Posted by: granny1947 | November 28, 2010

Painful Granny


I get the funny feeling I am the only person around today.
Does that mean I am the only one without a life?

Normally, I am a pain in the butt to all around me.
Today and yesterday I have been in pain.
Either I slept badly or I have a pinched nerve.
Whichever….I can’t look to the side without cursing,mildly.
Actually, I am marginally better this evening but I am not telling.
I don’t want to interfere with Mex peeling potatoes for me.

I dragged myself down to the beach.
The colour of the water was amazing.
I wish I had my Kodak camera.
The colour was much better.
Anyway you can see what I am talking about.

Jasmine made a new friend.
They raced around like a couple of hooligans.
Then Jasmine ran out of puff.
I have never told her how old she is.
She thinks she is still a puppy.
I wish I didn’t know how old I am.

Well, I guess I had better see to supper.
One more picture.
Just for luck.

That was one BIG ship passing by.

Have a great evening.


  1. I love your photos – they calm me down (which I needed – and thanks so much for the support you know where. I so appreciate it)
    Hope the pain goes away very soon, Granny.

    • Anytime Madmom….the man is a complete idiot.

  2. You must get some of the horsey gel that Himself got for me, works a charm and only about R50. It’s called Ice Man.

    • Hello Supa…have used it…didn’t help a damn!

  3. Hi granny. I’m here. Beautiful pics. How nice to have the potatoes peeled for you. I also hate that chore. Hope the pinched nerve is soon unpinched. Hugs xxl

    • Hi AD…that is why my favourite way is to pop them under the grill with their skins on!!!

  4. BEAUTIFUL pics again! Jasmine looks like she’s having a great time with her new buddy. Hope your neck feels better fast – I hate those pinched nerves! Glad Mex is helping out….maybe you should drag the pain out a bit…couple more days? LOL!

    • Hi RD…I’d like to try but I don’t think it will work!!!

  5. try heat. an easy and cheap microwave bag is a strip of thicking material sewn into a long bag and filled with barley. it heats well in the microwave and helps on things like stiff or sore necks

    • Yes…I have heard of them…where do you buy them?

      • Make one yourself, buy a packet of barley, stuff it in a sock and knot the end.
        Hope you’re feeling better.

      • Hi cindy…thanks love…will try that.

  6. that water was just beautiful, and jess will always be a puppy at heart

    • Hi Sidey…or is that your alter ego????

  7. Gorgeous photos, Granny. We have Jasmine to thank for getting you to the beach in spite of the pain. Thanks for posting that scenery. Thought we had some big cargo ships – that one looks like it belongs to Dubai!

    • Thank you Souldipper….yes…Jasmine has no sympathy for my sore back….her walk is all that is important.
      Re the ship…I also thought it was particulary huge.

  8. Hello Granny! Hope your neck is feeling better. Time and Advil are my best remedy. Heat helps, too, but really, the Advil is the ticket.

    Lovely photos — makes me so envious of you! Right now we’ve got melting snow, which makes ugly, dirty slushy streets. Nothing pretty in the slightest about our weather right now. Silver lining is that we’re not freezing our asses off anymore!

    Hope you have a good week ahead.


    • Hi Klrs…snow? That is that cold white stuff we never get!!!!

  9. Beautiful pictures … as always, I covet your beach. I hope you feel better … it’s hard to hear you hurting.

    • Hello Bud…thank you my friend…I am sure it will ease off soon.

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