Posted by: granny1947 | November 8, 2014

Granny and an ugly arm

028Hello All.

My last photo of the beach.
But, I am off to Cape Town on Friday.
Hopefully, I will get to my beach again.

After deciding not to have a funeral, they are now going to have a church service.
Followed by a wake.
I am worried.
Marylou did NOT want a church service.
The roof of the church might just collapse.
I shall sit near the door.

My younger son will fetch me at the airport at five in the afternoon, on Friday.
Poor elder son has to get me to the airport by a quarter to five IN THE MORNING on Monday.
But I shall be able to go to work and not lose a day’s pay.

003The above is the Pitbull pup from next door.
I didn’t really want this photo but she is so full of energy that it was the best I could do.
Jasmine gave her a few growls.
Just to show her who is boss.
Cantankerous old lady.
Much like me.

On my walk, this afternoon, we stopped to give the Border Collie a love.
I just don’t learn.
This is my arm after the smooching session.

004Mex was horrified that I would show you something so gross.
But we have no secrets.
What I DID notice is that it is time I put some cream on my arms!




  1. Ouch! Did you try to hug the collie??

    • Yep..through the bars on the gate…he is just so adorable.

  2. OUCH!

    Safe travels this week, GM. Hope the Church roof doesn’t cave in on the mourners. It probably won’t. ML will haunt the culprits responsible in another way entirely.

    • I think you are right…they should be very afraid.

  3. That is not a bite is it? The picture is none too clear, or else its my old eyes.she didn, t look the sort of dog who would hurt anyone…pitbull.. now thats a different matter but they do say its the owner not the dog.
    as for the funeral, well call it something other than a service, like , A MEMORIAL of Her Life…some people need a service to sort of round things up in a neat tidy package…once I, ve gone they can do what they like just as long as I am not stuck in a pot on somebody, s mantle piece..that would real make me mad…..lots o love Granny old thing xxxx

    • Morning Patrecia…no it is not a bite…self inflicted…I always put my arms through the bars to love her and then I scrape them.
      Yesterday, she DID scratch me but it was sheer love.

      • aw thats all right then, maybe you should have long sleeves when putting arms through bars..xxxxx

  4. The little pit bull looks adorable; Jasmine was giving her the obligatory once over I see!
    Are those scratches on your arm from the Collie? He must have been very boisterous; look after them.
    The church service will be fine, but stay near the door, just in case!

    • Yes, Jasmine was sure showing her who was boss.
      Definitely the back row in the church for me.

  5. Owies! Well, I guess the old saying is sometimes true: love hurts. 😉

    • They aren’t sore RD…just very ugly…old AGE hurts!

  6. Your arm looks rather sore. I smiled at Raising daisy’s comment. That 1970’s Nazareth song “Love Hurts” comes from their album, “Hair of the dog.” 🙂

  7. Ouch! wear those anti sun sleeve thingies if you put your arm through – will offer some protection!

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