Granny’s Saturday smile


Hello All.


So WP came back to me.
Said empty out my cache and cookies etc.
I did.
Still does not work.
So we are back to a word document.
And now the writing is so small.
Hope you can all read it.


Doesn’t Jasmine look all alert?
She isn’t.
The wind was blowing up her ears like that!


She is exhausted.
She got sidetracked on the dunes and then followed another woman up the beach.
About a kilometre up the beach before she cottoned on to the fact it wasn’t me.
I was watching her body language.
Damn my eyes are so good since the ops.
I could just see her consternation.
Where the hell is my Mom?
When she did eventually spot me she came back at a gallop.
So she got an extra two kms of exercise.


Once again the sea was full of seals.
And birds.
You will have to take my word for it.
I just couldn’t get the little buggers this time.
There were thousands of birds.
Oh,ok, hundreds of them.

Now you see….the photo should be at the top.
I am going to upload another picture.
Wonder where it is going to land up?


Well, right now the pics look as though they are one above the other.
And back comes the blue writing.

Maybe it will fix itself when I post.

The tide was so low.
There was just this massive expanse of gorgeous beach.

Now I am off to the shops with Grandson.
He has helped me so much this morning.
Dusting and vacuuming.
Just love the boy.

Have a great weekend.


No wait…one more of the birds.
I think there WERE thousands!

Okey,dokey….now it won’t insert the last photo.


27 responses to “Granny’s Saturday smile”

  1. so what… if the writing is blue (which it wasn’t) does it really matter?
    If the pictures are in the wrong is not a crime…
    What would be a crime and really would matter is if you did not post at all..

    The rest is water under the bridge! Love you pics of Jasmine,,,what a beautiful specimen of canine beauty.
    Loved the seals, even though not visible, and the birds, thousands or hundreds who is counting?

    Have a great day Granny my darling! xxxx

  2. I feel your frustration! Even though it turns out ok when you post it, I can imagine how irritating it is to use something which used to be no problem but now IS a problem. Lovely photos – both of them.

  3. You are having SUCH fun with posting, aren’t you? I have now taken to posting from Word to L- , and from L- in html to WP. Then all I have to do is eliminate some double-spacing where I don’t want it in WP.

    I had a good giggle at the disconcerted Jasmine!

  4. Remember the sandcastles post I did a few days ago?

    The master sandcarver, Mark Mason, craft sculptures all over the globe. Two weeks before carving here . . . he carved “there” (Cape Town, South Africa)!

    Small world, eh?

    Sorry that WP is not behaving for you. Hope the glitch irons itself out soon.

  5. If you click and keep the button down on the photo once it is inserted you should be able to drag it to the position you want it. The excitement of blogging 😉

  6. Jasmine – you big lovable! Great shot, Granny. Good luck with sorting out the issues. By now this is a moot point, but after cleaning out cookies, etc., did you restart your computer?

    I forget to do that on occasion and end up wasting a lot of good swear words.

  7. Jasmine’s photo ended up at the bottom of your post – it’s a good profile pic of her and I love her ears up like that – must have been really windy!
    Have you emailed dribblingpensioner yet? I’d take him up on his offer of help before your frustration gets the better of you!

  8. Commiserations, Gran! How frustrating it is when things don’t work properly… I love it when animals realise they have made a mistake – if only they could blush!

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