Granny and Monday meanderings


Hello All.
It is Murphy’s law.
My speed is finally up on the dongle and I wanted to visit some of your blogs but Mex is going to want supper just now.
He doesn’t have the same priorities as I do.
Come on Telkom…give me a landline.

I have been sleeping really badly for the last week.
Wake up at around midnight and then seem to watch the clock until four thirty when I fall into a deep sleep.
Which isn’t good as I get up at five thirty.
When I DID sleep I dreamt of creditors and journal entries.

On the way home from work I stopped at Telkom and they put me through to someone who said I must clear my internet history.
It seems to have worked somewhat.
Then I went to change a plastic tablecloth I bought the other day.
I hate plastic tablecloths.
It was a senile moment.
I wonder what I am going to do next?
Then I bought five litres of water.
I don’t enjoy Port Elizabeth’s water.
Then I did some shopping.
And then I came home.
And hit the bed.
Slept for three hours.
It will not be surprising if I don’t sleep tonight.
Then I took Jasmine for a walk.
Then I picked up her poop.
All good fun stuff.

I also picked up my lottery tickets for the week.
Just because I am happy in my little home it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like to give up work.
Oh Lord, have just remembered my boss sometime reads my blog.
Oh well, I know he would understand.
Anyway, I think he only reads the first few lines!
He has enough of me jabbering away at work.

ML is back in hospital.
I am very concerned about her.
Did I tell you she was in ICU for over a week?
Had to have part of her colon removed.
She is really having a rough time.
Wish I could be down there to raise her spirits.
Now she has an abdominal infection.

Enough of my rambling.
Let me go and cook.
Grilled pork chops.
Carrots and rice.
And some leftover salad from last night.
It shouldn’t take long.
Love you all.

Wait…the photo above is just a small part of the complex.
Never thought I would be able to take Jasmine for a long walk and not even leave the complex.
It is really massive.
I saw some interesting looking birds.
The feathered variety.
Think we need to put a bird bath in the garden.

5 responses to “Granny and Monday meanderings”

  1. It’s no wonder you don’t sleep at night . . . after 3 hour naps in the middle of the day! 😛

    Glad that you’re settling in to your new groove. Jasmine is going to love being able to stretch her legs and explore the new environs.

    • Morning NR…Jasmine is becoming quite demanding.
      It’s amazing how quickly they get into a routine.
      At four o’clock she starts jumping around and looking at the front door.
      this is quite good as it motivates me to go and I also need the exercise!

  2. It is so nice to have you back daily! Sleep cycles that do not align with the rest of the world I know all about….I have all the energy in the world at 3 o clock in the morning, just not a good time to be vacuuming….

  3. Your poor mother in law, I hope she feels much better very soon! I haven’t slept in years so I know how you feel. An hour here maybe an hour there. During the day I can sleep! The dogs however say but we just slept all night! Sometimes I just lay there and listen to them snore. ughhhhhh.

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