Granny and a quick one

Hello All.

Sorry about the picture of Jasmine’s butt.
Though it was a good butt.

Yes, a quick post.
Lights go off at six.
This is a crappy time.
We, normally, have supper at six thirty.
Now I have to time everything to be ready by six.
And, we have to eat early.
Which messes M’s OCD around!

I hung around all morning.
Waiting for the anticruelty people to turn up.
They never pitched.
I believe the house is now locked.
So, they would not have been able to get in anyway.
Apparently, the renter spent the night there.
How does one live in such filth?

Had a very productive meeting with the guys from the company about the infrared cameras.
We followed this with an impromptu committee meeting.
I got home well after eight.
Starving and thirsty.
Went to bed at nine thirty.
That is the middle of the night for me!

Have a great evening everyone.

9 responses to “Granny and a quick one”

  1. Load shedding at supper time is totally unreasonable of the powers that be, Granny. And the anti-cruelty people not turning up is just as bad. That poor dog. At least the meeting about the security cameras went well. That’s something, at least. What time do you usually go to bed? I often like an early night and sometimes go up at about 9 pm. At other times, if I’m engrossed in my writing, it’s more like 11 pm, but then I’m so tired I’m past being able to sleep. Have a great day, my friend and I will reply to your email later. Love you lots. Xxx ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’š

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