Granny and 2023 continued

Hello all.

It is a good thing I don’t make resolutions!

I had to go down to the pharmacy, this morning, to pick up our medication.
The place was packed.
Very unusual.
I do hope no-one had anything contagious!
Then I went to the supermarket and passed a guy who was in front of me in the queue at the pharmacy.
When I got to the car park he was parked next to me.
I think I might be being stalked.
How exciting!

Have a super day/night.


6 responses to “Granny and 2023 continued”

  1. I love the two images, Granny, especially the second one. Wishing you, M, your Dad, your brother, Lindy and Gaby (and anyone else I’ve left out) a very happy New Year. Xxxx 🎉🌷💖

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