Granny wants a do over!

Hello All.

Yes, can we please start 2023 over.
What a circus it has been.
And I am the chief clown.
Where to begin?

In my last post I mentioned a paint allergy.
Turns out it wasn’t that.
Although the paint fumes didn’t help.
Lindy was number one.
No energy for one day.
Fine the next day.
Then me.
Felt rotten but did manage to get up and dressed.

Then it was M’s turn.
He made a meal of it.
Running a temperature.
So weak he could not sit up.
I had to call on a friend from along the road to help me.
Eventually, after he had collapsed on the bathroom floor, I called an ambulance.
Two lovely guys arrived.
Got him into the ambulance and put him on a drip.
At the same time my good friend, had bad chest pains.
So, her family also called an ambulance.

I then had to get to the casualty ward of the hospital.
Major power outages.
With zero street lights you could not even see there was a traffic light!
It was a trip from hell.
On the upside there was very little traffic.
The hospital managed to get M’s temperature down.
Stuck monitors all over him.
Then they wanted a urine sample.
He couldn’t oblige.
Then, they came in, and said don’t worry.
He was positive for Covid.
Apparently, we all had it!
It is a very strange variant.
Only seems to last one day.
M is doing very well.
I still have a delightful cough.
Hospital said to isolate for five days.
It has been more than five days since my bout.
Don’t think I am contagious anymore.
However, to be on the safe side am staying away from the 100 year old.

In other news.
Lindy has gone back to her husband.
One day notice.
I am SO unimpressed.
It did not end well between her and I.
I don’t care she has gone back.
It was the way it was done.
I told her, in no uncertain terms, this house is no longer an option for her.
Now I have to get her taken off my car insurance.
Try to sell the brand new bed we bought her.
Oh well.
So be it.


9 responses to “Granny wants a do over!”

  1. Wow… if all covid’s could only be a 1 day illness. Are you feeling tired as well? Hope all is better now. And good for you, for standing your ground. Sometimes it is necessary… and helps her not to have a foot in and out of her marriage. Not good for any marriage.

    • Hi Elsabe.
      Yes, I am so over her.
      She has now done this twice.
      This time is worse because of all the changes I had to make.
      Putting her car onto my car insurance etc.
      Now I will have to change all that again.
      Two strikes and you are out!

  2. Wow, you’ve been in the wars. I’ve just got over Covid, was so very tired. Try and rest and at least you have less people to runaround after.

  3. Wow, Granny. That IS a lot. I hope this means you are getting the surprise headaches out of the way early in the month so it’s smooth sailing for the remainder : ) Hoping you feel much better soon!

  4. You really are going through it, aren’t you, Granny? I really feel for you. I hope when you’re reading this, you and M are feeling better and beginning to get your strength back. How scary for you that M collapsed at home, though. Hope your friend with the chest pains is okay now, too. As for Lindy, she didn’t seem to have any respect or gratitude for everything you did for her. I guess it’ll be one less mouth to feed. What a shame about the 100-year-old and not being able to see him. Better safe than sorry, I’ve no doubt. I hope he is managing okay without you being there for the time being. Much love to you, Granny Xxxx 💝

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