Granny and so it continues.

Hello all.

Yes, an update to the woes and tribulations!
Life is never boring.
M is still battling with lack of energy.
Has been on the bed most of the time.
He sighs a lot.

I am still coughing.
Not lying on the bed.
Not sighing.
I am a woman!

The 100 year old is now sick.
Also coughing up a storm.
Got capsules from the chemist.
The box says take two.
He decided one was enough.
These things are sent to try me.
I have been going to him.
Told myself I can’t catch it twice.
Hope that is true!
My brother hopeless at looking after him.
When I got there today I saw there was nothing for lunch in the fridge.
Brother said the old man did not want lunch.
I made him a scrambled egg on toast.
He ate the lot.
Then I made some Ensure and watched while he took TWO capsules.
God help me if my brother now gets sick.
The end of the world will be nigh.

In other news I see Lindy has blocked me from her facebook.
Oh dear.
How WILL I survive?
This is all my fault.
Unfortunately, my bullshit meter has no control button.
If you talk crap to me I will tell you just what I think.
If you can’t handle the heat, get out of my frigging kitchen.
M, of course, is different.
She is his daughter.
He is continuing to send her money.
Of course, he is enabling her to sit on her butt and not get out there to find work.
But, that is his choice.
I will hold my tongue.

Talk soon.


10 responses to “Granny and so it continues.”

  1. Sorry but Lindy is immaterial, the 100 yo is the concern here. She’s a grown woman, she needs to stand on her own two feet and giving her money will not help. My son is like that. Expects me to support him and bail him out everytime he gets in trouble. Too bad, so sad. You look after those who count and yourself. That’s what is important

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