Posted by: granny1947 | December 15, 2010

Granny’s final 2010 rant

Good Morning All.

I nearly didn’t go for a walk this morning.
It looked like it was blowing and about to rain.
However, Jasmine looked SO dejected that I had to relent.
I’m glad I did.
It was lovely down there.

Now for the rant.
Over the years I have done a few posts about President Zuma.
This will probably not be my last one.
Unless I am arrested.

For my overseas friends a bit of an explanation.
Zuma was accused of rape some years back.
He was found not guilty.
However, his accuser had to leave the country.
Before he was made president he was up on corruption charges.
He used every legal option open to him to avoid appearing in court.
He managed to escape prosecution by becoming president(I am open to correction here)
Once he is no longer president he will once again be liable for prosecution.(I am also open to correction on this point)

Now he is suing Zapiro( a brilliant cartoonist) for defamation.
Zapiro depicted him about to rape lady justice.

To date Zuma has done the following:

He has married.
And married.
And married.
I’ve lost count.
He has 25 children.
Many of them out of wedlock.
A great testimony to the people of a country riddled with aids.

The woman he was alleged to have raped had AIDS.
He said he had a shower after sex so he was safe!
Thanks to Zapiro he is now well known as showerhead.

He has sung songs calling for his machine gun.

Now he is suing for defamation.

President Zuma you have defamed yourself.
I have waited, in vain, for some reason to respect you.
I wonder if it will ever happen?

On a lighter note.

A Nigerian Man and a Casket……..


A Nigerian man who makes caskets was on his way to deliver one of the coffins when his car broke down.


Trying not to be late, he put the coffin on his head and began heading to his destination.


Some policemen saw him and wanted to make some money off him (bribe), so they challenged him:


“Hey!!! What are you carrying and where are you going?!”


The man said, “I do not like where I was buried, so I am relocating”.

The Policemen ran for their lives.

Ok…that is weak…best I can do this morning. 


  1. Enjoy lunch, I’m rather envious.

    • Morning Cindy…it was great…I ate too much…go figure.

  2. I thought that joke was pretty funny! WOW on the Zuma topic – I remember hearing about the rape and corruption issues, but when you put it all together and add all that new info (new to me) about his many wives and the AIDS issue, it’s head-spinning. How on earth did he get elected with so many bad things hanging over his head?? Oh, wait, that was a silly question. It seems to me that corruption is king in politics wherever you go. Politicians spend more time changing their own histories and burying evil deeds than taking care of their constituents. Ack, now you got me on my soapbox!! Have a good day Gran!

    • Hello RD….one of my favourite rants too…politicians..pffttttttt.
      He got elected because people will follow like sheep…hopefully, the new generation are thinkers.

  3. I also thought the joke was a good one. Zuma has no reputation to protect and no dignity either, so I don’t know what he’s suing for. Oh yes, he didn’t sue at the time, because he didn’t have the funds, but now he does. Go figure! Enjoy the long weekend granny. Hugs xx

    • Hi AD…but WHO is funding him this time?

  4. LOve the joke.

    Zuma needs to earn respect. He wants to just demand it.

    • Good morning Sidey….I am finished talking about the man for this year…just too depressing.

  5. Scary stuff, Granny. A man leading a country thinks a shower will protect him from AIDS??

    However… Enjoyed the laugh!

    • I know Souldipper…the man is such an embarrassment.(think I have spelt that wrong)

  6. I hear my kids’ peers express their unhappiness with the current lot of politicians but alas, there is still a generation of voters ahead of them that worship Zuma. I think we are in for one more term of him.

    • Only ONE more term Madmom? We should be so lucky!

  7. Oh, it’s not all that weak. I’m laughing.

    Would you like to have Obama? Cheap?

    • I tell you what Bud…let’s swap….at least your President has class! How happy would you be if your tax was supporting all those wives and kids?

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