Posted by: granny1947 | July 3, 2012

Granny thinks back….part nine

Hello All.

Once again we moved.
This was to be my last move with hubby three.
And we stayed there for a record number of years.
I can’t remember just how many but I think it was about seven.
It was to be a life changing move.
Full of challenges, pain, excitement and big decisions.
Obviously, I can’t cram seven years into one post.
I have a short attention span.

Once again we moved onto a small holding.
With a shop.
A very, very, very busy shop.
In a black township.
About two miles outside a little town called Stutterheim.
A pretty little town.
Where people knew what you were going to do before it had even crossed your mind.

Stutterheim is not near the coast.
It is about a hundred kilometres not near the coast.
With a range of lovely mountains.
That got covered in snow during the winter.
And I thought I would die of the cold the first year.

It had a generator for power.
A gas geyser for hot water.
And a huge wood stove for cooking.
We spent a lot of time in the kitchen in winter.

My first memory of the place was the mice.
The house was overrun with the creatures.
They were everywhere.
I remember closing the curtains and three mice dropping down in front of my face.
I am not one to scream at a mouse but I did discover I could be quite nimble.
Well, maybe a little scream.

Talking about screaming.
One night my younger daughter wet her bed(she was only two so she could be forgiven).
I changed her and put her into bed with her big sister.
I had hardly settled back in bed when there was a blood curdling scream from their room.
Followed by an even louder one.
I rushed through to be informed by the little one that there was a rat on the curtain.
I asked the older one if she had seen it.
She said no.
So I asked her why she screamed.
Because the little one had screamed in her ear.
It made perfect sense.

More in part ten.


  1. Have you ever looked for all those places on Google Earth? You can then pinpoint them and label them 1a; 1b; ………. 😉
    I’m not scared of the little field mice, but the real mousey mice would also make me scream.

    • Hi Pussycat…what a good idea…I should make a wall map and stick in little flags. 🙂

  2. I’m amazed that snow appears in South Africa – well, okay so I understand mountainous areas. But you had a wood stove to keep warm? You are not just a fragile and gorgeous face! No wonder you look life square in the face and give it a dare.

    • And one should never dare Souldipper…fate loves a challenge.

  3. This was a nice story/prose, I could see the surroundings through your words!

  4. My goodness you have lived in so many places

    • I know Sidey…defintely some Roman blood.

      • and it showed;-)

  5. I think I would have jumped a mile if a mouse fell from my curtains! Yowzers Granny, you have certainly had some fun in your life! 🙂

    • Mice falling off the curtains is fun????
      Don’t think I thought that at the time. 🙂

  6. My goodness! I would have run a mile, I is a city girl for sure! 🙂

    • At heart I am too Sue!

      • me three

  7. No doubt about it Granny , you life has never been dull

    • Hehehe P…that is why dull is now good!

  8. I’m screaming here! Eurgghh!

  9. I would draw the line at sharing my house with mice, but Granny it appears that you are made of much stronger stuff than me. I notice that you are on to husband no. 3, did I miss the departure of husbands no’s 1 & 2 inbetween all the moves?

    • Yes Optie…you have missed a bit…will come to that but some of it I have already told.

  10. I have loved my little pet mice that I have had in the past but that is way too many non-pet mice running around in a house! Creepy, I would have been screaming my way right out of the place.

  11. Yikes! Mice?! I’d have moved out. Actually, I’d have moved out of the first house with the spiders. ::shudder::

    • I should have run a mile when I first met hubby one!!!

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