Posted by: granny1947 | October 19, 2011

Granny goes OUCH!!!!

Hello All.

So last night we all went over to my elder son and DIL for supper.
They ordered in Chinese.
I like Chinese.
I dished up a small bowl full.
It was good.
Then I went back for seconds.
Dished up something else.

My reactions must have slowed with age.
I had two mouthfulls before it hit me.
I think the stuff was pure chillies.
Now…I don’t do hot food.
I don’t do food that hurts.
I try not to do ANYTHING that hurts.
Like waxing.
Eyebrow plucking.
Cannot relate to people who pay huge sums of money to have someone cause them pain.

For twenty minutes I was in agony.
I drank anything I could get my hands on(ahhhhh…that is why I had to get up at three this morning…I wondered)
Barring alcohol.
I was the designated driver.
Well, it was MY car and I don’t take chances with my little yellow devil.

When I got home last evening my kitchen counter was covered in food.
Wendy and Mark had gone shopping.
At Woolworths.
Lots of gorgeous treats.
And some stuff I have no idea what to do with.
I shall check for chilli content.

They bought Jasmine some hide treats.
Gave her one.
She threw it up in the air and played with it for five minutes.
Then went out and buried it.
Much to Mex’s disgust Tom got a tin of Tuna.
Which did not touch sides.
He slept with Wendy (Tom)….that cat is NOT stupid.

I have not blogged for a couple of days.
Maybe you noticed.
Wendy went to the Neurosurgeon on Monday.
He seemed quite confident they can do something about the brain tumours.
She has to go an see a cancer doc tomorrow.
The two of them will work together.
On the downside she also has cancer in the liver and maybe the lungs.
Tomorrow we will know more about those.
But…for now….one day at a time and positive thoughts.

I tend to have a dark sense of humour.
No….not dark….inappropriate.
I saw a Meat Supply Van yesterday.
The name on the side?
Silence of the Lambs.
That guy has DARK humour!
Morgue is going to love it.

Now…it is almost lunchtime.
I am going down to my car.
Putting the seat down.
And having a sleep.



  1. Poor Granny.

    We did notice.

    Love your humour.

    Thinking of your friend.


    • Hi Tilly…I am fine….really.

  2. Have to go back and find out who Wendy and Mark are …

    • Hi Cindy….You came and never visited me…didn’t you?????????

  3. I agree with your “one day at a time” approach. Much better to get information rather than using your imagination. Not one much for spicy food either – na-ah. Did you try milk? Did you try milk? Sounds like everyone is doing pretty ok right now. That’s great!

    Oh, those little naps during lunchtime. aaah. Some days JUST what you need…

    • Hi Yada….what?…Yawn……don’t think i have woken up properly yet!

  4. ha ha, had to read one sentence twice as I thought you said Mex got into bed with Wendy ! 😉
    Lovely post and thinking of wendy for tomorrow.

    • Hehehe My friend…that is why I put Tom in brackets!!!

  5. That’s an interesting post. It reminds me of something I wrote recently on my blog. Great job. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks you for the visit tsizzles…do come back.

  6. Ha ha ha ha, that meat supply driver is a genius. I may want to marry him just so I can cruise around in that van! You’re so sweet to think of the macabre things that will amuse me, Granny.
    Positive thoughts for your friend,I wish her the best.

    • Hehehe Morgue…you were the first to spring to mind when i saw it…mwah

  7. Oh no, I hope Wendy’s cancer hasn’t spread like they think it may have. It’s such god news that this new doc may be able to do something about the brain tumors. We will continue to pray for her and send positive thoughts to you all.

    OUCH is right – chilis can be brutal!!

    The name on that meat guy’s truck could make me turn vegan.

    • Hehehe RD…re the meat van….I agree….yech!!!

  8. I have Wendy in my prayers, but that is not good news….

    Chillis can be very hot and burn and burn and burn…next time try a little first.

    My Kitty has not returned yet so I don’t think that we shall see her anymore..sad!

    Yes you were missed but we knew that you were busy with your guests.

    • Thanks Patrecia.
      So sorry Kitty has not returned but you never know.

  9. Fingers crossed that Wendy gets good news.

    And that, if she doesn’t, she decides to be as happy as she can be for whatever time she has left.

    She might be interested in this book:

    • Thanks so much NR…I will have a look at it!

  10. I love spicy foods, and chinese is one of my favorites-like going to Peking-here we have three or more bars with everything to choose from-I fill my plate up with a little of everything and very soon-I am full !!! no room to go back for seconds !!! Prayers for Wendy !

    • Hi Penny….you could have let us say goodbye. 🙂
      Don’t stay away too long.

      • Thanks granny, but its not really good bye ! just taking a break. I have 2 things going on- I needed the break to get unwinded-now that after 25 yrs I am down to one job with regular hrs. and I started receiving like 800 or more a day of spam comments, which I deleted. I have to find a solution !!!!! 😦

      • My goodness Penny….800 per day….wow…can’t you write to WP?

  11. I do not like spicy food either! Plus I am somewhat allergic to peppery things. I just saw on the news that one our Presidental canidates recovered from stage 4 colon cancer and it had spread to his liver, so here are some very positive vibes for Wendy!!!!

    • that is great news Linda…will tell Wendy.

  12. I’m praying that they can do something for Wendy, Gran.
    Please keep us posted. Glad you’re back!

    • Thanks Adee….dark poem today!

  13. You are missed, Granny, but what’s this thing about having to post every day? No pressure…that’s the last thing Wendy or you need right now. Glad you can grab a nap.

    Hope Tex lightens up on Tom. Male rivalry with a little cat??

    • Hehehe souldipper….who can explain male rivalry in any form?

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