Posted by: granny1947 | May 7, 2022

Granny and weekend wobblies.

Hello All.

Today, I made a dish I haven’t tried for years.
It is a South African dish called Bobotie.
M makes it sometimes from one of my recipe books.
I got a recipe off the internet.
I combined the two.
Daring hey?

The nearly 99 year old said I had dished up too much.
He always says that.
He then proceeded to eat it all.
It was very good.
M hovered.
Telling me what to do.
I ignored him.
The man will never learn.

My daughter put this on her FB page.
They are called Dead man’s Fingers.
Would hate those in my garden.

It is raining!
Unfortunately, gentle rain.
Great for the garden.
Not much good for the dams.
Ironically, our water went OFF again just now.
With all the power outages we have a lot of pump stations blowing.
Will probably only get water back tomorrow.

On the upside we managed to do a load of washing yesterday.
I have plenty of clean undies.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Eew! I’ve never seen or heard of Dead Man’s FIngers before, so I googled it – apparently, it is a fungus instead of a plant. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t want any in my garden! It looks pretty revolting, doesn’t it? I bet your daughter got some funny comments on her post.

    Shame the rain was only light when you need a good downpour. Hope your water is back on now and that electricity is still connected. You do have problems with both services, don’t you? What a pain!

    • M is in the shower as we speak.
      Haven’t heard any grumbling so I assume there is water.

  2. Yikes! Those Dead Man’s Fingers are so spooky. I wouldn’t want to touch therm. 😯 I love Bobotie but haven’t had it for a very long time. Now I’ll have to look up a recipe. Who is almost 99 -years-old? Obviously got a good appetite. I would hate to have no water, but at least you’ve got clean undies. Very important indeed. xx

    • 99 year old is my precious Stepdad.
      Usually eats very little.

  3. Hi granny. I have heard of bobatie bit have never known what it is. Off to check it out on the Internet

    • Did you find it? Am sure it is spelt bobotie.

  4. Would definitely not want that plant in my garden!! OOps, sorry I didn’t specify downpour for you when you sent me wine and I sent you rain. 🙂

  5. We’ll clean undies is a positive. 🍷 Cheers 😊

  6. Wow! Dead Man’s Fingers would be perfect for Halloween Decor. Glad your Bobatie was a hit. And yay for clean laundry!

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