Posted by: granny1947 | February 28, 2011

Granny is popular…NOT

Hello All.

Good Heavens…where did this day go?
It has been hectic.
We had an extra long Monday meeting.
Then I took my elder son through to the airport.
Came back and did a whole lot of work.
Today was cake day at work.
I ate a samoosa.
I ate a sausage roll.
I ate a minature milk tart.
I ate a custard slice.
If I complain that I have put on weight, remind me about the above.

Then I had four meetings and handed out four warnings.
If looks could kill.
I would be ash.

I can’t get onto my Internet banking.
They have a problem.
On the last day of the month.
There are going to be a lot of angry people around.
Fortunately, I paid all my bills on Saturday.
Probably why the system has crashed.

The company who get us support on our computer system have let me done.
She was supposed to be here on Friday.
Then today.
It is now five minutes to going home time.
My boss is going to have to whistle for his reports if she doesn’t rock up tomorrow.

One of the guys here has done some business cards for me.
I have never had business cards.
Wonder who I should give them to?
My supermarket manager so he can give me advance warnings on catfood specials?
My bank manager…to impress him?
Do we still have bank managers?
I think they have been taken over by automated call centres.
let’s face it …I don’t need a business card.

I was a bit taken aback when I spotted this head in the water yesterday.
It didn’t appear to be attached to a body.
There were no discernable arm movements.
The music from jaws immediately popped into my mind.
That woman must have been blue from the cold.

Now I am going home.
To sweat.

Have a great evening/morning all.


  1. Custard slice! Do-doem, do-doem, do-doem… one of my favorites! Can’t remember the last time I’ve had one. Couldn’t find custard in America ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Hi Liane…want me to send you some?

      • Currently visiting with my sis in Jhb. You’ve just added one more item to my list of things to remember to eat ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • What a pity your Sis doesn’t live in Cape Town Liane..we could have got together!

  2. I’m feeling a little fatter around the middle *sigh*

    • My Tummy is resting on my lap Supa!!!

  3. What a yummy work day! LOL I work from home, so there are no fun cake days here. If I started them, I wouldn’t be able to stop!

    I see Jasmine is staying nice and cool – what a happy dog!

    • Hi RD…I wish we didn’t have cake day…have no willpower!!
      Yes, jasmine is a very happy dog…not so much tonight..we didn’t go to the beach!

  4. you should have had a swim, you’d be cool for hours

    • If I had had a swim Sidey I would have had a freaking heart attack!!!

  5. Ohhhh, that just gave me a great idea for my job ๐Ÿ™‚ lunch would be so much better if we all brought something in and had a potluck lunch … mmmmmm

    • Hi Princess…good idea….if you like their cooking!!!

  6. Stop complaining about the heat and dive into that brisk water! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have fun passing out your business cards. I never got very good at passing them out . . . unless asked for one.

    • Hi NR…I cannot think why anyone would even ask me for one…come to think of it…don’t think I want people to have all my details…bad enough the taxman has them!

  7. You are so funny. Wish I had been there too eat all of that good food. You never know when the business cards will come in handy. I wouldn’t need them either! I sweated all day and my husband came home and said, it’s not that hot. I said yes it is, it’s 80 degrees outside. I have no air in my car. At the age of 51 and slightly overweight that makes it hot! Plus a storm on the way. The wind was blowing dirt and hot air around and me just riding around with the windows down. I must have looked like a witch.

    • Morning IMC…you are only 51….wait till you hit the sixties and your internal thermostat goes wonky…it is SUCH fun!

  8. Business cards make very handy bookmarks and are useful for making little notes to stick on the fridge.

    • Morning Cindy…bookmarks!!!! I have so many of them but can never find one when I need one!!

  9. You can also have people write their phone numbers on the backs of the cards so you can look at them months later, shake your head with forgetfulness and throw them out.

    • I LOVE that…just the sort of thing I would do too!

  10. Hi Granny – how are you? Jasmine is looking extra adorable in this snap. PS What’s samoosa. Just wondering….

    • Hi Amy…lovely to see you again.
      A samoosa….a triangle of dough stuffed with mince(normally) and fried…very healthy!!!

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