Posted by: granny1947 | September 13, 2010

Granny’s Monday

Hello Everyone.
Thank you so much for all the wonderful suggestions to cure the kidney/bladder infection.
I have just had a dose of Citrosoda followed by a spoon of honey.
I will ladle garlic onto my hotdog tonight.
I will stay clear of all my staff tomorrow.

To aggravate matters our drains are blocked.
I think in sympathy with MY drains.
My first task,on arriving home, was to pour caustic soda down all the drains I could find.
Hmmmmmmm….maybe I should try that on me.

I was hoping it was a complex problem but the houses on either side of me seem to be fine.
My granddaughter has LONG hair.
It is probably her fault.
I have to blame someone!

Oh yes…the photo above …in case you were all wondering…is taken from just outside my store.
Wherever you are in Cape Town is it just beautiful.
Thought you lot could do with a change from my beach.

Continuing in that vein the following is a picture OF my new store…taken from my desk.

I have an airconditioner just above my desk that has been blowing cold air onto me.
I  think that might be part of my present problem.
I wonder if I can claim Injury on Duty?

Have a wonderful evening All.


  1. at least it looks clean and spacious

    • Hi Sidey….yes it is both…I am quite enjoying it!

  2. That air con directly above you is going to create back and neck problems 😦
    Stunning view from outside your store; I’m jealous!

    • It is already happening HP..have a stiff sore neck…am hoping they fit a deflector tomorrow.

  3. That cold air is going to be a huge problem if they don’t sort it out. Hope you get your drains unblocked. Hugs xx

  4. Where’s your window?

  5. My daughter has very long hair too, and her hair is constantly clogging our bathtub drain. We have to clear it out at least once a week. I hope you feel better soon!

    • Hello RD…think she has clogged it up with toilet paper….she is always blowing her nose.

  6. Can’t tell from your pic — what does your store sell? I hate air conditioners! I always get a sore throat and colds from them — some say it is my imagination, but then, they don’t feel my throat when it hurts. Hmm. Two things I try when I feel a urinary tract or bladder infection coming on — cayenne capsules and cranberry juice. I do the juice first — take a glass to bed with me and sip on it every time I wake up to pee — and when you’re feeling like that, that’s quite often. Hope all is well soon. Lovely pic by the way.


    • Hi Kathy…didn’t get a chance to buy Cranberry today but will do so tomorrow!
      We make Antenna for aircraft…nothing exciting.

  7. Nice view you have there.
    Make them move either your desk or the aircon, I see lots of trouble ahead!

    • Hi cindy…am moving my desk tired of being frozen!

  8. I agree, get rid of the aircon or switch it OFF. I also hate the things unless they are barely on. Hope the bladder gets sorted out soon, Gran. I had problems with my drains too and discovered they couldn’t handle the 2ply toilet paper. As soon as I changed it all came right.

    • I DID switch it off Adee but you will have to read my post to see why I switched it back on again.

  9. Yoh! Your hard work paid off…. that store is incredibly tidy and must be a joy to work in? I see what you mean about sitting looking at everybody while everybody looks at you. Feel like a gold fish in a gold fish bowl huh?

    Where’s my sea? *sniff*
    The pic is lovely – but I miss my sea because I love finding Jasmine in some of them… 🙂

    • OK Frog….will see what I can find for you!

    • OK Frog…just for you I will post a seascape!

  10. The air-con might not make you sick, but it will certainly give you neck ache.

    • And it HAS Simon!!!!

  11. What you need is a good holiday with plenty of pampering.

    • Hi Rose…then I need to win the lottery tonight!

  12. So you have the best of both worlds – see & greenery.
    Nice tidy store you have, Gran.
    Be very careful with the bladder infection Gran. You don’t want to damage your kidneys.

    • I know Witch…I only have two of them!
      Lovely to have a visit from you again.

  13. Ignore my spelling mistake please. Oops!

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