Posted by: granny1947 | August 8, 2010

Granny’s Sunday mumblings

Good Afternoon All.

From a cold and miserable Cape Town.
I have just been talking my Mom(82yrs old).
Walking her through how to put on another post.
Not on WordPress.
On my previous bloghome as it is a bit easier for a newcomer.
We finally managed to get her onto a new post and I have left her to blog.
Am expecting a frantic couple of phonecalls.
She is intelligent and should get to grips with it all but she is just a bit timid at present.

I have just finished the second in the Twilight series.
I quite enjoyed it.
Now to borrow the next book.
I also have the first movie on my memory stick but am too lazy to go and sort out my laptop.

I got a call from my elder daughter just now.
She needs money for food.
I bailed them out last month with rent.
I am going to be paying her son’s school fees.
I shouldn’t help her.
The sensible part of me KNOWS that.
How, as a mother, do you know your kid does not have food and not do something?
How do I get them to stand on their own feet?
If I had known I would still be stressing about my kids when they were adults I might have rethought the child bit.
Kept my legs crossed.
Too late now!

I think I might just bundle up warmly now and take Jasmine for a quick walk.
She looks so depressed.
I think we will give the beach a miss and go to the rocks.
Give you some different pictures for a change.

Maybe I will have a short nap first.
Yes, that sounds good.


  1. Hi Granny. Good luck to your Mom with her blog. I think that’s fantastic. Wish my Mom had internet. She could have so much fun regaling you all with her stories, instead of my having to do it. Don’t know what the answer is regarding your daughter. Tough one. Hugs to you. xx

    • Good evening AD…we finally got her post up…thanks for the comment..she was very chuffed.

  2. Have a nice nap, right weather for it.

    • Hello Nocomment…it was a great nap…sleep tonight might be a problem.

  3. Excellent news about your mom!!!

    I suspect we all wish we’d kept our legs crossed at one tme or another, lol. 😉

    • Hi Adee….don’t we just!!!!

  4. What is the name of your Mom’s blog please?

    Good luck with Elder daughter. It must be very worrying for you 😦

    • Morning HP…she is greatgran27 on letterdash….hope they are kind to her!

      • Thanks! Will pop over as soon as the ironing is done. *sigh*

      • You are very quick off the mark today HP!

  5. How about a link to her post?

    The miz weather has reached us, and as I cheated the dogs out of a walk when the weather was better, I am in trouble!

    The kid problem is certainly a problem!

    • Same thing here Col…poor Jasmine…is in her armchair with her back to me.

  6. Your 82 year old mother blogs? Whoa – that is AWESOME!!! You go, Granny’s Mom.

    • Good Morning Blogbrarian…will pass that message onto her when I talk to her tonight!

  7. I agree with Col … give us a link.
    No comment on the crossed legs, I could kick myself some days …
    Enjoy Women’s Day.

  8. I completely understand … I have a 35 year old son with severe social anxiety who lives with us. For a while, he was missing … on the street. Even though that was sadder, sometimes it was easier.


    • Morning Bud…have replied on your post.

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