Posted by: granny1947 | February 19, 2015

Granny is in the wars.


Hello All.

It is going to rain.
Two posts in two days.

Maybe I AM back.

Yes, I have been in the wars.
Well, my right arm has been in the wars. The other day I banged my arm against something in the supermarket and took out a piece of flesh.
And bled all over the counter at the till. Then, yesterday, I went over to the next door neighbour for a chat. She is a lovely lady. With a beautiful cat. A gorgeous pale ginger cat with blue eyes. Definitely a lot of Siamese there. I was stroking him when he turned around and bit me!!! Right next to the other wound. And, once again, I dripped blood. It’s amazing how thin ones skin gets when you get older. I am not that crazy about him anymore.

Oh, I forgot to explain the photo  above. Remember the shot I took of that Border Collie pup? Well, he went beserk on his bed. It looked as if it had been snowing on their lawn. I don’t blame the boy. I have never seen them take him for a walk. He whines when he sees us. He, so badly, wants to come with us. Today, he chewed up another bed. He is going to be in the dog box tonight.

Ok…back to the drawing board.
I can’t find the photo of the destroyed bed.
The one above is my DIL(younger son’s wife).
Other son’s wife.
Oh hell, you know the rest.

I also don’t know why the formatting has gone wrong today.
It worked perfectly yesterday.

I am hoping to have a phone line by the middle of March.
It will work out a lot cheaper and I will be able to visit everyone’s blogs.
Right now I am scared to visit too many sites.
I go through data at a rate of knots.


  1. Oh that poor border collie: they need a huge amount of exercise, are very intelligent and need occupation. Couldn’t you adopt him part-time?

    I hope your arm is soon better.

    • I don’t quite know how to approach the owners without upsetting them…not sure I could handle both dogs either.

  2. Not sure whether to sat poor you first or poor dog..anyway u know I am sorry about your arm, and yes skin gets like tissue when you get older and transparent…. but that poor dog not going for a walk. Is that the one you see through the gate. Why don’t you take him when you take Jasmine….poor dog… no wonder he is up to mischief..anyone who was bored would do the same thing.
    Heal quickly..and sue the supermarket

    • Pity I didn’t think about suing the supermarket at the time…too late now….did freak the cashier out..that was fun!

  3. I feel so bad for that border collie. They’re an extremely intelligent breed but do need a LOT of exercise and mental stimulation. Why don’t people investigate a breed before getting a dog so they get one that will fit their lifestyle? Always frustrates me. And poor you, too, with all those punctures in your arm! The same thing happened to me years ago – a friend’s cat was curled on up my lap, purring away happily as I stroked him, when suddenly out of nowhere he jumped up and bit me. Strange.

  4. Love that shot of the family ~ so colorful.

  5. *with air of great wisdom* Your stars say that you should avoid supermarkets and Siamesies.

    • Don’t mind the supermarkets but the itty and I are now blood brothers.

  6. You and I are in the same position when it comes to the data and I’m also waiting for my landline 😦
    Poor you and doggie.

    • Hi Pussycat…yep…feel desperately sorry for the little guy.

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