Posted by: granny1947 | October 4, 2022

Granny and day one

Hello All.

So, L (stepdaughter) arrived.
A picture of doom and gloom.
Did I tell you she was coming with a dog?
One she adopted from another friend of mine in the complex.
She wants to give the dog back.
That friend is away.
The dog will be here for at least another week.

She messaged me to tell me the dog pees in the house.
My response was WTF?
Turns out it doesn’t pee in the house.
If you let the mutt out!
Looks like I will be training the pooch and L.

Oh Dear.
L has just had a weep.
She does not want to give the dog away.
Persuading M to keep the dog is going to be a mammoth task.
Wish me luck.

And, things have changed.
Started this post early this morning.
The seesawing of emotions is unbelievable.
Added to which I have been kept so busy with the complex.
Had to go to the old man to change his dressings.
Go to pick up our medication.
And, now the frigging lights are about to go out.

Long story short.
She is not sure what she wants to do.
I am underwhelmed!!!



  1. Wishing you luck, Granny. What a cutie she is.

    • Thanks Stacey.
      she is cute.
      The dog.
      Very spoiled.
      Not her fault.

  2. That might be the cutest dog I’ve ever seen. I’ll be it can get away with all sorts of mischief.

    • She is very cute.
      She comes up to you and lifts her back leg.
      Then you have to rub her tummy.
      Bit disconcerting at first.

  3. Ai, Granny, sulke moeilike omstandighede!

    • And this will pass Frannie.

  4. I’ve been thinking about you a lot today, Granny, with all that going on. What a gorgeous dog, although it can’t know if it’s coming or going. What’s it called? Glad it doesn’t pee in the house after all. That’s a relief. Good luck in talking to M about keeping it.

    Perhaps, L will cheer up after she’s been with you for a while. It will feel strange for a time as you’re not used to having anyone else living with you. And L has got to adjust to staying with you, too.

    I hope the old man’s wounds are beginning to heal now. I expect, by now, you’ll have no power again. How annoying for you, although you might be used to it by now. Still extremely inconvenient for you, though. Hope you evening goes (or has gone) well for you all. Xxx 🌺💞

    • Thanks Ellie.
      Will reply to your email later.

  5. Hang in there. I’m sure no one needs to tell you, it’s early days, yet. Time is everything. And maybe it’s a grand trial of dog ownership for M. 🤔..

    • I would love to think so but I don’t hold out much hope.

  6. The puppy is adorable, and of course just enduring the wave. I want another puppy, hubby has said no. Let’s see who has more luck

    • Good luck.
      I am not holding my breath!

  7. Look after the dog – it knows what it wants – it just wants to be taken outside for a walk and pee. Dogs are so much simpler than humans 😊

    • Absolutely.
      Rushed out at one thirty this morning, barking.
      Think it heard the cats from next door.
      She will win points with M for that.
      He hates the cats.

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