Posted by: granny1947 | November 30, 2011

Granny’s Wednesday Words.






Hello All.

I ventured down to the beach this morning.
Even though it looked like rain.
The first thing I saw was a seal playing in the water.
Quite close to the water’s edge.
However, I think it took one look at me.
Unbrushed hair.
No make-up.
And took off for deeper waters.
So, no photos.

Our entire management team are offsite.
They are at a fancy wine farm not far from here.
Supposedly doing strategic planning.
With breakfast and lunch thrown in.
I hope someone brings back a doggy bag.

Received this e-mail just now.
I loved it.


I failed a Fire Safety course held today by my Company.

One of the questions was:

“In the event of a fire, what steps would you take?”

“F_cking big ones” was apparently the wrong answer.










My boss has just got back.
No doggy bag.
Mean bugger.
Hope he picks up five kgs.

In other, completely mundane news, I have a sore eye.
Wonder if my antibiotic drops from my eye ops will still work?
The ones I should have finished.
Can’t remember when I had the ops.
Must be more than six months ago.
Maybe I should just toss them.
Mind you…I have a Xmas pudding that has been in the deep freeze for more than three years.
Haven’t tossed that yet.

Oh well …enough nonsense for one day.





Oh yes…I nearly forgot.
Wendy is thinking that MAYBE she will also move to Port Elizabeth next year.
Where I am going.
Oh boy I hope she does.
It would make my move more bearable.


  1. when are you moving to PE granny? Stunning pics! LOL re the fireman joke.

    • Hi Colleen…In April or thereabouts…nice to see you here…are you on WP yet?

  2. Love the lilac hue in the pics. Is there anything I can do to help convince Wendy??? xxx

    • Hi My Love…she think PE is great so that is going to help.

  3. Oh I do hope Wendy moves to Port Elizabeth with you!! That would be so lovely for both of you!

    That last photo is awesome – looks like a huge gloomy threat rising from the depths. Creepy. Cool. 🙂

    Have the eye issue checked out, you could do more harm than good by self-medicating. I don’t want to see anything happen to my favorite Gran! 🙂

    • Hi RD…yes…I would love it if she moved there too…it will be up to her partner…would be so great if she was in the same town.

  4. It is a good thing PE also has a beach. The pictures are lovely.

    • Hi Yada…not MY beach though and I am not sure how safe it is there.

  5. My cousin Crystal is in PE!

    Not always a good idea to use old medicine… Christmas pud should be fine ..its like me ( and you) gets better with age !

    • Hehehe Patrecia…..I don’t know about you but I am going mouldy!

    • Good Morning P….I can’t find the drops…off to the chemist today.

  6. Love the hues in the top pic.

    Unless that pud was STEEPED in alcohol, maybe three years is pushing it a bit.

    Well, blow me down, it would be nice to have the company of Windy in Wendy City … er, I mean …

    • Thanks Col…hehe…must tell Windy tomorrow!

  7. No wonder the seal took of when seeing a, no make-up, bad hair, braless, granny, and that’s a good answer to the fire question.

    • Lol Harry…not a pretty sight,I promise you!

  8. Why the move Granny? But if as you say you are going, it would be good for both of you if Wendy goes too. And ignore the comment from the dribbling – he is just being a grumpy old man.
    Enjoy your walks on the beach no make up, bad hair, braless and all!

    • @ judith, thank you very much for the compliment that has really made my day, now i can go to bed happy 🙂

      • You’re most welcome friend. Enjoy your sleep!

    • Hi Judith…I go up there to look after my parents next year…have to retire at 65!!!

      • Mandatory retirement eh? And what makes you think looking after your aged parents will be more restful than working? Hope that Wendy does move with you and I hope her prognosis is good!

      • Hi Judith….I am going to be working FAR harder up there.
        I will be looking for something to do part-time plus the folks.

  9. Found you via Tillybud: I’m glad I did – your quirky miscellany was most enjoyable. BTW Christmas Pudding will keep perfectly well for 3 years, even out of the freezer.

    • Welcome Viv…thank you so much for the visit and the kind words.

  10. Is that one of the world’s three vessels that builds oil rigs on the ocean? If so, one was “parked” near us for a few years. A friend of mine had a marina and used to service the vessel through water taxi service and delivery of goods. We used to be invited to dinner frequently.

    It was soooo fascinating. I had to climb up a ladder one of the legs – the equivalent of 30 stories. Yes, I was scared on windy days!

    Some people were ticked about it anchoring on our coast. They called it “horizon pollution”. Where they ended up, off a small city named Ladysmith, the merchants were mighty happy. So were some ladies…:D

    After all that palather, you may end up saying that’s just an oil rig… 😀

    • Morning Souldipper…Much as I like food there is no way on earth I would climb a ladder like that!!!

  11. Sorry about “no doggie bag” . . . fingers crossed that Wendy joins you in PE.

    • Good Morning NR…just as well…keep forgetting I am on a diet.

  12. You should know bosses by now, Gran! Bet you do! Nice if Wendy goes to PE too, it wouldn’t be so traumatic. I see you are still arguing with WP….!

    • Hi Adee…I got another reply and I have answered now…. I wait.
      I must just find the time to write to the dribbling pensioner.

  13. A great post, Granny. Or a great Granny post, even. 🙂

    • whichever way…thank you Tilly.

  14. Beautiful, desolate shots, Granny!

    • I will have to take your word for that Hook….too lazy to go and see what I posted.

  15. Effing big steps….Ha ha ha, I love you, woman, you are a riot! I would have passed you based on wit alone.

    • Thought you would enjoy it Morgue.

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