot.
But, not much in the catchment area.
So, not much good.
Better than nothing.

Yes, I decided I need to clean up my mailbox.
I had 3000 in my inbox!
Have whittled it down to about 700.
Still have 3300 in my sent box.
But am now officially bored.

Have also cleaned the kitchen.
But, not from choice.
A new tenant brought over a whole heap of oranges for me.
I went through a cupboard to look for an orange juicer.
And discovered two things.
I have an electric juicer.
I did not know that.
I also have a blender.
With a whole heap of attachments.
And no frigging instructions on how to assemble the thing.
I will save that for a day when I am REALLY bored.

Back to the kitchen.
While taking the juicer apart, the bit with all the pulp flew out of my hand.
Pulp everywhere.
I mean everywhere.
So, the kitchen got a good clean.
And M sighed and muttered.
A lot.

I have a friend coming for supper just now.
It is her 50th birthday.
She is one of my “young” friends.
I have three venison steaks lying in marinade.
And we will be having fried cabbage and mashed potato.
As I said, yesterday, that is a mother of a cabbage.
It has to be eaten.
Thankfully, she likes cabbage.


  1. Oh Granny, your kitchen stories so mirror mine. I am in awe of blenders and choppers and those who use them but they seem way beyond my ken. Sometimes I think my kitchen only gets a good cleaning when something untoward happens.

    • I would love to use the blender to grate potatoes and carrots. Too much of a mission to assemble all those parts. M can just carry on with his sterling work.

  2. Ah, a woman after my own heart, Granny. My inbox is stuffed full – I’ve almost lost count of how many emails there are. I gave up deleting the old ones years ago, so they must number easily 6,000 now. I have no intention of counting them again, though. You did well to get yours down to 700.

    I, too, have a kitchen full of gadgets – no idea what many of them do anymore. Occasionally, I buy a new chopper/grater/peeler etc., only to get home to find I have the identical thing still in its box shoved at the back of a cupboard. Never seen the light of day.

    I bet your kitchen is fit for a king now. I’m sure your friend will appreciate your effort. Hope the cabbage is good again – it’s often better the second day. Are you going to add cumin, or did the sneezing put you off it? Enjoy your evening with your birthday friend. Xx 🎉

    • Just checked the complex folder. More than 6000 in there. Oh Dear.

  3. Thank God she likes cabbage 😂

  4. I hate juicing, every time I use the stupid contraption I make a mess. I bought a hand juicer just to avoid the thing 😊

  5. We’re having Colcannon & Lentil Loaf for dinner.
    Colcannon = sautéed onions and cabbage stirred into mashed potatoes. YUM!

    • That sounds so good Nancy. Will have to try it.

  6. Sounds good. Fresh orange juice and a home cooked meal. Good luck with getting though that inbox. You can do it! I wonder what other interesting gadgets are hiding in the kitchen. Time for an exploration.

    • Still have to google how to use the blender. It looks so complicated. Have my doubts I am ever going to use it.

  7. I like cabbage too ☺️

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