Granny forgets and other stuff

Hello All.

Further to yesterdays post.
I should have taken pictures of the horrific traffic.
It never crossed my mind.
At one stage the two lane highway had four rows of traffic.
It was bedlam.
I was kept busy hanging on to the side of the car.
And praying.
And, tramping imaginary brakes.
I am sure there is an indentation on my side of the car.

I belong to a FB page called accidents and traffic.
They show photos, every day, of accidents in our city.
And, one gets an idea of how many people BUY their licenses.
I think I need to leave the group.
Makes you scared to get into the car.

I also belong to a group for our local snake catcher.
Turns out I have a nasty streak.
I have mentioned, in old posts, that M is scared of ALL creepy crawlies.
I mean ALL creepy crawlies.
And, the list includes frogs and geckoes.
He would be catatonic if we found a snake.
And, I keep calling him to show him pics of snakes found in houses.
Bad Granny.

9 responses to “Granny forgets and other stuff”

  1. If it’s any consolation, I make a terrible backseat driver, especially if my son is driving, as he goes much too fast for my liking! One of these days, he’ll get caught. I keep telling him that, but it falls on deaf ears. I think he thinks he’s invincible like Superman!

    I don’t mind creepy crawlies on the whole, but I do draw the line when it comes to those giant, black, hairy spiders if they’re in my bedroom. They’re too fast for me to catch, so it’s a case of who’s staying in the bedroom and who’s sleeping downstairs. 10:2 to Herbert! That’s his name! Well, that particular spider anyway. I always name them – it makes them seem more friendly – except for Herbert, that is 🕷😱💖

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