Posted by: granny1947 | October 14, 2016

Granny is gobsmacked.

2010_07070015Hello All.

I just do not know what to say about our president anymore.
Now, he has brought an interdict against the release of the public protectors report.
For my overseas friends, this was about the Gupta’s influence on the president.
The Gupta’s are a very wealthy Indian family.
Well, they have become very wealthy since moving here.
Zuma’s son works for them.
Apparently, there is proof that they knew about cabinet reshuffles before they happened.

I have to say that Zuma has a marvelous sense of timing.
The interdict came the day before the Public Protector’s term came to an end.
But, I still have confidence in our courts.
I have NO confidence in National Prosecuting authority.
The new head of the NPA is, obviously, a Zuma man.
I am surprised we ever see his face.
It is so far up certain arses.

He has brought a ridiculous charge against our Minister of finance.
He can’t possibly win.
But, certain people desperately want to get their hands on our National Treasury.
And, the ruling party do NOTHING.
Surely, there are a few honourable people there?

Anyway, enough of politics.
I must say they are never dull here.

What else is going on in my life?
Apparently, nothing much.

My next door neighbours acquired two tiny kittens, yesterday.
They already have the pitbull and the Jackie.
Life is going to be interesting for them.
I brought one of the kittens in to show Mex.
He said “pretty, now take it away”

After I have gone to Cape Town in April I shall work on him.
I really need another dog to love.
Walking with Mex is not the same.
He does not stop to smell every plant.


  1. Our govt takes the cake, followed closely by that of the Yoo e$$ of A.

    • Ours definitely leads the pack. Bunch of Hyenas.

  2. He is as good as a cockroach at ducking and diving and scuttling out of trouble. Cockroaches are less slimy, though.

    • Wonder how he sleeps at night. All those court cases looming. He is at his most dangerous right now.

  3. I would hope that Mex also abstains from weeing by the wayside.

    • Not when he is with me!!!

  4. Good luck bending Mex to your way of thinking!

  5. Maybe we can all sign a petition for you to get another pup – you can give it to Mex and say you had no choice, majority rules. 😉

    • Give it a try. I miss a furry family member.

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