Posted by: granny1947 | May 17, 2010


Good Morning Everyone.

For anyone who doesn’t read my posts,normally, NA is New Attitude.

She is my beloved daughter in law.

She treated me to this weekend away.

I wonder what she has planned next?

A tour of the eighth floor of John Vorster square?

See my previous post.


Now I don’t know about you lot but I am not accustomed to staying in five star hotels.

I went with high expectations.

I expected that, if I sneezed, someone would be hovering with a tissue and ready to say bless you.

Sadly, this was not the case.

Don’t get me wrong.

The place was beautiful.

The room was fabulous.

The food was excellent.

It was also hellishingly expensive.

We had a couple of “incidents” that annoyed me and one that amused me.

Given that the amusing one was after the torture treatment and I was hysterical might explain my laughter.

Incident 1)We sat down at the breakfast table and NA whispered that there was a hair in the milk jug.

OK…it was a TINY hair.

I don’t even want to think which part of the anatomy it came from.

I told NA to leave it to me and to go and get her breakfast.

She knows me.

She hightailed it out of there.

The restuarant manager was a very dapper gentleman.

He gave the impression of being highly strung.

If he wasn’t…he is now.

I walked up to him and said,very quietly, “I am going to get my breakfast…there is a jug of milk on my table with a hair in it….get rid of it”

The last four words were accompanied by my Granny look.

He wilted.

He sorted it out but he made mistake number two.

He didn’t apologise.

The next morning when we went in for breakfast they put us in another dining room overlooking the golf course.

Ok…the big dining room was crowded but I wonder!!!!

I ordered a slice of toast from the waitress.

She never pitched with it.

I was quite pleased because I had eaten a HUGE breakfast.

But…there is a principle here.

As we left I approached the same manager.

I swear he had developed a nervous tic.

Very pleasantly I said  “If you see a waitress wandering around with a slice of toast and looking lost…it is mine”

If there had been a third breakfast God knows where they would have put us.

Incident 2)

We got back from our torture treatment at about twelve thirty on Saturday.

I had to phone housekeeping TWICE to come and clean the room.

Am I being unreasonable?

I thought it was bullshit.

While they were cleaning the room NA and I sat on the verandah.

For half an hour we were fascinated by this hole:

NA alerted me to the fact there was something IN the hole.

It looked like something sticking it’s nose in and out very quickly.

I thought it might be a mouse.

She thought it might be a snake.

I liked my idea better.

We alerted the woman who was cleaning the room.

She called security.

They called maintenance.

While we were waiting for the delegation to arrive we noticed a feather bob out of the hole

and get sucked back in.

We didn’t tell them.

Would you?


  1. I’m left wondering . . . snake, mouse, or some other critter?

    Beautiful blog.

    • Hehehe…it was just a feather but we weren’t about to tell them that!!!!
      Did you read my first post about the torture treatment?
      Thank you so much for the visit.

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