Granny goes Ho-Hum


Hello All.

Two posts in two days.
That should bring the rain.
Not that I have anything much to say.
Though, that has never stopped me.

Taking a picture of a couple of birds in the long grass does not excite me.
I REALLY miss my beach photos.
They seemed to inspire me.
And I posted every day.

I plucked up some courage and made an appointment to see the dentist tomorrow.
Think of me at two thirty.
I have not been to a dentist for about sixteen years.
I know….bad, bad Granny.
What can I say.
I only go when there is a problem.
And, now I have two.
I have a big hole in one tooth which does not worry me.
Think the nerve was removed at some time or other.
I just get food stuck in it which is annoying.
I have another hole which DOES appear to have a nerve.
It woke me up last night.

I hate going to the dentist for a couple of reasons.
They are damn expensive.
They often hurt you.
And, I can’t open my mouth very wide.
I know, I know….I might be a loud mouth…but I CANNOT open my mouth wide.
They put an x’ray plate in my mouth once and I thought I was going to have to live with it forever.
By the time they have filled a couple of teeth my jaw is killing me from keeping it open.
One dentist offered to unhook my jaw.
I declined.

I cross questioned the receptionist today.
She assured me the dentist is gentle.
Yeah, right.

Anyway, I shall let you know all about.
Bet you can’t wait. 🙂


18 responses to “Granny goes Ho-Hum”

  1. You should definitely visit your dentist at least once a year to prevent you having to see him/her once in 16 years!

  2. I understand your concern, Granny – I’m usually on top of the every-six-month dental visit, but I’d missed going for three years once. I did get a gentle earful but, like you, the worst part was the jaw pain afterward from keeping my mouth open so wide for an hour. Hope things go better than you expect!

  3. My biggest fear in life? Dentists.
    I would rather have ten natural childbirths than one dentists visit – so, I feel your pain!

    Do you not work on a route that you could drive home in the afternoon via the sea? I so envy you – would give my eye teeth to live at the sea!

    • Hi MissChris…did I miss your birthday? If so I am sorry. Hope it was great. Are you crazy..better the dentist than childbirth. You obviously didn’t have ten pound babies like I did.

      • At this stage of life, missing birthdays is not a bad thing and besides, I can’t remember that far back so who wished me or not……….
        No, did not have ten pound babies but would still rather do childbirth – that is how petrified I am!

  4. by now you should have been to dentist..was it that bad?
    I used to be petrified of dentists until I had my children..I made them go so if they had to do it so did I…Once all my teeth were sorted, there was no fear. However the dentist has to be the right person
    Now I go without any worry or fear and I really quite enjoy it sort of!
    Its time I did another post..I think I will write about dentists

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