Granny goes phew

Hello All.

A short post.
I am sitting here with perspiration dripping off my face.
And between my breasts.
And down my back.
It is going to be an uncomfortable 19 degrees tonight.
There is a nice wind blowing.
I might just go and sleep on the verandah.
Or maybe not.

I don’t want to sleep in my bed.
Mex has a cold.
A really bad cold.
He is coughing.
And hacking.
And snorking.
I don’t think it is terminal.
But if he gives it to me it might just be fatal.
What sort of idiot gets a cold in the middle of summer?
Actually, he sounds dreadful.
And I DO feel sorry for him.
And me.
A man with a cold is the pits.

It was beautiful on the beach this morning.
And I was treated to the sight of a seal having a wonderful time surfing.
The waves were very small so he was close in.
He was too fast for me to get a picture.
You will just have to believe me.
You can see by the strange clouds that there was wind on the way.
Well I THINK that is what those clouds mean.

We went to younger son for lunch.
It was nice.
We sat outside under a gazebo.
And waved the flies away.
On the way home we stopped to give my eldest grandson some lunch.
His Mom and Dad and little sister went up to my my daughters for Xmas.
And he didn’t want to go.
I had a huge slab of chocolate for him(amongst other things).
Which melted in the car.
I am sure it will recover in the refrigerator.

I had to laugh.
My DIL bought a whole lot of cheap little things from the Chinese shop.
As stocking fillers.
She bought three tops.
You know the ones.
You wrap string around them and then throw them and hope they spin.

My forty year old son and two step grandsons(16 and 13) spent ages playing with them.
And arguing as to whose top spun the longest!
Boys and their toys.
My son bought the boys a playstation 3.
But they haven’t had much time on it.
My son has been hogging it.
I suspect my son wanted it more than they did.

And now I need to have a cool shower.
I pong.
Thought you should know that.

I do hope you all had a day filled with love.

12 responses to “Granny goes phew”

  1. I will swop my snow for your sun… it is so cold here…and there is so much snow. Last night was a heavy frost and the donkey poo froze to the ground and I had to prise it off.

    I know just what a’ man cold ‘ is like…my sympathies

  2. Merry Christmas my lovely granny friend. Hope you had a wonderful day. Ours was lovely. HOT!! I feel so sorry for Mex….this idiot is trying to get over her chest infection. Voice almost back to normal….hacking cough horrible!! Love you and wishing you all that is wonderful and good for 2012. xx

  3. Hurray, we had Christmas with no snow for a change – just arrived home from a superb turkey dinner with all the trimmings. One person complained that the little brown potatoes were still raw…we had to spell out Jerusalem Artichoke! Good laugh and much lively conversation.

    You have my sympathy over that heat. I prefer having to throw on an extra layer over fearing my organs will bake.

    Do you folks have Cold FX over there. It’s amazing for colds…

  4. One is glad that blogging, though it may now include sight and sound, leaves the other senses out of the scene. Mind you, it depends a lot on what smells how or what touches which where, I suppose …

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