Posted by: granny1947 | November 9, 2018

Granny and five weeks to go.

Hello All.

And I have found the photos.
Thank you Col.

Yes, in five weeks time I go on a four week holiday.
I cannot wait.
This has been a looooong year.
This year I am not going to visit my kids in the Cape.
I think I just need to rest, read, blog and play scrabble and Candy Crush.
My needs are simple.
I could take five weeks but I think four weeks of vegetating will be sufficient.

Our complex has grown.
We now have about 120 houses.
And, I am STILL on the committee.
This must really be the last year.
I thoroughly enjoy the interaction with most of the folk.
I am a sociable animal.
However, there is a LOT of work.
And we do have some rather strange people living here.
Actually, I think I should dedicate a few blogs to the characters here.
You might find it amusing.
Watch this space.

And, now, I am off to shower and then to sleep.
Tomorrow I must take my car in to have the air conditioner re-gassed.
Sunday my Stepdad wants to go to the sea for lunch.
Am sure I will find time for a couple of naps!


  1. Glad you are back to publishing pictures of that spectacular part.
    A long rest seems a very good idea. Without any complex problems!

    • Oh Col…there will always be complex problems. Might just switch off my phone but they all know where I live!

      • Only thing left to do is to feign going dotty. ‘If you have a water leak, Mr Smith, the best thing to do is dance round your complex at midnight without any clothes, chanting, “Seal it; seal it; seal it!” If you don’t fancy seals, use a walrus,’

      • Hahaha…after being on this committee for four years I do not have to feign anything!

  2. Do find time for naps! 😀

    • Oh I will Nancy.
      However, my “naps” can go on for two or three hours.
      They say when you get older you do not need so much sleep.
      Not true!

  3. As Nancy said, please find time for naps.

    • Always Judith, always!

  4. holidays seem so few and far between..they get wait in anticipation as the weeks creep towards that date…then its THERE and then its GONE I have my daughters 60th birthday in December and that is a planned visit..everything is booked coaches, planes, hotels etc ..its costs a bomb and all for three days So you will be on holiday at nearly the same time as me ..enjoy it ! I would love to hear about the residents in your patch…I still remember the little dog you adopted through the it still there? and when your ceiling fell down….I love to hear your tales so yes please …. Hope your dear old Step Dad is ok….send him my love love to you also my dear..keep smiling…and yes do give up some of the you work fulltime..even you cannot do everything!

    • Dad and I were going down to the sea tomorrow but he has just phoned to say it is Armistice day tomorrow. He always watches it on TV/ So, we are going just now. Will have to put my nap on hold!

  5. IT takes all sorts to make the world go round, granny. As they say: Now’t so strange as folk.

    Enjoy your holiday

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