Posted by: granny1947 | November 11, 2010

Granny’s cold Thursday

Good Evening All.

Look at that sea.
It looks as if it needs a dose of chlorine.
It was decidely chilly down there this morning.
We saw a seal.
He was on his way somewhere.
He had a mission.
He spent a lot of time swimming underwater.
And then popping up for some air.
Which caused a great deal of consternation to the gulls which were happily bobbing around.

The coldfront has now hit with a vengeance.
It feels like the middle of winter again.
Pouring with rain.
Good weather to get under the duvet.

The Lithuanian lady was supposed to come around at six.
So far she is a no show.
Maybe just as well.
I intend telling her I am not forwarding her CV to anyone until she has pulled herself together.
Done something constructive.
Like going to the doctor.
Good grief….I didn’t take to my bed when my husband died.
Ok…that is not fair…I had four kids to think about.
She seems very alone.
I have a sneaky feeling she is wanting to run from loan sharks.
Shyte…..what have I got myself into?
Stoopid Granny.

Jasmine found a special piece of seaweed this morning.
We had a good game with it.
Then she had to do what all dogs with little brains do.
She just HAD to bury it.
Which led to a lot of stress(for her) as she couldn’t find the perfect spot.
I left her behind and got into the car and started the engine.
She came charging along and leapt into the car.
Her nose full of sand.

Now I have to make a salad.
Good winter fare!

Have a great evening/morning depending where you are are.


  1. Wow I can feel the cold through your photo! I hope that Lithuanian woman is okay; I assume she’s the one who was being abused by her daughter. Hopefully her daughter didn’t go too far…

    How exciting to see a seal in the ocean! Jasmine is so smart – if I left Daisy on the beach and got in the car, she’d just keep going about her business until I chased her down…which wouldn’t be easy with her puppy energy!

    • Hello RD…oh yes …Jasmine is quite bright…she once lost me on the beach and went to the car to see if I was there.

  2. Looks so chilly there, granny. Sweet Jasmine. She must love her walks. Always something interesting to find. Have a nice evening and keep warm. Not sure that salad is a great idea, but enjoy anyway. hugs xx

    • Hello AD…the salad went down well with fish pie(thanks to Mex)

  3. I agree wholeheartedly, Gran. Force her into trying to help herself. Wouldn’t we all love to have a mother-figure to lean on… lol!

    • Tell me about it Adee….if I tell my Mom I have an ailment she comes back with a worse one!

  4. Isn’t every piece of seaweed special?!
    That sea looks mightily cold, and I see we’re in for another spell of rain and lower temperatures again.

    Ah well, as we say here, Monday follows two days of rain 🙂

    PS: If you haven’t visited Madmom, she became Madgran today!

    • Hi HP…have just seen her comment now…will go over to her post soon.

  5. My kind of weather – but not to walk dogs or drive in!
    Take care, Granny.

    (Grandson, Parker was born today. 3.26kg and 51 cm in length. Mom doing well, Dad faffing over blankets and Granny wiped out with emotion)

    • Congratulations Madmom….may he bring you oodles of joy…grandkids are the greatest.

  6. Good morning.
    I’m surprised she didn’t bring the seaweed home with her.
    Have a great Friday.

    • Hi Cindy….she knows I won’t let her…she can be a bright dog!

  7. That poor woman, so alone. you don’t need her as another dependant. Maybethe tough love attitude will help.

    Love to Jassy, she’s such a doggy dog I just love her

    • Hello Sidey….she is sleeping in her chair right now….the beach has her pooped out!

  8. Yowsers! What a very moody day, Granny.

    Glad your health has improved. My friends who had the same bug found that if they tried to take up life with too much gusto when they felt better, they would be knocked down with fatigue.

    Go gentle on your good self!!

    • Oh Dear Souldipper…don’t know if I would notice that…I can nap even when I don’t have a bug!

  9. I posted,Granny. Now will you take me for a walk on the beach so I can find some seaweed?

    • Of course I will Morgue….I will throw it for you too….can you catch?

  10. How is that precious pup? And how is my friend who doesn’t get to cook stew for me anymore?

    • Hello Simon…the pup is doing very well….missing you…will try to write later….have to go to the shops now.

  11. Hope your weather has improved.We are having stunning weather in Jhb.Have a restful

    • Hello BB….wind,wind, wind….

  12. Good Saturday morning. I think it’s warmer here in Alberta than it looks there at the moment! Love the pic of Jasmine — she looks completely satisfied with herself and her ‘catch’! Good luck with the Lithuanian woman. Pretend you’re not home?

    • Hello Klrs….it is lovely and warm today…just darn windy….she is supposed to come around this evening but I am going to put her off…might have my elder son and his family around….I am becoming very wary of her.

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