Posted by: granny1947 | September 11, 2014

Granny gets reflective


Hello All.
Yes, I got to thinking about old age today.
I saw my upper arms while I was brushing my few remaining teeth.
They are hideous.
All wrinkly and OLD.
I also have a whole new lot of face wrinkles.
But I call them character lines.
The arms, on the other hand, have a map of the whole frigging world on them.
It seems to have happened overnight.
Very sneaky.

I guess I could put on a bit of weight and fill out the lines.
And people could tell me how WELL I am looking!
But I gave away my fat clothes.
And I can’t afford a new wardrobe.
And I LIKE being thinner.

It’s not just the arms.
My hair seems to be migrating from my legs to my chin and neck.
I have never been hairy.
Hardly ever have to shave.
So neck hair is freaking me out.
OK…it is only a couple of them.
But they shouldn’t be there.

I know I am shuffling up to the big 70.
I don’t race anywhere these days.
But, hell, body of mine.
Give me a break.


  1. Advancing in years (not getting old) is not for the meek 🙂 Getting old is in the brain.

    • Hi Newsey…if that is true I am OK…don’t FEEL my age…my body is just letting me down.

  2. I don’t like the brown spots, especially on my fore-arms. Leg hair is a thing of the past so no more shaving, hallelujah. I take great pleasure in the fact that I’m one of the youngest here in my Village!

    • Oh dear…think I am the oldest female in the complex, so far.

  3. Getting old is easy! Anybody can do that! But being old is not for sissies! But not to worry, if you have a dog you’re OK. Who really cares what other, younger people, think? But don’t let anyone BS you telling you that ‘age’ is just a number. Its not, its a word! Have fun today. Do whatever floats your boat! At your age you’re entitled to.

    • I love the way you think Krag!

  4. I empathise with just about all of this, and I have an extra ten years on you! The hairy neck and wobbly arms are the pits!

    • Aren’t they horrible…and where did they come from…oh well long sleeve shirts!

  5. Welcome to the club Granny, I, ve been a member for two or three years but I am that bit older than you.i have been trying to get a face lift for my hands which look as though they have been left in water

    • And what is with the thin skin…a slight bump and huge bruises!

  6. See! You do “nothing” brilliantly!

    And we all rush to the mirrors to see if there is hair sprouting from unbecoming places ~ like neck, ear, or nose.

    And, now, you’ll have to excuse me. I am laughing too hard to “contain myself.” 😛

    • Damn…I never even thought of the nose…Granny shuffles off to check.

  7. I’m not enjoying the hair and arm problems either! 😦

  8. Don’t even get me started on the bloody hot flashes…because seriously???

    • I know…why do women have to go through that???

  9. Time to “pull out” the tweezers and magnifying glass 🙂 And older woman’s best friend. I have become obsessed with them.

    • Me too…especially the one little prickly one!!!

  10. The woman in the photo looks like a lot of fun! I love older women who have character!

    • She looks like she is facing old age head on!

  11. See you can tell I am old I keep forgetting to say something. At a bible study the other night we had to tell a few things about ourselves and I couldn’t think of very much. This sweet teenager sitting next to me said “you look good.” I told her I couldn’t say that but it was sooooooo sweet of her to say it. Wow it just blew me away that a teenager would say something so nice.

    • If I went to bible study and talked about myself everyone would have a fit!

  12. glasses, tweezers. and a forgetful brain…. agg Granny, but for me, the worst now is the bloody hot flushes!!!

    • Oh dear…been there, done that and bought the T.shirt!!!

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