Posted by: granny1947 | January 14, 2012

Granny and the deathbed update

Hello All.

So…I,no longer, feel that the Grim Reaper is hovering.
The temperature has subsided.
Frequent trips to the toilet are the name of the game.
But we won’t go down that road.

I am hoping that a walk on the beach is going to be possible in three hours time.
Yes, it is three in the morning here.
I can’t sleep.
Probably,  because I slept away most of yesterday.

I really need to go down there.
Jasmine is not talking to me.
She hasn’t had a walk in two days.
She is NOT happy.
There are 45km winds forecast but right now there is not a breath of wind.
Hopefully, we can get up before the wind does.
Tummy allowing.
Oh yes, we weren’t going to discuss that.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments about the decision I have to make.
Not that they helped much. 🙂
Suggestions about both choices.
I am still wracking my brains.

It is not an option to bring my folks down here.
Firstly, the house market is really bad where they live.
Secondly, they really love it up there.
My Stepdad is nearly 90 and still plays bowls.
So he has his circle of friends.
And he thinks Cape Town is too cold.

A little extra drama to add to the mix.
Mex’s daughter has to go in for a hysterectomy.
So he will probably be heading up to stay with her for a couple of weeks.
This means Jasmine will have to stay indoors all day.
With her legs crossed.
I tried leaving her outside once.
She was horrified.
And barked the complex down.
And there were complaints.

Tom has just walked in.
In a bad mood.
Jasmine trotted up to give him a sniff.
And ask him where he had been.
And, narrowly, avoided a couple of smacks in the face.

And now I think I must try and sleep for a couple of hours.

Catch you all later.



  1. Hope you got some sleep . . . and Jasmine got her walk.

    • I got a bit more sleep NR but too scared to go out yet.

  2. hope things get brighter for you my friend xoxo

    • Thanks Princess…me too…am wearing a path on the carpet!!!

  3. i hope you two got your walk,

    • Morning sidey…it is a glorious day and we have not been….Mex going to get me some tablets just now…hopefully,we will be able to go a bit later.
      It is your turn!

  4. i;m supposed to be out running a whole load of errands

    • that’xs why i haven’t played any more scrabble words

      • Ok…What is your excuse now Sidey?

  5. Hi Granny! It’s been far too long. Since i’ve sort of taken a leave from blog world, I miss your beautiful pics. It seems as if that bug everywhere these days. I know, in our corner of the world, everyone is getting it and it sounds vicious! I hope you feel better soon.

    Thank you so much for your kind words over at Just Be Enough. They were well appreciated.

    • Great to see you back Joann…can’t wait for that book.

  6. You poor old thing. Hope you are feeling better soon…and I know “oi, less of the old”

    • Hehehe PIP….you got in before I could.
      No…doubt that stress can bring on a bug..I hear there is quite a bit of it around…a real nasty one.

  7. Sweet dreams, Granny!

  8. Yah, that’s the trouble about asking for advice. You get it! 😀

    • Yep Amy….sometimes I question myself.

  9. Feel better soon, Granny.

    • Thanks Tilly…wish I did!

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