Posted by: granny1947 | January 27, 2012

Granny and the lowest score.

Hello All.

I have discovered that I can go in for a life of crime.
How cool is that?

Our company has gone the finger print method for security and timekeeping.
They installed the equipment today.
My guys are the guinea pigs.
My fingerprints were also taken.
To show support.

They battled to get a reading on my prints.
Could only get the thing to read 75%
The technician looked at my fingers.
Said they are very smooth.
I must have worked very hard.
Yeah right.
They eventually got a better reading but I think I know what the problem is.
Can you guess?

Yep….I reckon my finger nails are so long they won’t fit onto the scanner properly.
I did intend to cut them this weekend.
However,now I am being stubborn.
I wonder if only 75% of me needs to come to work?

I was bored at lunchtime so I wandered outside a took a couple of shots.
I am really going to miss the incredible work enviroment I have here.

I didn’t know I loved mountains until I moved to Cape Town.
In fact…getting my first digital camera changed my whole perception of the beauty around me.
I now,constantly, see my surroundings in terms of what sort of shot they will make.

On the way to the theatre we spotted the queen Mary in the harbour.
It would have been a wonderful shot to take.
I wanted to stop so badly.
Don’t think the other drivers on the highway would have agreed.

The above shot is from Google.
Have I broken the law?
Hope not.

Now I have a couple of things to do before heading off to fetch the granddaughter.
And unwinding for the weekend.

Have a great weekend you lot.


  1. They had one of them scanner things at Taylor’s old creche for security reasons. Almost two years after she left we were invited to a party at the school (they rent out the hall). I could still go in with my fingerprint!!! So much for security!

    PS: Why is there a “Know the warning signs of Alzheimer’s” ad at the end of your blog?

    • Hi Chantelle…put the wine down and back away slowly….what AD?
      Can’t see one on my side????

  2. I can’t have my nails too long either. thy clatter on the piano keys. πŸ˜‰ I know the feeling about wanting to stop to take a pic, when you can’t very frustrating isn’t it? Have a lovely weekend, granny. xx

    • Hi AD…wish we lived closer…I would so love to hear you play.

  3. Fabulous nails!

    • Thanks Elaine…have you posted lately?
      I have not had a notification of a post in ages.
      I hope I haven’t lost you somehow.
      Will pop over just now to check.

      • Yes, I’ve been posting, but just managing once a week at the moment – must try harder!

      • Hi Elaine…hopefully, I will now get your notifications!

  4. Think you could get away with it because the operator was told to be careful of the kwaai tannie πŸ™‚

    • Shhhhhhh Sarchasm…..don’t tell everybody my little secrets!

  5. I know you are going to hate me for this, but I can’t help it …
    We are planning to view the departure of QM from a yacht after sailing out to sea tomorrow …
    If the weather turns crummy, I shall curse long and bitterly.

    • Oh…I couldn’t hate you Col.
      Well, maybe just a little!

      • Poetic justice has set in – with a change of sailing schedule, the outing has had to be cancelled! *bitter sobs and wails*

      • Oh Dear Col…I am sorry…really!!!

  6. You just wanted to show off your nails and you just built up a nice plausible story around it:-) Where are you going off to. I know I missed a lot of posts in between.

    • Hi Nadira…you have missed a lot.
      I am leaving my beautiful Cape Town in May.
      No more beautiful beach walks.
      Am going to live in Port Elizabeth(about 800kms from here).
      Am going up to look after my parents and have been lucky enough to find a morning only job up there.
      Big changes ahead.

  7. Please tell me your nails are fake. What the heck kind of vitamins do you take? Strong bones! Love, Me

    • Hi There Toomuch…nope….not fake…all my calcium goes into my nails.
      Will probably end up a bent old lady with talons.

  8. My fingerprints are worn away from playing the steel string guitar for, lo, these many years.

    You and me, Granny . . . we can be the next Bonnie and Clyde . . . or Thelma and Louise! πŸ˜‰

    • You are on NR….as long as we don’t have to drive over a cliff in the end.(that is how the movie ended?)

  9. I like your take on fingerprinting! I’ve had to have mine taken for my teaching job many years ago. No scanning then. It was not fun to have someone man-handling my hands!

    I love the mountains too. I was born in Denver, with a wonderful view of the mountains to the west. I missed them when I lived elsewhere.

    • Hello Marjulo….it would depend on who was doing the handling!!!
      Cape Town is so incredible…we have the sea and the mountains are everywhere….no mountains worth talking about in Port Elizabeth.

  10. Darn nails! πŸ™‚ Cool stuff about the fingerprinting, but can you see them not getting a good read on others, and it causing issues. You are not who you say you are…yes I am. or you burn your finger and it’s swollen or repair damaged skin. I’m sure that would cause a bad read.

    The Queen Mary! I’m so out of it, that’s right they built another? It reflect Queen Mary 2.

    I live fairly close to Long Beach (about 30 minutes) and that’s where the original Queen Mary is docked as a museum. They offer tours, of only certain areas. Others are rumored to be haunted. Some employees swear by it and they aren’t part of the tour. That deck is closed off.

    They have ball rooms! My jr. Prom was held there! They also have a Halloween spook event there. Haunted ship, or something. It’s cool, because later at night, fog tends to roll in, combined with fog machines…ooooh. Definitely, not a cheap event!

    Lake Forest, CA USA

    • Hello There Sandi…what a wonderful place to have a prom.
      They record the fingers from both hand so one would have to be a real klutz to have a problem. πŸ™‚

  11. Have a great weekend Granny. You have beautiful nails πŸ™‚

  12. Hi PIP….thank you…have an awesome weekend too!

  13. Hi, Granny. You know, in my business, I’ve been fingerprinted all my life and occasionally polygraphed. No, I’m not a criminal (would I say I was even if I was?), just did government work. So, they’ve probably got my fingerprints on file everywhere. No life of crime for me.

    Bud aka Older Eyes

    • Ok Bud…so you are out of the equation…it will have to be just NR and me!

  14. My nails grow long and strong as well, Granny, but I only let them go occasionally because I can’t stand my typing errors. And I have Osteo…go figure!

    When I was 19, I sailed to Europe on a sister ship to the QM – The Carmainia. It was big enough for me…we had a Junior A Hockey Team on board so there was lots and lots of… Now what was that again. Danged, I forget what we did with those guys! πŸ˜€

    • Hi Souldipper..I did a three day trip on the Windsor Castle when I was just out of school.
      A trip never to be forgotten. πŸ™‚

  15. Hi there, granny! I’m glad I’ve found you again.
    Will be following your posts again.

    • Hi Twolips…great to see you here again…I have missed you guys.

  16. Fab nails, Granny! Just right for picking locks. You have to start your life of crime somewhere πŸ™‚

    • I never though of that Tilly but every now and again I cut them short…so it would have to be part-time work.

  17. I can’t bear my nails to get long… but years of nursing means I can’t let them grow anyway… nor varnish them for work. The toenails get the treatment though, in Summer πŸ™‚

    • Hi Pseu…I don’t consciously grow them but they grow like mad…I can cut them quite short this week and in two weeks they are long again.

  18. We had a finger scanner at work but the guys working with certain solvents could not clock in and out because their finger prints were too faint to read by the scanner. A card scanner has now been installed.

    You are blessed with beautiful scenery.

    • Hello Gobetween….I know….the scenery here is outstanding.

  19. You have such great titles, Granny!

    • Hi Hook…you should hear what some people call me!

  20. I’m sure you’re right about the nails! However, if the fingerprinting people were any good they should know that, haha.

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