Posted by: granny1947 | February 10, 2011

Granny feels great Thursday

Good Morning Everyone.

The birds are singing.
They are crazy.
It is still pitch dark outside.
I am waiting for the sun to show it’s face and I am off to the beach.
There are gales forecast and I want to beat them.

For the first time in ages I feel great.
After ONE dose of tablets.
This must be how drug users get hooked.
I feel so good that I ate breakfast a five thirty so I could take another dose.
The lung guy insisted on booking me off for two days so I don’t even have to go to work.
I think I heard one of the docs say something about steroids.
Am I going to turn into a Sumo wrestler?
I don’t care!!!!

I wanted to get my little Malawian guy in to give my house a good clean.
So Mex went out yesterday and bought me one of those fancy green mops from Verimark.
With it’s own fancy green bucket.
A thing of beauty.
Men just don’t get it.
Someone has to operate the fancy green mop.
It isn’t going to clean the walls.
It isn’t going to vacuum under the beds.
Actually, it is going to do buggerall.

Mex is going over the mountain this morning.
He has to see my sexy Doc.
Think I shall call my Malawian while he is out.
HE can use the fancy green mop.

The sky is getting lighter.
It looks like we might get a little storm.
Please, please, please let it rain.
Get rid of the ash before the wind arrives.


  1. When you’re done with you green mop guy, can I borrow him? I went on a cleaning frenzy a week ago, even washing curtains and cleaning cobwebs from corners and dusting the ceiling fan…and now it all needs to be done again and I really don’t wanna…Ugh, life is so much rinse, lather,repeat. Forget the self cleaning oven, I wanna self cleaning house! And whatever pills they gave you that are making you feel so good! -hugs-

    • A self cleaning house…now wouldn’t THAT be great Morgue?
      The pills are wonderful…don’t want to know what is in them…don’t care!

  2. Wonderful news! Wonderful post!

    You go, girl!

    • Good Morning again NR…oh boy do I feel better!

  3. It’s great you’re feel good again, nice post. I was going to start calling you Granny Grump.

    • Oh gosh Rob…was I really that bad….sorry!

  4. Glad to see you so chipper.
    Love you. xxx

    • It is great Cin.
      Love you too!

  5. It is so good to hear you feeling well again, even if it comes in a pill. I had a really crappy couple of days … which will show up in my Thursday post … so maybe the bad luck has flown here. Can you email me on of those pills?

    • I am sorry to hear that Bud…will be over to see your Thursday post.
      Pill on the way!

  6. this is wonderful news, don’t over do it yet, if they put you off for 2 days, just enjoy feeling better

    • Hi Sidey…overdo it?

  7. Good to hear that you are feeling better, take it easy and listen to the Docs.

    • Of course I am being a good girl Supa…pfftt

  8. The pills will do it every time! Just watch those steroids though.

    • Hi Barb…they are only for two weeks…then they will decide what they are going to do.

  9. Lovely view! Glad you are feeling chipper, but if you find yourself zipping up the mountains with Jasmine panting furiously in your wake, then cool it with those pills!

    • Hehehe Col…what an imagination…they haven’t invented a pill that would do that to me!

  10. Glad to hear you’re doing so much better. Depending on the steroid they make you feel pretty high too! I had that feeling when I was on them. Give it another day or two and then tell us how you’re feeling. 😉

    • Hi Rose…I don’t THINK I am high…would I know?

      • If you’re always in a good mood and people are remarking on it, probably!! 🙂

      • Phew Rose…then I am safe!!!

  11. Wish I could call a green mop guy from time to time! I’m so glad the med is helping so quickly! You’ll be your ol’ self in no time!

  12. It’s wonderful to hear you’re feeling so much better! Please tell Mex to give you a demonstration on how the mop and bucket work; it’s such a technological masterpiece you don’t want to ruin it on the first try!

    • Good thinking HP…The tablets have worn off for today….will try that tomorrow!!!

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