Posted by: granny1947 | December 11, 2011

Granny’s trip

Hello All.

A short post.
This granny is very tired.
Damn I am getting old.
I used to be able to drive three times that distance and be fine.
It is going to be three times that distance when I move up to PE next year.
With a dog and a cat in the car.
I am going to be a gibbering wreck by the time I get there.

I stood watching those sheep for a while.
One will walk away.
Probably wanting to be alone.
And then a whole heap of them will follow.
They have no idea where he is going.
Or what he is going to do.
They just follow.
Much like the voters in this country.

When I got to my daughter, number seven was asleep.
I had a cup of coffee and then,just as I was planning to leave, he woke up.
He looked at me and frowned.
Several times.
However, he DID smile and wave at me.
When I left.
It is a good thing I can handle rejection.

I wanted to just eat him up.
But I didn’t even try to hold him.
I wasn’t in the mood for crying kids.
And little kids who have just woken up are not at their best.
It is sad that I will hardly ever get to see him once I move.
I was so involved with the other six.
Oh well, that is how it should be.

All in all the trip was good.
Good quality time with my grandson.
He suddenly said he was glad I had brought him up.
God I love that kid.
But he has to find a job and move on.

Oh yes…I received a comment today.
A proposition from a 53 year old single man.
Somehow spam missed him.
I would have loved to have showed you.
But commonsense prevailed.
He is now trash.
Sorry David from Oldham!

Now I am off to have a shower.
And hit the sack.

Hope you are all happy.


  1. I really like the 2nd pic. You take pics like a pro 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  2. What a lovely thing for your grandson to say. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling so I just know it did you too!
    And the proposition – wish you had kept it and shared it. 🙂

    • Me too Judith…must think before I trash but it was a bit blush making.

  3. Sounds like a bittersweet day, Granny.

    • It was an ok sort of day NR.

  4. he’s a smart chap to realise how lucky he was to have you
    no go to bed and sleep (not like a baby – they wake every 3 hours and cry)

    • God forbid Sidey…..never want to go back to the baby days.

  5. Wait…you get marriage proposals from perfect strangers, yet I can’t even get my own husband to give me a divorce proposal? There is something very wrong there.
    I need more wine on my cornflakes.

    • Yep Morgue…it is definitely the wine…the SA wine!!!

  6. Glad you had a safe trip, albeit a long one!
    What a lovely thing for your grandson to say to you granny – makes it all worth while, doesn’t it? You and he will always have a special bond.

    • I agree Barb…feel closer to him than I do to my sons…just love him to bits.

  7. OH Granny , I have so much to catch up here. Been hectic , the last few weeks . But I started missing you and here I am. Will come around soon to read again. Meanwhile I’m sharing this post. Your spirit should spread:-)

    • Thank you so much Dreaming…..what a lovely thing to say.
      Can’t get to your post from your comment.
      Hope I have you on my blogroll.
      will look just now.

  8. Granny, I’ve missed you terribly. I just realized that my RSS Feed has not been notifying me of the new posts on a number of blogs. I was going to email you to see what you were up to – thought I’d just check your blog and there was at least seven posts! Cheezzz!

    I’m caught up now, but, by gawd, I didn’t realize how much a part of my life you have become!! Giddy whales, dog kisses, cranky grandkids et al!! Oh, but I love your grandson for telling you that very sweet bit of news!

    • Hi Souldipper…yes love…have missed you too….thought you had gone away!

  9. He is soooo sweet, that boy. ps: How do you know the bloke from Oldham isn’t loaded???

    • Damn Cindy…have I missed out?
      Where is Oldham?

  10. Gosh Granny .. Number 7 has grown !!
    I feel your pain of the long trip .. I did the mad dash to Durban to fetch sil kidlets whilst they did the mad dash to the Hollow from Jhb .. I was rather glad my dash was shorter than theirs!

    • Hi Puppy…he is growing like a weed!!!

  11. Number seven is adorable! My, how big he’s gotten! And don’t comments like the one from your older grandson make everything worth it – what a wonderful thing to hear.You deserve it! 🙂

    • Hi RD..(again)…yes he has grown…I should see him more often…the kid hasn’t got a clue who I am!

  12. That’s so nice that your grandson told you that.

    • I know Linda…I was very touched.

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