Granny is damp

Hello All.

I am dying here.
I am sitting here with perspiration running down my face.
And it is going to get hotter next month.
I am so uncomfortable.
The fan is just moving hot air around.

It has been a strange weekend.
I got a bee in my bonnet.
No, I got a whole swarm of bees in my bonnet.
I cleaned the flat from top to bottom.
Even going as far as washing the curtains!
This is not normal behaviour for me.
I wonder if I have been abducted by aliens.
And brainwashed.

Mex has an ongoing fight with Jasmine.
She is not allowed to bark when she is in the flat.
She suffers.
She lies here making little chirping noises.
She loves to bark.
At the dogs across the road to tell them she is up.
At the guy who delivers the newspapers.
At the postman whom she hates.
With an absolute passion.

I think that is about to change.
We heard, today, that the there was a break in next door, last night.
Their sliding door was lifted right out and is badly damaged.
They were asleep.
They must sleep very well.
I think Jasmine might be allowed to bark now.

I was sitting with our sliding door open last night.
Mex was uneasy.
Not about intruders.
He thought a snake might slither in.
It is highly unlikely.
They wouldn’t like it here either.

If a snake DID come in I would be in a lot of danger.
Of being trampled to death by Mex as he raced for safety.

Now I am going to post another picture of my beach.
Because I miss it.
And it might make me feel cooler.

23 responses to “Granny is damp”

  1. Your beach is beautiful. Jasmine should be allowed to bark. It’s protection. An Alarm system that’s cheap and works. My two bark at all sorts of things. Not that there are threats. But at least I know they are watching and earning their keep.

  2. I know it, I can read it, I can feel it…you really do miss your past life…I urge you…go back if you possibly can…waste no more time being somewhere you are not happy …and neither is poor Jasmine….I expect Mex would rather be back there as well

  3. I bet Jasmine would bark if a snake strolled in . . . just saying. 😉

    Your weather sure shifted fast.
    From cold and wet to hot and damp in a flash.

    Glad that you got the flat cleaned before the HOT weather arrives full blast.

  4. Not much sign of incoherence here. Sorry you’re too hot – worse than too cold in my view, because you can add layers, and hot water bottles, but you can’t take off skin!
    Barking dogs in flats can do neighbour relations a bit of no good, but if they frighten off a burglar? Probably acceptable.

  5. Put your feet in a basin of cool water as you look at your former home – I bet you would feel cooler and calmer. The only constant in life is change, and the good thing is that we can adapt, albeit very slowly sometimes.

  6. A spot late for spring cleaning, but still. You have every right to miss that beach with a passion. I must admit that a sudden explosion of barking from under one’s chair isn’t too good for the heart. Annie is good at doing that.
    Oh well, if you can’t keep cool go for calm and collected.

  7. You don’t have air conditioning where you are? I find when I get hot, I take a cold wet cloth & put it on my neck, then wipe my face & arms. If I am really hot I run cold water over my wrists. Hope those tips help.

  8. You poor Granny, I hate being that hot. Perhaps a spray bottle that will spray a fine mist of water on your face etc. will make the air that the fan circulates a bit cooler. And poor Jasmine not being allowed to bark and missing her beach walks.

  9. How miserable to be in a place that you don’t like, that’s unsafe, and that’s sweltering hot on top of it all. I’m sure the heat only makes things feel worse. I wish you could go back to Cape Town, you were so happy there.

    That’s so funny about Mex trampling you if a snake came in. I know it’s true, but it’s “Granny-funny”. 😉

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