Posted by: granny1947 | November 24, 2010

Granny throws down the gauntlet

Good Evening All.

So I am challenging you all.
The name of the game is Bounceout.
My top score is 228408.
Yes, you are reading that correctly.
Two hundred and twenty eight THOUSAND!
Teenagers and toddlers are NOT allowed to compete.
In fact…you should be over forty.
Well over forty.
If you beat my score I want to see a screen shot.
Now let’s hear you cackle Frog!!!!!

I think I am losing it.
I,normally, take the follwing to the beach with me:
My camera…of course…duh.
My cellphone…in case I break a leg.
No sane person would be phoning me at six in the morning.
My glasses….in case I want to see something.
My smokes…to assist me in my contemplation.
When I take a rest on the rocks at the end of the beach.
My watch…so I can see how fast I have to walk back.

This morning all I remembered was the camera.
And Jasmine.
The walk was much quicker than normal.
No smoke break.
And the fear I was going to be late.

The beach was,mostly, deserted.
Only a few stalwarts.
Because it was blowing a frigging gale.
Not even the crowd from the drug rehab were down there.
We have a very expensive drug rehab centre in our village.
The addicts appear to be allowed to walk on the beach early in the morning.
It makes sense.
Walking on the beach is very soothing.
A natural high.
Most of them do not make eye contact.
I,sometimes, worry gently as they pass me.
Wonder if they are contemplating grabbing my camera.
To sell it and score a hit.
As my camera is my pride and joy they would have to take me with it.
And I don’t think they will get anything by trading me in.

Now I am talking rubbish.
Four audits in three weeks will do that to me.
Although, today’s audit went very well.
I think.
Auditors can be very devious.

Have a great evening All.


  1. Hehe – mad Granny we luff.
    *wonders where to find the Bounceout thingie*

    • hello Madmom…try google…am sure you will find it….beat my score…I dare you!

  2. Okay, found it and only scored 245. You are the champ. 🙂

    • You really gave it a good try hey Madmom????

  3. and where do we get to play this game??? give us a link

  4. I can’t get the darn game to come up!! Maybe I’m better off….:P

    • You are RD…it is VERY addictive!!!

    • You probably are better off RD….I can spend hours playing the damn game!

  5. I was thinking I should keep this to myself ‘cos it’s rude, but eh, you opened the door. *Dances the funky chicken* I have 2 years and 2 months left of being under 40!!! Thanks for giving me a boost since trying to keep up with my toddler is making me feel about 90.

    • Oh stop rubbing it in Morgue…hehe

  6. wow! are you crazy or amazing?

    • Definitely crazy Sidey!

  7. No, I am not going to do it, I am like the rehab crowd, too addictive personality.
    *lights a smoke*

  8. Definately not going to even contemplate trying that game, I’m like Cin, addicitive personality.

    • Excuse,excuses Supa!

  9. “worry gently” I love that phrase. I shall do it often, granny. Hugs xx

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