Posted by: granny1947 | August 18, 2022

Granny goes euwwww

Hello All.

It has been a hectic couple of days.
We had the tea.
And cupcakes.
Boy, can that counsellor talk.
Of course she can.
It is what politicians are good at.
Joking aside, a lovely lady.

From the tea I went to check on my friend’s dog.
Cute little mutt.
Was just about to leave when there was a knock on the door.
The next door neighbour.
She spent the next hour giving me her life history.
One problem.
She has told me all that before.
I can talk.
However, I sat in stunned silence.

Just got home and my daughter in law phoned me.
Her Dad had just passed away.
Felt so sorry for her.
It is the horror when it happens.
She sounds much better now.

Why am I going Euwwww?
No water last night.
It is back now.
Tonight our lights go out from ten until midnight.
That is fine with me.
Nine o’clock is sleep time for me.
The older you get, the earlier late comes!

Drama on my younger son’s farm, yesterday.
They had gale force winds.
Which blew a bee hive loose.
The bees were not happy and they swarmed.
My DIL phoned to tell me she had all the geese and her dogs and cats in the kitchen.
My son was busy injecting the Alpacas with Allergic.
My DIL is also allergic to bee stings.
Have no idea what they did with the sheep and chickens.
So glad I wasn’t there.

Enough for now.



  1. Wow, you’ve just been swept over by a tornado. Wine time can’t come soon enough

  2. Sounds exhausting

  3. The older you get, the earlier late comes. I love that line perfect sentiment.

  4. O gosh… you can say eewww again… too much for one day. Hope today is better. Sorry about all the trouble… and your ears.

    • Thanks Elsabe.
      Ears have recovered.

  5. Goodness, you have had a busy time these last couple of days, Granny! You’ve done a lot of patient listening what with the councillor and the neighbour. Must have been quite tiring as concentrating can be.

    Sorry to hear about your DIL’s dad – that’s sad, but I’m glad she feels better for talking to you. I love bees but not so much when they’re swarming anywhere near me. Does your DIL carry an Epipen to use in case she gets stung? I can imagine her having the whole house filled with animals (apart from the sheep and chickens). I hope no one got stung whether human or beast.

    Granny, I got two emails from you yesterday, but unfortunately, both of them were blank! Very odd as that’s never happened before. Please, could you resend the one from yesterday for me? I’m out tonight (very rare) but will reply more tomorrow when it’s a quieter day. Today has been a bit manic. Much love to you xxx 🌷💜🌹

    • Have sent it again Ellie.
      So strange, I can see my mail.

      • Thanks, Granny. Something fishy is definitely going on. I’ve sort of got this one, but it’s initially showing up as blank again. However, there is some tiny, weeny print at the bottom that says, ‘original message’ but that’s only way I can view it. Something odd is going on. I seem to be getting all my other emails normally, though. Anyway, I have found this one now, so I’ll reply tomorrow as I probably won’t be back till gone 9.30 pm. Late night for me. I’ll try not to nod off in the middle of the meeting! 🥱 Xxx 💜💛💙

  6. So sorry about your DIL and her loss.
    Haha about the older you get the earlier late gets. 🙂 I am still a night owl, but I am sure that day will come, though some days I think my body has given up on sleep. It likes to wake up several times a night.

    • Thanks Joy.
      Me too re the waking bit.
      I was up at two this morning.

  7. Oh granny. You do lead an interesting and lively life.

    • Hmmm. Sometimes TOO interesting.

  8. Hope the bees have settled back down to a happy hum.

  9. Oh my goodness. That must have been an interesting night for them! Condolences to your DIL!

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