Posted by: granny1947 | August 13, 2010

Granny runs out of oomph

Good Morning All.

I got home from work,yesterday, and suddenly ran out of steam.
Could simply not dredge up the energy to go to the beach.
Jasmine was devastated.
Well…she was disappointed.
It was a stunning evening too.
I just had the feeling if I went  down I might just have to live there.
Hmmm…that idea is quite appealing.
I think I could be a beach bum.
Oooops…no blogging.
Scrap that idea.

Anyhow, I was asleep at eight o’clock!
Am I going into the stage of life where I am becoming a child again?
Am I going to start wetting myself?
Actually, if I laugh hard enough, I already do that.
Am I going to have to eat strained foods?

I am not going to panic.
Today I feel bright eyed and bushy tailed.
Ten hours sleep does that to me.
And it is Friday.

The evil one.aka. my boss has not yet loomed.
Or hovered.
He HAS phoned twice but that is ok.

I will answer all your comments at lunchtime.

Have a great Friday the thirteenth!


  1. Strained food & dribbling on your bib … hopefully you won’t know about it.
    Yay for Friday, hope the weather is good and Jasmine gets her walk.
    love you

    • Hello Cindy…I already drool on my pillow at night…is that the start?

  2. Have a great weekend.

    • Hi There nzwakauduja….I have just dislocated my jaw trying to pronounce your name…thank you for the visit!

  3. Don’t feel guilty for sleeping 10 hours – especially if you feel good the next day! You obviously needed it. Cool 8)

    • Hello Adee…no guilt here…guilty feelings are such a waste of time.

  4. Glad you feel better after a good night’s sleep. Have a great Friday 13th and an even better weekend, granny. Beautiful pic again, ;-> Hugs xx

    • Thanks AD…you too love.

  5. *quickly rolls in a barrel of Merlot and stashes it behind Granny’s calender … then places a LOOONG bendy straw with Granny’s name on it next to the barrel*

    • About time JustMe…one could die of thirst around here!!!

  6. You need a holiday 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    • I know HP…roll on December!!!

  7. What do you mean you can’t blog if you’re a beach bum? Have you not seen the new Ipod commercials where people take those things with them to read, as well as laptops for work and such,at the beach? Yeah,ok, that makes me sad because I like old school books made of paper and frankly if I am at the beach, I’d rather build a sandcastle than use a pc, but still…Maybe you could do several posts from your beach bum spot each day,if only for the sake of Jasmine’s mental health.;)

    • Good Morning Morgue….today I feel like getting a gun and going to shoot those damn fishermen.
      I am with you here…would much rather play in the sand than fiddle with laptops etc!

  8. I’ve always been a very energetic person (people think I’m younger than I am, not because of how I look but because of how I act). But during the last year, I’m finding I wear out partway through the afternoon. I need more sleep but I’m a night person … I get a second wind at about 10 pm and if I sit down and start writing, well, it’s a 1 am bed time. And more exhaustion. I’m still fighting it but I may have to change my lifestyle. Yikes, I don’t think I’ve ever had ten hours of sleep …

    • Gee Bud…ten hours sleep is great…you feel like a new person…I can do it with ease!
      I am more energetic now than I was when I was much younger…think that is why the body revolts sometimes!

  9. Ten hours? you slept for ten hours and you don’t have the pillow permanetly indented on your cheek? *glare*

    • Ahhhhh..Lynda…THAT’S where the new wrinkles came from…you are a genius!

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