Posted by: granny1947 | December 1, 2011

Granny and is it only Thursday?

Hello All.

The question is valid.
I don’t know if I am Arthur or Martha today.
Wait…I don’t think I am either of them.

I have got used to not having a kid in the house.
Grandson was out last night.
Said he would be back between nine thirty and ten.
I went to bed at ten thirty.
Only to wake at midnight thinking….damn I hadn’t heard him come home.
So I lay awake and worried until 12:30
Then I got up and went to the kitchen.
On the way I saw his remote.
Damn kid must have come in like a little mouse.
And I wasted thirty minutes of worry.
One should conserve worry for important stuff.

I can just hear you all.
The boy is 18.
What the hell am I worrying about?
I have got worrying down to a fine art.
Leave me alone.
I am good at it.

The upshot of it all was I couldn’t sleep.
Played several games of scrabble on Facebook.
I am losing them all by the way.
If anyone wants to take me on this would be a good time.
Read a few blogs.
Eventually went back to bed and worried I wasn’t going to be able to wake up in the morning.
This was a valid worry.
Don’t think I have woken up yet.

I left for work about seven minutes late.
I HATE being late for work.
Every traffic light caught me.
Including a pedestrian one.
Why couldn’t they dodge the cars like everyone else?

I can’t even go straight home and hit my bed for a nap.
I need to go to the mall.
Have I mentioned I hate shopping malls?
Well, I do.
But I need by bloodpressure tablets.
Don’t want my brain to explode.
And some eyedrops.
My eye looks interesting.
Well, maybe not interesting but different.
It is a bit red and swollen.
And hurts when I blink.
I have never really stopped to calculate how often I blink.

Now it is time to go home.
You have a great evening/day.



  1. The blog posting issue seems to be resolved… 🙂

  2. Actually, I’m sitting here saying, “Is it Thursday ALREADY?!” LOL

    I’m with you on the worrying bit – I’m quite the master at it myself. I hate it but I can’t seem to stop it. *Especially* if my daughter is out really late, and she’s 24! No matter how old they are, if we love them, we worry. Period. I don’t want any hassles about it either! 🙂

    I hope your eye improves soon, that’s just awful! Let’s both sit down and have a good worry about it…. (just kidding) 😉

    Love ya Granny!

  3. Although I did just realize today is DECEMBER 1!!! How did that happen so fast?!? Now I’m worried that I won’t get all my Christmas shopping done. 😉

  4. Reminds me of when Sister-in-Law was a university student staying with us, and I used to worry every time she came home late. Nobody could understand what I was on about!

    That sounds blinking uncomfortable!

  5. Regardless of age we all still worry about those that we love . My daughters are 54, 52 and 38 and I still worry about them especially when they do not reply to my ‘urgent’ texts.
    so worrying about your Grandson is natural even though he may consider it freaky.
    Just like my cat..he couldn’t care a damn if I worry about him being out late at night….

    Sorry about your inky-blinky..Is it a sty on your eye?

  6. No matter what age they are you still worry about them.

  7. Take care of that eye, Gran! xxx

  8. Gorgeous shot.

    If you didn’t worry so much, you wouldn’t need your blood pressure medication. 😉

  9. My daughter is 24 and I still want to know when she comes in, at her house! She looks like she is 12 so I can’t help but worry!

    I hate malls too. I acutally went to the local mall the other day for the first time in about a year or two I would say. I have to go back so I can return something ugh!

    • Good grief Linda…how do you do your grocery shopping?

  10. Hi Granny. going to take me a while to get caught up with everyone — hope your eye gets cleared up. Know what you mean about malls — and now that it’s Christmas — eee! Hope you have a good weekend.

    • Hi Kathy…same to you love.

  11. Granny – it’s rational to worry about your eyes…hope you see the Doc if necessary.

  12. Bugger the 18yo, have you phoned the doc about your eye???

  13. understand the worrying bit completely, I worry myself silly if I cannot get hold of my parents! and then I am angry with them when they do answer the phone!
    Have a great day

    • Hi Napier…I know exactly what you mean.
      Love you lots.

  14. I get it. When eldest son, 21, comes home to visit, he sometimes goes out with his friends and I lie awake all night until he comes in. When he’s not here, I have no trouble sleeping at all. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Speaking of which, have you seen the Dr Who episode, Blink? You would never blink again if you had.

    Feel better soon.

    • Uhhhhhhh Tilly….Dr. Who???????????This is africa.

  15. You’re a good granny, Granny! Keep it up!

    • Actually Hook, I am a rotten Granny…I don’t do all the granny things like baking etc.

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