Granny has a chuckle

Hello All.

Once again it is one thirty.
In the morning.
There is a name for sleeping in two shifts.
I have forgotten what it is.

Yes, I had to smile at my Dad.
He told me all the elastic in his sleeping shorts have shrunk.
He is eating so much.
He has put on weight.
The carers ply him with food and snacks.
All day long.
Makes me very happy.

Big drama in our complex.
A story for another day.
Suffice to say, world war three is on it’s way.
Watch this space.

And now, I had better try for some more sleep.
See you soon.


6 responses to “Granny has a chuckle”

  1. Love this label! I do wonder at times if all the common sense people of the aod are living in a different dimension and I missed the memo to get off. This restores my faith that yes humour and common sense (which usually go hand in hand) are alive in this world

  2. Broken sleep is horrible, isn’t it? You wake up more tired in the morning than if you hadn’t slept at all (in my experience, that is.)

    I’m wondering what’s happening at the complex, but as you say, I’ll have to wait and see when you are able to write about it. I hope it’s not anything that’s going to make a whole load of mess for you to clear up. You have had more than your fair share of sorting out to do lately.

    I’m so thrilled to hear that your Dad is doing so well – it’s great that he’s eating so much better and has put on some weight. I’m so glad you’re happy after everything you’ve been through lately. That’s excellent news. Sending you much love, Granny. Xxx 💖🌼💖

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