Granny just sighs

Hello All.

I can’t believe it.
It has been four days and no post.
I have tried.
But, there is always something.

Since the blog about the spider, I am seeing spiders all over Facebook.
Not here, thank heavens.
It appears, it is spider season.
Poor M and Lindy.
It is also time for the snakes to come out.
We won’t talk about that.

I have a friend who has a couple of baboon spiders.
They walk all over her.
Google them.
They are massive.
And, protected here.
I do not visit her!

I, finally, got my newsletter done.
Mentioned the slob who throws his cat litter into the neighbour’s yard.
Obviously, not by name.
I was vicious.
So much so, the managing agent was worried about sending it out.
I felt better.

I sent out a letter a couple of days ago.
About the state of the garden of a unit around the corner from us.
The letter went to the agents and the owner.
Went around the garden with the agent, yesterday.
The garden is the tip of the iceberg.
The renter has a large dog.
And an aggressive ex boyfriend.
Boyfriend, has apparently, trashed the house.
She appears to be staying with a friend.
Leaving a large dog locked in the house.
I shudder to think what the inside of the house looks like.
The smell was dreadful.
My personal opinion?
Think the renter AND her ex are dodgy.


6 responses to “Granny just sighs”

  1. 🤦 Aw, what a mess — sorry, Granny. Good luck with the renter.. Your baboon spiders seem to be what we call tarantulas. Along with other critters, Southern daughter (teacher) obtained one for her animal sciences classroom, and then, guess who ended up owning it. She named it “Pablo.” (Her last pet here before moving south was a rat, “Simon.” I can’t say which one was ookier.) Has your friend named her spiders?

  2. Oh, Granny – you do have a lot to cope with at the moment. I know I said, in your spider post that I overcame my fear of them by giving them a name and talking to them. However, I think I’d draw the line at your baboon spiders. One of my friends has a husband who keeps spiders (big ones at that, like tarantulas!) Needless to say, I rarely go around there.

    Good luck with the aggressive boyfriend and the dog. How cruel to keep a big dog like that locked inside all day. I can’t imagine what the mess and smell inside would be like. Poor dog. It’s a shame that the couple and their dog don’t move out so they can be replaced with someone who’s a more considerate tenant. I don’t suppose there’s much chance of that happening, though. I’m glad you managed to write this post, Granny. I miss your updates when you don’t post for a few days. Love you lots Xxx 💖❣💖

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