Posted by: granny1947 | March 28, 2012

Granny is yawning….zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hello All.

The upside of waking up at three thirty in the morning.
And sitting at my computer.
I got to visit quite a few posts.
And answered nearly all my comments.
The downside is I can hardly keep my eyes open.
And I have to fetch Grandson again tonight.
Can’t have an early night.
If I lie down for a nap I won’t wake until the morning.
Hopefully, a walk on the beach will revitalise me.
Hopefully, Mex will have made supper.
Hopefully, I will have lost 5kgs by the time I get home.
Hopefully, I win the lottery tonight.
Anyone see where this conversation is going?

A close-up of the tree that took my fancy.

ML phoned me to tell me my fancy sunglasses have arrived.

Oh darn…people keep interrupting me.
Damn work just keeps getting in the way.
Now it is time to leave.




  1. Enjoy your evening and sleep well

  2. Poor Granny, hopefully you will get all you hope for.

  3. It’s because I’ve been sleeping for your sake this morning, I think. LOL! Love the photo of that tree!
    Enjoy the rest of the day granny. (yawns again)
    No, I’m not tired..took some meds for this sore throat of mine. I still have my tonsils and the season change always do this to me. Love Autumn. heheh
    *big hugs* to you and Jasmine

  4. Hope you manage to keep them peepers open for a little while longer, otherwise you might wake up that 3.30 again tomorrow morn.

  5. Hahaha yeah I agree – leave when the work gets heavy! 😉

    Sleep well tonight Granny!

  6. I think you are hopeful
    I like the tree
    I wish you a good sleep

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  8. Love the tree . . . and your eternal optimism. 😀

  9. Hope you are having a great sleep…I’m all confused about the time. I usually look at the Cape Town time on my iPod to gauge what you may be up to. However, I know that you are full of surprises.

    Photo of the cool glasses, please, Granny.

    Yeah, that tree is a beaut. Do you think it’s old?

  10. Haha! My work gets in the way of my life too! 🙂

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  12. […] you enjoyed these, thank Granny1947 . . . she sent them to […]

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  14. […] Thanks for the chuckle, Granny1947! […]

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