Granny’s Thursday blank

Hello All.

Yep…completely blank.
I’ll try not to let it stop me.
Don’t expect too many words of wisdom.
I don’t feel very wise today.

I came to a conclusion on Wednesday.
A real lightbulb moment.
My telephone stands on my desk next to my computer.
Adjacent to my desk is a leather sofa.
It ends to get cluttered with cds and other junk.
What can I say…I am a slob.
It drives Mex crazy.

On Wednesday Mex came back from a walk and found all the junk lying under my desk.
Now …when someones pushes the number of our house, from the entrance to our complex, our phone rings.
Jasmine has learned to associate the phone ringing with visitors.
She,immediately, rushes to the front door with tail wagging.

I tried to phone mex twice on Wednesday.
The damn dog is now trying to answer the phone.

It is a cordless phone.
The size of a mobile phone.
I am going to come home one day and find it in pieces.
Or worse.
She might just have a ringing in her tummy.
Instead of her ears.

Will all vegetarians please refrain from reading the next bit.
That would be Souldipper.
Maybe NR.
You have been warned.

I cooked a tongue for supper last night.
I find them disgusting to cook and peel.
Delicious to eat,though.

And now I have grossed you all out(I know you all read that)…I will get back to work.

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