Granny makes plans…part two

Hello All.

So, what did I accomplish?
I did get to the library.
I did spend time with the old man.
I spent an hour with the friend who lost her son (not on my list)
I planted some beans.
I had a nap(also not on my list)
Hopefully, finished my brother’s medical aid.

Today has been pretty hectic too.
Really, I did.
The smell of polish is so good.
Checked to see if any beans had come up.
They hadn’t.
Today I should plant some tomato seeds.
However, there is a nasty cold breeze blowing.
They can wait.

Did a whole heap of correspondence for the complex.
Had a meeting with some folk who are going to quote to install cameras on the boundary walls.
Forgot to take a jacket.
Am still cold.

So, my halo is shining.
Think I might just lie down for a while.
Read a book.


4 responses to “Granny makes plans…part two”

  1. You’ve been a busy bee today, Granny. Well done on getting so many jobs out of the way, especially cleaning your den. I still haven’t done my busy area. I keep putting it off. You know what it’s like when you tidy up – you can’t find anything after that (speaking for myself).

    It’s good that you’re getting some quotes for security cameras given the number of break-ins and attempted break-ins you’ve had there recently.

    I hope your friend is beginning to heal a little following the death of her husband, although I know it’s very early days yet.

    Hope you’ve warmed up now. Soup, perhaps, might help warm you up except you’re probably in bed about now! Xxx 🦢🥰💜

  2. Love that quote, but it sounds like your day worked out well. Do you want to come round and clean my office now?

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